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Of the short memory of the people of Tamil Nadu and its leaders how Rajiv Gandhi remains were recovered in pulp - Anandasangare

Colombo, 12 December, ( Tamil Nadu leaders and people are being carried away by the false propaganda of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam revealed V. Anandasangaree, President – TULF. He cautioned that everybody in Tamil Nadu is unmindful of how fast this risk is spreading into the other States in India.

Anandasangaree pointed out perhaps the bitter memories of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination are gradually fading away in their minds. He emphasized Tamil Nadu cannot easily forget how his remains were recovered in pulp. So were Sri Lankan President R. Premadasa’s and the Presidential candidate Gamini Disanayake’s and several others with him, some of whom were ministers.

Given below the full text of the press release put out by V. Anandasangaree, President – of the Tamil United Liberation Front: Full Text

President elect Barrack Obama and the new team should stop Blake blackening the image of USA

By Ranjith Soysa-Melbourne

The US elections proved that the US electorate desires major changes in American foreign policy as the President Bush and his team on many an instance miserably failed to comprehend the aspirations of the world community at large. In many countries, the image of the USA is in tatters as the local people have felt that the US policy makers were attempting to shape the events in various countries to suit the USA's grand plan.

In Sri Lanka, the US Ambassador Blake along with a few European representatives have been making noises for sometime favouring the separatist forces. They have not only nurtured INGOs and supported NGOs financially but also given undue recognition to create dissension socially and politically. Full Text

Foot Spray to Sri Lankan soldiers airlifted- thanks to an Estonian generosity

Frankfurt, 12 December, ( Sri Lanka Ambassador in Sweden Ranjit Jayasuriya arranged to airlift through the Sri Lanka Consul General’s office in Frankfurt, a large consignment of Foot spray urgently needed for soldiers fighting battles against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, a terrorists outfit to liberate the Tamils held forcibly by them.

The large consignment of Foot spray to Sri Lankan soldiers was donated by the generous minded peace loving Dr Kaido Kotkas of Estonia.

An SOS was sent around recently for the Foot Spray to prevent fungal and bacterial foot infections to Sri Lankan soldiers in Vanni and the product was expected to contain a potent anti-fungal/anti-bacterial compound: the main ingredient being one per cent (1%) Triclosan. Full Text

Tamil Nadu pained?

,"If the Tamil Tigers are wiped out, those political jokers who sympathise with them will most probably lose their income from them." - Army Commander, Gen. Sarath Fonseka

One would have expected the Tamil Nadu politicians’ objections to the Army Commander’s statement to be over being accused of having received "income from the LTTE". But this last does not seem to be the cause of their being offended.

Rather, a fiasco is blowing over the use of the word ‘jokers’ by the Army Commander in reference to Tamil Nadu politicians. It seems to have now led to an international incident with apologies being asked for from the President! Full Text

Vaiko not a joker

by K. Godage

Vaiko is scum and to describe him as a Joker is to be kind. He, a supporter of terrorism in Sri Lanka, is a despicable scoundrel.

Yes, we have been far too tolerant of him. How could we ever forget his statement after the attempted assassination of President CBK "She needs to be lucky every time but WE need to be lucky only once", which you reproduced at the commencement of your editorial yesterday? The wretched man was associating himself with the LTTE which had attempted to kill our President! He should have been charged for being an accomplice. We in this soft country did nothing about it. And that guttersnipe has the temerity now to demand an apology from our army commander, who is a living hero of this country for calling this scavenger a ‘Joker’. We should ask his friend Jayalath Jayawardena, (who had his photograph taken with this terrorist and got it published in the local newspapers), to invite him to come to this country to receive the apology. Full Text

Army poised for final push

The momentum maintained by the troops until the capture of the Pooneryn, the last LTTE stronghold in the Western coast, has once again been hit by bad weather conditions for the second time within three weeks due to heavy rains that lashed the Wanni and the Northern battlefront, posing a major challenge for the Security Forces who are now preparing for the final phase of the battle in Wanni.

However, the Security Forces continued to maintain huge military pressure on the LTTE who are now entrapped in Wanni, continuing a war of attrition amidst bad weather conditions and all sorts of other challenges further destroying their strong points. Full Text

‘Threat to human civilization’

Speech by Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama, at the Bali Democracy Forum, Indonesia on December 10

I am delighted to be present here today in this beautiful island resort of Bali, at the launch of the Bali Democracy Forum, a commendable initiative of the Indonesian Government, ably supported by the Australian Government.

I believe this is both timely and relevant in the world today, where democracy has become universally accepted as the most efficacious and desirable system of governance.

As Sir Winston Churchill speaking in the British Parliament in November 1947 remarked in his inimitable style, and I “Many forms of government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government, except all those forms of government that have been tried from time to time.” Full Text

Troops close in on Kilinochchi amidst rain and floods

The Defence Ministry claims that the Sri Lanka Army troops are now positioned in ‘kissing distance’ of the outer defence lines of the LTTE’s administrative heartland and main garrison township Kilinochchi. The Task Force -1 and the 57 Division by yesterday posed a major threat to the LTTE by surrounding the town from three fronts.

However, the army’s forward march had been slowed during the last few weeks due to the torrential rains and resultant floods in the entire battle area.

The military battle formations advancing from west of Paranthan, Adampan, west of Iranamadu, Terumurikandy, Kokkuvil, Kanakarayankulam, Puliyankulam, Northeast of Olumadu and Alampil however have caused tremendous damage to the LTTE. Full Text

What's wrong in calling a spade a spade?

Tamil Nadu Chief Karunanidhi has got outraged for calling some Tamil Nadu politicians who work hand in glove with the LTTE including Vaiko and Nadumaran a set of “Jokers” by Army Chief Lt. General Sarath Fonseka and wants an apology from the Sri Lankan Government as it’s a derogatory statement on TN politicians. What’s wrong in calling a spade a spade?

