Saturday, December 6, 2008

Twenty two more LTTE activists arrested from Italy

The President who was in Italy kept uninformed
(lankaenews)A special unit of the Italian police intelligence has arrested 22 more LTTE activists, Lanka-e-News Italy sources say. Italy arrested 33 LTTE activists on June 17 as well.

Although President Mahinda Rajapakse was also in Italy by the time the arrests were made, he had been kept un informed about the incident.

However, during his tour in Italy, the President met the chief of the intelligence wing that arrested the LTTE cadres previously. The President pledged support for the actions against terror by the special unit and stated that he would finish terrorism in Sri Lanka in a few months. Lanka-e-News

Sri Lankan Army Is Pushing for End to 25-Year War Against the Tamil Rebels

VELLANKULAM, Sri Lanka — With Sri Lanka’s military making its deepest push into rebel territory in a decade, Asia’s longest-running civil war appears to be edging closer to a military solution — though one that has already extracted a high cost for the divided country’s civilians.

Following a hard-line strategy designed by the country’s defense secretary, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, an American who once worked as a computer systems administrator in Southern California, the government says its troops have ringed the rebel capital, Kilinochchi, near the northern tip of the island.

Journalists are not allowed to visit rebel strongholds, and so the claim is impossible to verify. But a rare visit near the front, with an escort of soldiers, revealed the remnants of Mr. Rajapaksa’s uncompromising assault all along the highway that snakes its way up this island’s northwest coast. Full Text

Heavy clashes in Kilinochchi; Army 57 Div wreak havoc on LTTE counter attack

Sri Lanka Army 57 Division soldiers have successfully crushed an LTTE counter attack in the Adampan area, west of Kilinochchi this morning (Dec 6), reports from Kilinochchi battlefield revealed.

According to field correspondent, troops having anticipated the terrorist move took the terrorist attackers by surprise causing a heavy toll to the terrorists.

"The clashes has commenced around 3 in the morning with army engaging heavy artillery and multi barrel rockets on the terrorist still advancing to the army's positions in the Adampan area", he said. Full Text

LTTE receives heavy beating in Army offensive: troops recover 11 bodies - Olumadu

Over a dozen terrorists were reported killed and similar numbers injured following an Army assault at an LTTE strong point located Northeast of Olumadu general area in Mullaittivu district, yesterday (Dec 5).

Heavy fighting ensued between Task Force 3 troops and LTTE in the area, since the morning hours and lasted till 5.15 p.m., military sources said. According to Wanni military sources, troops have uncovered 11 slain LTTE bodies, 2 in severely damaged state along with 5 T-56 assault riffles and 50 anti-personnel (AP) mines during subsequent search operations conducted, today (Dec 6). Full Text

Air strikes at identified LTTE strong points - Kilinochchi

( force fighter jets made precision air sorties at a pre-identified LTTE strong points located West of Paranthan in Kilinochchi, Saturday (Dec 6) at around 8.45 a.m.

According to Air Force Spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara the air raids were conducted in support of the Task Force 1 combat troops.

Troops confront LTTE in Jaffna

Troops deployed in the Kilaly area, in Jaffna theatre confronted with LTTE cadres at three occasions yesterday (Dec 5), defence sources said.

According to the sources, the first confrontation occurred around 9.50 AM when troops attacked a group of LTTE cadres detected in the forward areas. In a similar incident occurred around 1.25 PM, troops intercepted a terrorist group. Troops confirmed heavy casualties to the terrorists in both incidents, the sources added.

Meanwhile, snipers deployed in the Muhamalai area confirmed having shooting down of one LTTE cadre around 6 PM. Full Text

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Sri Lanka rebels 'in fierce fight'

Tamil Tiger with a machine gun (23 Nov 2008)
The Tamil Tigers have been dug-in around Kilinochchi

(BBC)Sri Lanka says there have been heavy clashes between its forces and the Tamil Tigers in a battle to take the key rebel stronghold of Kilinochchi.

The defence ministry says the latest fighting began before dawn, with the Tamil Tigers launching a counter-attack on troops.

But the military says it drove them off with artillery and rocket launchers, and inflicted heavy casualties.

The Tigers have not commented and there are no independent accounts. Full Text

An open letter to India India should negotiate with terrorists responsible for Mumbai attacks

Most Sri Lankans are still shell shocked and stricken with overwhelming grief following the bloody terrorist attacks on Mumbai.