When the Tamil Nadu politicians along with Sri Lanka’s TNA MPs gallivant round the big cities in the world and spread the message charging the tri forces with genocide of Tamils, do you expect the army chief to keep his mouth shut? He has been very modest in calling them “jokers”. I would rather call them as “clowns” in the Tamil Nadu political circus. Full Text

MR could have stopped ‘Black July’: Karuna

TMVP Parliamentarian Vinayagamurthi Muralitharan yesterday said that if Mahinda Rajapaksa was President during the time known as ‘Black July’ in 1983, what happened could easily have been avoided.

“This piece of history, the July violence, could easily have been avoided if the current President was there at the time,” MP Muralitharan said addressing a function at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday evening. He also said President Rajapaksa would able to grant the rights of the northern people soon, as he had done for the eastern people. Full Text

bodies not guarded: witness

By Sumaiya Rizvi

The crime scene of the 17 aid workers killed in Mutur in 2006 was unprotected for five days, the police officer who headed the investigation into the killing before the CID took over told the Presidential Commission of Inquiry (CoI) to Investigate and Inquire into Serious Violations of Human Rights.

“The Police had gone to the crime scene on the August 6, but Police protection was provided only after August 9 for the area after the bodies had been cleared,” the witness said. Full Text

Sole explosives!

An elderly civilian from uncleared areas was arrested at the Omanthai roadblock on Wednesday while trying to smuggle 700 grams of C-4 explosives to cleared areas hidden in his slippers, the army said yesterday.

The discovery was made during routine checks conducted at the roadblock.

The suspect had informed the soldiers at the roadblock that he was on his way to the Vavuniya hospital for medical treatment. Two detonators and a timer were also recovered from his possession.

He was handed over to the Vavuniya police for further investigations.(DM)

British diplomats on fact finding mission in Vavuniya

(DM)A diplomatic team from the British High Commission in Colombo, met Wanni Security Forces Commander Jagath Jayasuriya in Vavuniya in a bid to obtain first hand experience on humanitarian missions conducted by the Wanni Security Forces for civilians, both in the cleared and un-cleared areas.

The army headquarters said Deputy High Commissioner Mark Gooding headed the three-member delegation which focused on dispatching food and essential items to un-cleared areas under the supervision of the Security Forces, providing security and basic facilities for internally displaced people arriving in Vavuniya from un-cleared areas and other welfare measures being carried out for civilians in the Wanni cleared areas.

‘Yes we can’ SUITS sRI LANKA-Blake

By Jamila Najmuddin

A political solution to the ongoing conflict will help further weaken the LTTE, US Ambassador Robert Blake said yesterday adding that he believes the slogan for the Barack Obama Presidential campaign ‘Yes We can’ could be applied to Sri Lanka in overcoming the challenges to defeat terrorism.

Ambassador Blake, speaking at a seminar in Colombo said that the US had remained committed and consistent to end the ongoing conflict in Sri Lanka and believed that a political solution was the only way to offer freedom to the people especially the thousands stuck in the Wanni due to the ongoing conflict.

“A political solution will help reassure the more than 230,000 people in the Wanni that they can move to the South and enjoy their freedom under the present government. There are many in Sri Lanka who argue either that there is no need for a political solution in Sri Lanka or that such a solution can await the end of the conflict. While LTTE terrorism cannot be tolerated, the rights of all Sri Lankans can best be protected and promoted through a political solution to Sri Lanka’s conflict that meets the aspirations of Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese,” Ambassador Blake said. Full Text

Sri Lanka's Information War

First of a three-part series.

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka -- In the silent, low-res imagery of the closed-circuit video footage that rapidly spread across YouTube, the young Tamil woman appears unafraid, even poised. Wrapped in a crisp sari, hair in a tight bun, she waits across the desk from the political secretary of a Sri Lankan minister. But something, almost imperceptible in the footage, goes wrong. So as a dozen people go about their business behind her, the woman rises from her chair, tugs at her bra and explodes, her torso vaporized in a C4 blast that kills her and the secretary, instantly raising the Sri Lankan death toll by two.

The November 2007 attack video was not posted by the apparent attackers, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, but by the Sri Lankan government's Ministry of Defense, whose 25-year war with the insurgents has been marked by many losses on the information front. The launch of a viral video on YouTube, however, demonstrated a more sophisticated effort to control what is called the "information environment," an effort to "publicize insurgent violence and use of terror to discredit the insurgency," a tenet of the U.S. Army-Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual. Full Text

Sri Lanka Uses YouTube As Weapon Of War

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka -- In the silent, low-res imagery of the closed-circuit video footage that rapidly spread across YouTube, the young Tamil woman appears unafraid, even poised. Wrapped in a crisp sari, hair in a tight bun, she waits across the desk from the political secretary of a Sri Lankan minister. But something, almost imperceptible in the footage, goes wrong. So as a dozen people go about their business behind her, the woman rises from her chair, tugs at her bra and explodes, her torso vaporized in a C4 blast that kills her and the secretary, instantly raising the Sri Lankan death toll by two. Full Text

Double standards on terrorism

By Dimuth Gunawardena

"Sovereign Nations have the right to protect themselves against terrorism", - US President Elect Barak Obama

"Every country has the right to defend its territorial integrity and it has become difficult to secure such if incidents (terrorist acts) are not adequately addressed, to carry out business as usual ..........", Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee

It is about time for both India and the US to start applying a universally applicable anti-terrorist policy. It is high-time they give up their two-faced policy of branding only those who hurt their self interests, terrorists while calling other political criminals "militants", "guerrillas", "gunmen", or "freedom fighters" - when it suits their strategic interests. Full Text

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sri Lankan Tamil MP Sivajilingam ordered to "quit India', may seek "political asylum" in Chennai

By Mrinalini Ramachandra

A fresh controversy has erupted in Tamil Nadu state of India after the Indian central government issued orders that Sri Lankan Tamil Parliamentarian MK Sivajilingam must “Quit India” voluntarily within 72 hours or face deportation.