Mumbai is the financial hub of India and it will take time, effort and resources to put the economy back on trail after the massive battering it received. The Mumbai stock exchange is temporarily closed down. Stock prices are bound to take a nose dive requiring patience, revival of shattered loyalties and faith to recover.

Bollywood cinema industry and tourism which were booming will also be the casualties. The aftermath of the disaster will be felt all over India for a long time to come. Full Text

Only LTTE sympathisers would ask for ceasefire

If India thinks it is wise to request Sri Lanka to go for another ceasefire with the LTTE that would be a great mistake. "It had made such blunders under the pressure of LTTE agents in South India and paid heavily," National Freedom Front MP and politburo member, Piyasiri Wijenayake told a press conference held at the party head office in Battaramulla yesterday.

Defeating the LTTE terrorist outfit that threatens the security of the entire region, would be a victory for the entire region of South Asia, he said. "Government troops engaged with what is known as the world’s most ruthless terrorist outfit and during last three decades it had continuously possessed a threat to the security of the region. Full Text

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Views on ceasefire

To have a ceasefire or not, is the question that engages the attention of concerned persons, parties and groups here and abroad. Different motives prompt different groups in formulating their views on the issue. Those advocating an immediate ceasefire are observed to belong to two main categories. Those coming under the first category are persons who are genuinely concerned about the killing and maiming of people, destruction of property and the frittering away of the country’s assets and resources. In the latter category there are sub divisions. While some are hardcore supporters of the LTTE and its Eelam dream, others are those intent on winning the rights of the Tamil people.

There are also subtle differences among those resisting any kind of ceasefire. Some want the menace of terrorism eliminated and a reasonable solution found to satisfy the aspirations of the Tamil people, while others want both terrorism and Tamil aspirations suppressed. The latter category believes that the majority community should dominate and ride roughshod over minorities. They, of course, are a minority of extremists. Full Text

Air Force officers in journalist intimidation case acquitted

By S.S.Selvanayagam

(DM)The Court of Appeal quashing the judgment of the High Court acquitted the two Air Force officers who had been convicted for unlawful entry into the Nugegoda residence of the Sunday Times defence correspondent Iqbal Athas and intimidation of him and his family using firearms.

Justice S.I.Iman and Justice Sarath de Abrew quashed the judgment which was delivered by the Colombo High Court sentencing the accused Squadron Leaders Rukman Herath (deceased) and Pradeep Kannangara of the Air Force for a period of 10 year’s rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Rs 10,000 each inclusive of one year ,if the payment of the fine was not made. Full Text

Pakistan newspaper reveals LTTE-India links

A Pakistan newspaper, the Daily Mail, has disclosed how India had allegedly trained the LTTE at one time adding that the concept of suicide squads was introduced in South Asia for the first time by the Indian intelligence agency RAW when it trained the Tmil separatists groups of Sri Lanka to start militant secessionist movement based on terrorism in Sri Lanka’s Jaffna peninsula.

Daily Mail has learned that two names that surfaced in press in November 2002, in connection with Hindu Atma Ghataki Pathak (Hindu Suicide Squad), General Premnath Hoon former Chief of Western Command and who after retirement became Chief of Shiv Sena’s Military Wing and Colonel Jayant Chitale, had served on deputation with RAW imparting training on the Sri Lankan Tamil militants.

Col. Jayant Chitale also headed the Army Services Selection Board Centre in Pune for several years, where he was able to select Hindutva militant sympathizers for regular commission in the army. Full Text

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What does Prabhakaran dream of?

(EB)Just after he changes into his lungi and kisses the cyanide capsule that he wears around his neck, Velupillai Prabhakaran thinks about the most important person in his life nowadays. That person is Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Muthuvel Karunanidhi.

The Tamil Nadu chief minister has been on his mind a lot lately. He is the last person that pops into his mind just before he falls asleep. So it is not surprising therefore that the Tamil Nadu chief minister kind of segues into Prabhakaran’s dreams as well. These days he has been having a dream that has come to him repeatedly. It comes so often it looks like déjà vu. In the dream the Tamil Nadu chief minister is introducing all the Members of Parliament from Tamil Nadu to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh one by one. Even though the Prime Minister knows all of them and can even pronounce some of their names without causing a diplomatic incident, he politely waits for the Tamil Nadu chief minister to finish. Through his trusted translator, the Tamil Nadu chief minister is talking about the composition of his blood. He is telling the Prime Minister that his blood is Tamil blood. Full Text

UK Tamils polarised but powerful

By Samanthi Dissanayake
BBC News

For one bitter-sweet moment when he wakes up each morning, Anand believes he is still in Sri Lanka.