[MK Sivajilingam M.P]

The official reason given for such orders by New Delhi is due to the controversial political conduct of Sivajilingam on Indian soil it is learnt.

The Tamil National Alliance MP who contested under the “House” symbol of Ilankai Thamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK) in the 2004 April elections has been very active in India engaging in political propaganda. Full Text

India's double speak on terror, amnesty to LTTE allies

(IBN)New Delhi:As New Delhi talks tough on cross border terror, it also speaks a different language on the issue when it comes to Sri Lanka's problems with the LTTE.

Pressure from crucial Tamil Nadu ally the DMK is making the Manmohan Singh government indulge in some double speak. Sri Lanka has now been coerced into saying sorry for the remarks of its army chief on Tamil Nadu politicians.

In Sri Lanka, an editor has paid the price for a diplomatic transgression by his government. The editor of the state run Sunday Observer got the pink slip. Full Text

Europol seminar addresses countering LTTE

THE HAGUE, Netherlands, Dec. 10 (UPI) -- The EU police organization, Europol, concluded a seminar Wednesday addressing the subject of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam terrorist group.

The two-day seminar brought together representatives from the EU along with six other countries, including the United States, to discuss the illicit activities of LTTE and ways to strengthen cooperation on combating the terrorist group based in Sri Lanka, Europol reported.

The seminar, held in the Netherlands, also included top authorities from Interpol and the EU judicial body, Eurojust, along with the EU Joint Situation Center.

Officials say the seminar was organized with the EU-U.S. cooperation framework and addressed "Europol's role as an information exchange platform for law enforcement agencies within the EU," the release said.

Discoveries of People Crossing The Border

"The inspirational appeal made by the LTTE was the cry of Tamil patriotism with pride of place to its culture and civilization. It was indeed tempting."

by Gomin Dayasri

(December 11, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Do not be under the spell of yarns churned out by the spin merchants, of a life in misery for those who lived under the LTTE administration. There are many aspects of the terrorist rule that appealed to them before life became intolerable, a recent phenomenon. The ending of the CFA accelerated the process. Those Tamils who made the crossing from the uncleared areas to government controlled areas retain mixed feelings of the days under the rule of Prabhakaran. It was a bitter pill with a sugar coating. With the sugar having melted, capsule tastes more like cyanide. Full Text

Some Tamilnadu politicians are not jokers; they are traitors

- Lt General Sarath Fonseka should have called them traitors to India and not jokers.
by Ravi Vigneswaran, Chennai

(December 11, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka’s Army Chief Lt General Sarath Fonseka has been somewhat generous naming some of Tamlinadu politicians as jokers which is as good as saying that they are clowning around or messing about when they should be conducting themselves as responsible leaders of the community.

Instead, most of them are a veritable pack of cards of knaves, aces sixes, sevens and nines and some even twos and threes. Far too frequently they realign like a pack of cards and the people who vote for them do not really know how they will form into alliance time and again which makes anyone to wonder whether people vote for persons or political programmes. Full Text

Hung Out To Dry

(Strategy Page)December 11, 2008: The army is now advancing from three directions. Up from the south, along the east coast and. Down along the Jaffna Peninsula. And up from the south, in the center of the island, along the A9 highway, towards the rebel headquarters of Kilinochchi. In the last week, troops advancing up the A9 have captured two towns; Puliyankulam and Kanakarayankulam and much of the highway. The LTTE is putting a more effective resistance in front of their headquarters town of Kilinochchi, and casualties on both side are rising as the fighting intensifies. Troops of the 57th and 58th divisions are losing several dozen dead and wounded on some days. The army has air power, and much more artillery (guns and rocket launchers), so the LTTE defenders are often suffering equal, if not more, casualties. Full Text

NEVILLE de SILVA: Tiger supremo’s timing goes all awry

HIS sycophantic followers call him Suriya Devan, Tamil for Sun God. Still others see him as a latter-day avatar of Lord Murugan.

By whatever panegyrical title he might be elevated to the pantheon, Velupillai Prabhakaran, the supreme leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), was the god that failed last week.

If he was eclipsed from the front pages of the regional newspapers and from the newscasts of the electronic media, it was not for want of trying. How was Prabhakaran to know that kindred souls armed with AK-47s, grenades and assorted weapons would steal the thunder from his annual speech last Thursday to the worldwide Tamil diaspora, which is usually full of venom against the Sri Lankan state and those in the international community who help it, and serves as a rousing call to arms? Full Text

Defence website blasts "BBC Sinhala Service"

World Food Program (WFP) country director for Sri Lanka , Mr. Adnan Khan today (Dec 10) apologized to the Sri Lankan government over a story filed by the BBC Sinhala service quoting a WFP official, John Cambell, who said IDPs in Sri Lanka live in conditions similar to those in Somalia.

Mr. Khan meeting with Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa today at the Defence Ministry treated with disdain this diabolical lie disseminated by the BBC Sinhala Service and said he would launch a special inquiry to the matter, according to the Ministry website, He has also said that the WFP would issue an official statement clarifying the facts in the near future. Full Text

Sri Lanka listed for GSP+ extension subject to probe outcome

Dec 11, 2008 (LBO) - The European Commission has listed Sri Lanka among countries to which it is extending from next year the GSP Plus duty free trade deal but subject to the eventual outcome of an eligibility probe.

Trade experts said the listing, which had earlier been expected only by December 15, means Sri Lankan exporters will continue to enjoy duty free access to European Union markets under GSP Plus till next October.

An EC statement said the GSP Plus list for 2009-2011 covers 13 current GSP Plus beneficiaries including Sri Lanka and three new countries; Armenia, Azerbaijan and Paraguay. Full Text

Recognise Eelam, PMK, VCK tell Centre

Special Correspondent

(The Hindu)CHENNAI: Pattali Makkal Katchi founder S. Ramadoss and Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi president Thol. Thirumavalavan on Wednesday urged the Union government to change its foreign policy on Sri Lanka.

The government should recognise the establishment of Tamil Eelam, which alone would be the durable solution to the ethnic question, the leaders argued.

They were addressing a meeting organised here by Tamizh Padaippaligal Periyakkam (Movement of Tamil Creative Artists). Full Text

Sri Lanka disputes rebel claim of killing 89 troops

COLOMBO, Dec 11 (Reuters) - Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels on Thursday said they had killed 89 troops in two battles around their headquarters town but the military said 20 soldiers and 27 insurgents died in the clashes.

The battles occurred on Wednesday to the south and southwest of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam's (LTTE) self-proclaimed capital, Kilinochchi, the pro-rebel web site said, quoting LTTE officials.

A further 180 troops were wounded, it said. The web site displayed 14 photographs, credited to the LTTE, which it said were from the battle and its aftermath. Full Text

Troops capture Terumurikandy junction - Kilinochchi

( of 57 Division on multi-pronged offensive towards LTTE's main administrative base, Kilinochchi built-up, have reached to a significant milestone gaining control over the strategically vital Terumurikandy junction last evening, 10 December.

According to the defence sources in battlefront, military formations attached to 57 Division advanced from north of Kokavil and east of Akkarayankulam gained total control over the Terumurikandy junction located 4 Km south of Iranamadu.

LTTE terrorists who have given stiff resistance on advancing troops, unable to hold the strategically important Terumurikandy junction as security forces launched combined ground and air assaults targeting enemy defences. Scores of LTTE cadres were killed and many others reportedly sustained injuries during the intense fighting reported in the area for last two days, defence sources said.

Troops continue their march towards Kilinochchi. Full Text

Decan chronicle warns India not to trust Prabhakaran with bloody hands who breaks agreements at his convenience

(By Walter Jayawardhana)

( that the LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran has blood on his hand the influential South Indian newspaper Decan Chronicle in an editorial said India will be extremely shortsighted once again if it committed the mistake of dealing with Prabhakaran who would enter into agreements and breach them at his convenience.

The editorial by Nitish Sengupta categorically said,"Whatever be the pressure that Tamil politicians are facing, no trust should be placed on Prabhakaran or the LTTE, one of the most notorious killing squads in the world which has no scruples about entering into an agreement and then repudiating it at their convenience. No negotiations should be started with the LTTE unless they replace Prabhakaran with a moderate leader". Full Text

Twin air raids targeted LTTE strong points - West of Iranamadu

( Lanka Air Force MI-24 Helicopter gun ships carried out two air sorties targeting LTTE strong points observed in west of Iranamadu area last evening (Dec 10) and this morning (Dec 11).

Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, speaking to said that MI-24 helicopters engaged LTTE strong points around 6.00pm yesterday and 9.00am today.

The air raids launched in support of ground troops of 57 Division advancing towards LTTE's heartland, Kilinochchi. LTTE's resistance on advancing troops has been neutralized following the twin air raids, Air Force spokesperson said citing ground sources.

Troops Change Attitude towards Their 'Enemy' for a Moment; Captured LTTE "Policeman" Tells it All

Troops of the 7 Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment (SLSR), poised to forge ahead towards the eastward after their recent capture of Katkidanku area in the Mullaittiu district are beset not only by terrorist attacks, but also due to torrential rains and ankle-deep waters, as the photos in this story depict.

As late as Tuesday (9) afternoon, troops commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Kithsiri Liyanage had to face an unexpected ordeal while his troops were advancing, as scheduled. A rain of enemy fire took them by surprise, but alert troops responded to the challenge effectively and managed to neutralize the enemy- fire within a few minutes. That was not the end. Troops went further closer to the enemy hideout and were shocked to come across an injured Tiger terrorist, lying by the side of the same LTTE hideout. Full Text

Diana makes a donation for war heroes

Diana (Pvt) Ltd, a Sri Lankan company in Chocolate manufactory, handed over a bulk of chocolate worth of Rs. 1,200,000/= to be distributed among the service personnel who are performing operational duties yesterday, 10 December.

To mark the event, the Managing Director of the Diana company handed over a few parcels of chocolates to the Secretary of Defence Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa at a charm ceremony held at Ministry of Defence premises.

A few officials of the Diana Company were also present at the occasion.

Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind

Jeanne Jayasinghe - Australia

The recent terrorist attack in Mumbai is a warning to leaders of all those countries that have stood silent and inactive in the face of repeated terrorist attacks over the years in Sri Lanka. To those countries that actively supported terrorism in Sri Lanka and are still providing encouragement to them, it is more than a warning – it is a sign of things to come.

For India was the country that unleashed the dogs of a terrorist war – disguised as a liberation struggle – on Sri Lanka for political reasons. The mantle was then taken over by Norway to actively support and succor the terrorists supplying them with state of the art equipment and knowhow to fight against a legitimately and democratically elected government. Full Text

From Wanni With Love

By Gomin Dayasri

Do not be under the spell of yarns churned out by the spin merchants, of a life in misery for those who lived under the LTTE administration. There are many aspects of the terrorist rule that appealed to them before life became intolerable, a recent phenomenon. The ending of the CFA accelerated the process. Those Tamils who made the crossing from the uncleared areas to government controlled areas retain mixed feelings of the days under the rule of Prabhakaran. It was a bitter pill with a sugar coating. With the sugar having melted, capsule tastes more like cyanide.

They breathe air of a fresh life style in more relaxed surroundings, in temporary accommodation off the beaten track on the road between Mannar and Medawachchiya. The journey was long and harrowing through jungle paths with minimum sleep. They did it for their children; to give them freedom, to bring them to safety. Some are affluent by northern standards- to bring their live assets to safety was paramount – the fixed assets paled into insignificance. The short story is Prabhakaran touched a sensitive spot of a community that lived for their children. There lived an ogre who stole their children. That split the umbilical cord by which Prabhakaran held them. Full Text

They’re no jokers but criminal confederates

"She needs to be lucky every time but we need to be lucky only once"

–– MDMK leader M. Vaiko at a rally on April 3, 2000 opposite the Palais des Nations in Geneva, referring to Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga, who had escaped an assassin's attack by the LTTE in December 1999.

Army Commander Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka has stirred up a hornets' nest again. For him, making controversial statements seems have become a habit. He drew a great deal of flak––quite deservedly––a few weeks ago over some ill-conceived remarks, which Sri Lanka's ethnic minorities took exception to. This time around he has ruffled the feathers of India by describing some of its politicians supportive of the LTTE as ‘jokers’. Full Text

New UNP dy. leader says forces on the verge of finishing off Tigers

Karu meets press at Sirikotha.Pic Kamal Bogoda

The newly appointed UNP Deputy Leader Karu Jayasuriya yesterday said that President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government had the strength to finish off the LTTE.

Addressing a press conference at Sirikotha, Jayasuriya said that his decision to quit the ruling coalition wouldn’t hinder the war against terror.

Flanked by UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe and UNP Assistant Leader Rukman Senanayake, Jayasuriya who had held the Public Administration portfolio in the Rajapaksa administration said that the area under LTTE control was rapidly shrinking. "The LTTE is restricted to parts of Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts," he said. The government had successfully cleared the Eastern Province, Mannar and Vavuniya and the war was rapidly coming to an end. Among the notable absentees at the press conference were UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayaka and UNP National Organiser S. B. Dissanayake. Full Text

Imagine a situation without the LTTE or a political solution

An interesting situation has been created with respect to the relationship between Sri Lanka and India. Sri Lanka is facing a dilemma as to how to react in the event of Indian pressure or request for a ceasefire which is seen to be on the cards. India is facing a different dilemma as to how to calm down Tamil Nadu sentiments in the face of the current military operations in northern Sri Lanka which is supported by India itself.

The fate of the relationship between the two countries according to pro-LTTE calculations relies on the proposed visit by the Indian External Minister Pranab Mukharjee to Colombo which was decided upon following the meeting between Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Muththuvel Karunanidhi a few days ago. The visit is also a proverbial “bite” for the nationalistic forces in Sri Lanka that are hunting for issues in order to gain popularity among majority community. Full Text

Troops rescue wounded Tiger ‘cop’

Troops in the Katkidanku area in the Mullaitivu district rescued on Tuesday an injured LTTE ‘policeman’ who had been left behind by the LTTE, the military said.

Army headquarters said that troops of the 7th Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment rescued this man identified as Gunarasa Narmalan (23), formerly from Thunnely south in Nelliady.

On Sunday the LTTE ‘policeman’ and two female cadres were at a LTTE point in Katkidanku area, when the troops entered and captured the point. During the firing Narmalan received injuries to one of his legs and the other two LTTE female cadres fled the area. Full Text

Government to probe allegations

By Jamila Najmuddin

The government is to inquire into an allegation made by a WFP official from a rebel-held area stating that the IDPs in the region were depending entirely on international aid for food, the Defence Spokesperson said yesterday.

Defence Spokesperson Keheliya Rambukwella, dismissing the situation in the Wanni war in par with Somalia said the government had been continuously transporting food and essential items to the IDPs in LTTE-held areas, which clearly proved that food was in abundance. Full Text

Pressure LTTE to free citizens caught in war zone: TULF

B. Muralidhar Reddy

COLOMBO: Making a strong plea to the people and leaders of Tamil Nadu to pressure the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to free innocent people caught in the war zone, Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) leader V. Anandasangaree says the war between the Sri Lankan forces and the LTTE is in its final stages and the trapped citizens are desperate to escape the clutches of the outfit. In an open letter, he claims: “The war that started about 200 miles away from Pottuvil in the Eastern Province has now reached a point from where the end is only about 10 to 15 miles from Kilinochchi in the Northern Province. More than 90 per cent of the area under the control of the LTTE is already liberated.” Full Text

Tamil Nadu sleeps while deadly serpants breed under the pillows

As Mahatma Gandhi had said, India and Ceylon can't afford to quarrel each other. It is more true in respect of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. My humble request to everybody on either side of the Palk Strait is to help to solve the problem by good-will and persuasion and not by confrontation. It is necessary for everyone on both sides to be cautious in all what they say and do. The good gesture of the "Q" Branch of the Tamil Nadu Police and the Indian Navy in detecting several tons of material used for the manufacture of bombs is highly appreciable and demands co-ordination between both Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu.

Sri Lankan Tamils are so unfortunate that Tamil Nadu, confused and infuriated by the false propaganda of the powerful pro-LTTE forces, shirked its responsibility of safeguarding them and had gone a long way to the point of no return. All the recent agitations and various actions taken by Tamil Nadu had only helped the LTTE, to the detriment of the Sri Lankan Tamils. The grave blunder of Tamil Nadu is, acting without sending a Fact Finding Mission to Sri Lanka during this hard period or inviting a delegation from Sri Lanka to know from them of the ground situation. If Tamil Nadu refuses to see reason and continue to be adamant in inviting trouble, nothing can be done. Full Text

WFP apology for BBC falsehood on Sri Lankan IDPs

World Food Program (WFP) country director for Sri Lanka , Mr. Adnan Khan today (Dec 10) apologized to the Sri Lankan government over a story filed by the BBC Sinhala service calling Sri Lanka a Somalia.

The BBC Sinhala service paddling on its not so hidden agenda, had quoted a comment made by one Mr. John Cambell, a WFP representative in non-liberated areas that "conditions for displaced people there are as basic as in Somalia".

Mr. Khan meeting with Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa today at the Defence Ministry treated with disdain this diabolical lie disseminated by the BBC Sinhala Service and said he would launch a special inquiry to the matter. Also, he said the WFP would issue an official statement clarifying the facts in the near future.

Meanwhile, the BBC with its known complicity with the Goebbelsian propaganda of the LTTE terrorists, or the "Tamil Tiger rebels " has further distorted facts by coloring the story with a brief introduction to Somalia. Full Text

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Navy's crucial innovation hailed a success!

(DW)The modern Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) recently celebrated its 58th Anniversary. We at DefenceWire would like to take this opportunity to discuss in detail a crucial innovation in the SLN, which may lead to successful maritime security operations around Sri Lanka in years to come. The Innovation is the RABS or Rapid Action Boat Squadron.

The beginnings of the RABS can be traced back to 2003 when a brief respite from daily operations came and the SLN started exploring options to counter the threat posed by suicide Sea Tiger boats to its most valuable assets, the Dvora, the Super Dvora and the UFAC. Full Text

India digging her own grave

by R Malhotra in Mumbai

(December 10, Mumbai, Sri Lanka Guardian) As a responsible leader, the Prime Minister of over one-billion of people in India, Dr Manmohan Singh should categorically reject, without any reservations or conditions, the racist demands made by some of the pro-LTTE politicians in Tamil Nadu.

The pro-LTTE politicians in Tamil Nadu, who seem to be in the LTTE pay-roll, demand that India should interfere and a ceasefire agreement (CFA) be made between the Government of Sri Lanka and the world deadliest terrorists, the LTTE, who assassinated the former Indian Prime Minister, Shri Rajiv Gandhi, and many other Tamil political leaders, religious leaders and innocent Tamils who opposed or, did not support their terror activities. Full Text

The Slow Crawl to Kilinochchi

Why is Lt Gen Fonseka making such controversial remarks repeatedly? Does he nurture political ambitions after he completes his extended tenure next year?

(December 10, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardain) On Sunday December 7, the security forces were within "kissing distance" of the outer defence lines Kilinochchi, announced the defence spokesman. On Monday, December 8, it became "Troops in Kilinochchi are targeting the town and they are in the vicinity of the town." However, by December 9 it seems the security forces' strategic focus had shifted from Kilinochchi to Mullaitivu according to the defence ministry. This contradicts what the army commander Lt Gen Sarath Fonseka said in his Sunday Observer interview on the same day; he said "after capturing Kilinochchi the security forces will definitely capture Mullaithivu..." Full Text

Jaya is not a Tamil: CM Karuna

(December 10, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) Setting the stage for a fresh political controversy, Chief Minister M Karunanidhi today implicitly painted AIADMK supremo J Jayalalithaa as being a non-Tamil.

Speaking at the wedding of Tamilnadu Minister for Revenue I Periyasami’s son, Karunanidhi said a senior politician had not condemned Lankan Army Commander Sarath Fonseka’s remarks on the leaders of Tamilnadu. ‘This is just because she was not a Tamil.’

Vaiko and the Expected Apology

by Helasingha Bandara

(December 10, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Vaiko’s anger and the futile attempt to get the Sri Lanka government to apologise to him for the so called joker remarks allegedly made by Sri Lanka’s much loved or almost venerated hero Sarath Fonseka indicate that Vaiko does not seem to be aware of the social concepts of ‘cyclical retaliation’, ‘boomerang’ or social norms such as ‘not to spit while looking up’, not to throw stones from glass houses etc. Nor does he seem to be aware of the democratic principles and human rights, freedom of thought and freedom of speech.

The Sinhalese hate Vaiko for inciting and abetting violence against them. The Tamils, the Muslims and the rest dislike him for his ignorance of the Sri Lanka issue. All of them despise him for his assumption that Sri Lankans are a tiny nation under Tamil Nadu that he can bully them as he wishes. First of all Sri Lanka as a country has never been under Tamil Nadu rule or for that matter Indian Rule. It has always been an independent state although there had been some South Indian invasions from time to time. The Sri Lankans had managed to repulse those invasions successfully whenever they occurred. With this in mind Sri Lankans be they Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims or any other ethnic groups, do not like TN politicians to get involved in Sri Lanka’s internal matters or trying to bully them. Full Text

India concerned over SL ID card bid going to Pakistan

India has raised concerns through diplomatic channels over a Sri Lankan government attempt to award the tender for a digital national identity card to Pakistan's National Database and Registration Authority or NADRA.

New Delhi administration has noted that Pakistan would come to possess personal information of all Sri Lankans through this tender handover.

Pointing out that they have been supporting Colombo in matters of national security, India has warned that this could pose a serious danger to the island in the future.

Claiming the brainchild and the attackers of the recent terror attack on Mumbai were Pakistanis, New Delhi has said that similar groups operating from Sri Lankan soil in such an eventuality could not be ruled out. Full Text

Sri Lanka clothing exporter goes east with US aid

Dec 10, 2008 (LBO) - Brandix Lanka, a top Sri Lankan clothing exporter, has got US aid to train workers in a new factory it has set up in the island's east which the government is trying to develop after driving out Tamil Tiger rebels.

The US Agency for International Development and Brandix Lanka are working together to train 600 people for employment at the new factory in Batticaloa district, a US embassy statement said.

Under the Apparel Sector Training Partnership, USAID's grant of 100,000 dollars will provide a monthly stipend and a meal allowance for the workers during eight weeks of pre-training. Full Text

Karu is happy that war is successful

Karu Jayasuriya has thanked and admired UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, the party Working Committee and all its supporters for inviting him to accept the deputy leadership of the party again. He was speaking at a media briefing at party headquarters Sirikotha at Pitakotte today (Dec. 10th). "Along with me, group of MPs joined the government with the collective stand that support should be given for the war. With our support, the war effort had progressed successfully since then. I should say that I am very happy about that."

Commenting on battlefront victories, Mr. Jayasuriya said, "The entire Eastern Province and Mannar have been liberated. War is now confined to Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu. We were also able to support the restoration of civilian administration in these areas within 180 days." Full Text

Vaiko flays government for 'ignoring' Sri Lankan general's remarks

Chennai, Dec 10 (IANS) MDMK leader Vaiko Wednesday assailed the central government for 'virtually ignoring' Sri Lankan Army chief Sarath Fonseka's derogatory remarks against Tamil Nadu politicians.

'The government has virtually ignored this slur. Instead of demanding an unconditional apology from Fonseka, the central government is not only collaborating with the Sri Lankan government but also seems to be taking orders from him,' Vaiko told reporters.

He was speaking after leading a demonstration near the Sri Lankan diplomatic mission here in which some 500 of his supporters participated. Full Text

No logos on Wanni shelter material

The Essential Services Chief has informed humanitarian agencies that shelter material carrying logos will not be permitted into the Wanni, a United Nations affiliated agency said yesterday.

The Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC) in its latest report said shelter agencies were coordinating with the Essential Services Department on organizing five truckloads of shelter materials but the Essential Services Chief indicated that the consignment would not be cleared for carriage to the Wanni if the material was stamped with any agency logo.

“This means that much of the existing stock cannot be included in this consignment,” the IASC reported. The UN humanitarian convoy was scheduled to leave yesterday to supply as previously reported the much needed shelter material to the Wanni before the expected heavy rains break out, IASC said. Full Text

TN police refute media reports about LTTE infiltration

Chennai (PTI): The Tamil Nadu police on Wednesday refuted media reports about possible intrusion of LTTE cadres in the state following the discovery of some boats with bullet marks along the Rameswaram coast recently.

Superintendent of Police, Ramanathapuram said 'thorough investigation' had revealed that six boats had been recently washed ashore, of which three had bullet marks.

"A thorough investigation conducted along with the sister agencies revealed that the boats had apparently drifted from Sri Lanka due to the recent cyclone. They were not being used for any activity subversive to the nation's security, as reported in certain sections of the media," he said in a statement here.

On Dec 5 boats with some bearing bullet marks and blood stains were found drifting to the Tamil Nadu coast. The Hindu

FM highlights threat of terrorism to democracy at Bali Democracy Forum

Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogallagama has highlighted the potent and ominous challenge that many democracies face today, emanating from the threat of terrorism. He was speaking at the inaugural session of the Bali Democracy Forum in Nusa Dua,Bali today(10 December 2008).The Bali Democracy Forum, an initiative of the Indonesian government, which brought together high level delegations from 33 countries in Asia to the Indonesian resort island of Bali for the 2 day meeting was inaugurated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and co-chaired by the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd .The Sultan of Brunei and the Prime Minister of Timor L'Este were also in attendance.

Minister Bogollagama spoke of Sri Lanka's deeply rooted democratic tradition, which he traced to the granting of universal adult franchise in 1931 and said that the trappings of democracy, manifested by the right of the people to go to the polls periodically and elect a government of their choice or in the many magnificent edifices housing the seat of Parliament, the Presidency or the Palaces of justice, do not qualify a country to be a true democratic state. Real democracy becomes alive in a state where the government is accountable to the people and where the rule of law is upheld by a fearless and independent judiciary. Full Text

Army reconstructs Trincomalee - Mullaittivu road connecting North and South

Sri Lanka Army while engaged in multi-pronged offensive operations to liberate entire Wanni region from LTTE's grip, contributed their effort to reconnect North and South with the reconstruction work of Trincomalee - Mullaitttivu road, which runs parallel to the eastern coastal belt.

Sri Lanka Army Engineers Service Regiment has commenced the reconstruction of a part of the Trincomalee - Mullaittivu road which had been destroyed by the LTTE terrorists recently. Full Text

Sri Lanka wins bronze medal at '52 World Military Boxing Championship'

Sgt. PBA Bandara of the Sri Lankan Army secured a bronze medal under the weight category of 91 Kgs (heavy weight category) at the 52nd world military boxing championship held in the City of Baku of Azerbaijan.

This was the first occasion a medal was won by Sri Lanka at championship, officials said.

The Championship commenced on 25 Nov and concluded on 30 Nov 2008, with the participation of many other countries including USA, Italy, France, India, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Belarus, Netherlands, Ukraine, Barbados, Algeria, Slovenia, Latvia and the host Azerbaijan. Full Text

Fighting continues at the Wanni and Northern battlefronts: troops recover 25 AP mines

Clashes between troops and LTTE were reported throughout yesterday (Dec 9) at the Jaffna and Wanni battlefronts as troops claimed causing serious damages to LTTE during the confrontations. At the Jaffna theatre of battle, fighting was reported in general area Ponnar at Kilaly, while military confirmed taking two successful sniper targets in the same area at 12.45p.m., and 4.40p.m., respectively.

Separately, troops destroyed an LTTE bunker overhead after a series of rocket propelled grenade (RPG) and small arms fire attack at a terror defence line in Kilaly, security sources said. Full Text

Majority for war – survey

Most Sri Lankans believe that terrorism can only be defeated by military means

The majority of respondents to a recent island-wide opinion poll conducted by TNS Lanka believe that military action is the only solution to the ethnic conflict, reports pioneering magazine LMD, in its December edition out last week.

LMD writes: “As the brave men and women of our armed forces march towards Kilinochchi, and thousands of innocent lives are caught in the crossfire, many of us who are far removed from the theatre of war have very strong views – one way or the other – on the Government’s military offensive against the LTTE.” Full Text

Naveen won’t follow Pa-in-law Karu Karu hurt by President’s attitude

Non Cabinet Minister of Investment Promotion Naveen Dissanayake will not return to the UNP although he is the son-in-law of ex- Public Administration Minister Karu Jayasuriya who re-crossed to the UNP on Monday. Following Jayasuriya’s return to the UNP there was widespread speculation that his son-in-law would follow suit.

Dissanayake yesterday told The Island that his father-in-law returned to the UNP due to some differences he had with President Mahinda Rajapaksa. "I tried my best to bring about a settlement but Jayasuriya was hurt and determined to return to the UNP," Dissanayake said. Full Text

Tamilnadu factor in India’s foreign policy

(DN)The pangs of proximity have its spill over effects on foreign policy. Tamils have been a very strong linguistic group that have depended identity based preferential politics. Their loyalty to language has literally bordered on fanaticism that now several political parties and the Tamil film personalities of Kollywood have refused to see the difference between the deadliest terrorist group the LTTE and the Tamil people.

Sri Lankan Army: Advancing rapidly towards enemy territory

and the Rajiv murder. The present resignations of Tamilnadu MPs is nothing but a ploy to save the LTTE, which is fighting with its back to the wall as the Sri Lankan Forces have entered the LTTE heartland, Kilinochchi. There must be a line that must be drawn between two sovereign countries, between LTTE a terrorist group and common Tamils, as well as the limits of linguistic fanaticism acceptable when Tamils do it but Marathis cannot do it for they cannot. The Government of India due to the pressures of coalition politics is refusing to take a strong stand on terrorism or linguistic identity politics at the same time is wary of antagonising the only friendly neighbour we have in South Asia as well as burnt our fingers with the IPKF experience and the Rajiv murder. Full Text

The JVP and LTTE are two of a kind

(DN)“One day a gun will silence me. And it will not be held by an outsider, but by a son born in the womb of this very society - from a woman with whom my history is shared”. Ranjini Thiranagama The unholy alliance between the JVP and the LTTE

Premakeerthi de Alwis Sagarika Gomes

In 1989, when the DJV unleashed its brutal unremitting terror on the Sri Lankan people, the Government countered terror with terror and Sri Lanka became a playing field for the unknown gunmen who killed at will. Like animals, the killers went into frenzy when they saw blood. Burning bodies littered streets of the thrice blessed isle of ours. The air smelt of death and the unbearable stench emanating from the cadaver befouled the atmosphere.

Two of the murders committed by the DJV that shocked my conscience were the killing of Sagarika Gomes and Premakeerthi de Alwis. Full Text

Foreign Secretary declines to speculate

(DN)Foreign Affairs Ministry Secretary , Dr. Palitha Kohona yesterday said, they have not been informed of a visit by India' External Minister Pranab Mukherji to Sri Lanka as speculated in the media.

On being asked if there was a possibility that Minister Mukherji could request a ceasefire with the LTTE from the Government, Dr. Kohona said that he did not want to make comments on speculation adding that one cannot expect all media reports to be true.

"But," said Dr. Kohona, "the Government's stand on having a ceasefire is very clear." Full Text


By H L D Mahindapala

The broadband of NGOs, Marxists, academics and assorted intellectuals, who dominate the current discourse on public affairs, has been hounding the government accusing it of pursuing “a military solution” to the Sri Lankan crisis. This broadband of activists, however, does not point a finger, with the same emphasis, at the Tamil Tigers who have been pursuing nothing but a “military solution”. Their accusations are presented as if it is the Government that is bent on pursuing a “the military solution” against the peace-loving Tamil Tigers.

‘Military solution’ was paramount

There is nothing original in this accusation. Velupillai Prabhakaran, who has been prosecuting a relentless war against his own Tamil people and the Sri Lankan government, too has been accusing the government of seeking a military solution, particularly after Mavil Aru – the point at which he started running backwards. He has never admitted that he has relied exclusively on military solutions to get as far as he did. On the contrary, he is wont to pose as the irenic conciliator who attended peace talks and was the first to make unilateral declarations of peace. Of course, he has never admitted that he is also the first to make unilateral declarations of war. Or that he was the first to walk out of peace talks. In his annual speech delivered in 2005 he is on record saying that he was about to launch his Eelam War IV when he was hit by the tsunami. His decision to wage an Eelam War IV confirms that he had no intention of adhering to the terms and conditions of the Ceasefire Agreement he signed on February 22, 2002 promising to keep the peace. His on-again-off-again peace declarations were mere temporary breathers for him to recoup and pursue his permanent “military solution.” Full Text

Troops hand over LTTE bodies to ICRC

By Kurulu Kariyakarawana

Troops in Vavuniya handed over eleven bodies of LTTE cadres to the ICRC at the Omanthai Entry-Exit point yesterday whilst Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and Army Commander Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka made an inspection tour in the Jaffna peninsula the same morning.

The bodies which were recovered by the troops subsequent to the confrontations that took place with the LTTE during the past few days had been handed over to the ICRC official, the Defence Ministry stated.

Meanwhile Defence Secretary accompanied by Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Donald Perera and Commander of the Army as well as other high ranking military officials arrived at the Palaly Airport and were welcomed by the Jaffna Security Forces Commander Major General G.A. Chandrasiri. Full Text

Nobel Peace Prize winner to mediate in Lankan conflict?

Oslo - Finland's former president and winner of the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize, Martti Ahtisaari said on Tuesday, he was receiving numerous calls to mediate in various conflicts and hinted that he had been approached about Sri Lanka.

Before stepping in as a mediator, one must make a "feasibility study," he told reporters in Oslo, the day before he was to accept the prestigious award.

Kosovo's independence process "is irreversible," Ahtisaari said, noting that some 50 countries have recognised Kosovo since it declared independence from Serbia in February.

The recognition of Kosovo was opposed by Russia among others and Ahtisaari doubted "any quick turnabout in the Russian position." Full Text

We will completely disarm soon: TMVP

By Amadoru Amarajeeva

The Thamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP) yesterday assured it will completely disarm its outfit soon in order to ensure the political image of the party is secured.

The assurance was given during a meeting between officials of the British High Commission in Colombo and Chief Minister of the Eastern Province Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillayan. Full Text

Sri Lanka placed on ‘Red Alert’ list

UNITED NATIONS: - Genocide and other mass atrocities are underway or risk breaking out in at least 33 countries including Sri Lanka, says a new comprehensive watch list slated for release yesterday the 60th anniversary of the United Nations prevention of genocide convention.

The list by the New York-based Genocide Prevention Project for the first time combines the findings of five leading independent watch lists to create a "watch list of watch lists."

"Red alert" countries include Afghanistan and Iraq alongside commonly known regions currently experiencing genocidal conflict such as Sudan's Darfur and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Full Text