When a ferocious war between the Sinhalese-dominated government and Tamil Tiger rebels fighting for a separate homeland arrived at his doorstep in 1993, he fled to Britain.

Anand - Tamil refugee in London
Anand says he would like to return to Sri Lanka
"In my dreams, I go to Sri Lanka. I see my mother who is dead now. I see my old job," he says.

As evening draws in he listens to the radio for news of war, a clue as to where his future lies. "I don't feel British. When the problem is solved I will return."

But exactly how this problem should be solved is where another set of problems for Britain's close-knit Tamil community begins. Full Text

3 more Sri Lankan boats found abandoned

(The Hindu)Special Correspondent

RAMANATHAPURAM: Three more boats, suspected to be from Sri Lanka, were found abandoned off Dhanushkodi and nearby unmanned islets on Friday. The seizure of three unclaimed boats in a day is the first of its kind in this region in recent past. With this, the number of such boats found along the coast off Dhanushkodi has gone up to six. Friday’s seizure was within three days of the previous incident.

While one boat was found at Mukundarayar Chathiram, the other boats were seized by the Coast Guard from 1st and 5th islets. No boat had an outboard motor engine. It is suspected that the persons who travelled from Sri Lanka might have removed the engine. There were no bullet marks on the boats. Full Text

Why does India continue to interfere in Sri Lanka?

By Shenali Waduge

"Every country has a right to protect itself", so said Pranab Mukherjee India’s External Affairs Minister shortly after 4 days of carnage in Mumbai. The Indian Government’s immediate response was to blame Pakistan’s intelligence. The Indian people however took an opposing stand and continues to blame the Indian Government and its policies for creating the situation where foreign and homegrown forces now collude to making India vulnerable and insecure for its people – Enough is Enough the people of India now say.

In Sri Lanka, having been victim to India’s intelligence agency which with the blessings of successive Indian Governments has helped the militant groups in Sri Lanka to carry on an armed struggle, understand and empathize with the people of India. Perhaps the Indian public are not aware how their Governments had trained, armed and even financed the LTTE & other militant groups in Sri Lanka to fight the Sri Lankan army? Perhaps the Indian public is unaware how the Tamil Nadu leaders provided haven to LTTE fugitives, even providing injured LTTErs medical aid and facilitated smuggling of arms and ammunition. Perhaps the Indian public is unaware that even after India banned the LTTE for assassinating Rajiv Gandhi, the Tamil Nadu leaders still continued to welcome LTTE separatism. Tamil Nadu leaders even attend LTTE rallies and are promoting separatism. Full Text

Tamil MPs 'violated constitution'

TNA MPs, S Jeyanandamurthy, S Kajendran and P Ariyanetran
TNA MPs have made anti-Sri Lanka remarks in Germany, police say
(BBC)A court in Sri Lanka has ordered the police to seek advice from Attorney General prior to calling Tamil MPs to appear in court to answer accusations that they violate country’s constitution.

The police have informed Colombo magistrate that three Tamil parliamentarians violated the constitution and Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA).

Police Criminal Investigation Division (CID) has told the court that the MPs have made anti-government and pro-LTTE remarks in Germany on 28 June. Full Text

Tissa confession 'voluntary'

Media workers calling for the release of Tissainayagam
Media and rights watchdogs have been calling for the release of Tissainayagam
(BBC)Meanwhile, the Colombo High Court has ruled that the confession made by detained journalist JS Tissainayagam was proved to be made voluntarily.

Mr. Tissainayagam has told the court at the initial hearing that the confession was made under pressure from the police.

However, the court ruled that the confession was voluntarily made.

Tissainayagam was arrested in March and charged with inciting violence in articles published in his magazine, the North Eastern Monthly. Full Text

Public advised to offer donations only through manufacturers & wholesale agents

( Sri Lanka Army, now entering its last leg of Wanni humanitarian operations with its string of ongoing military successes, has been receiving a tremendous public accolade and recognition in the past few months as many segments and organizations in the society, both here and abroad, continue to offer their cooperation, in many instances by way of collecting loose consumables, water bottles, gift items, etc to be sent to War Heroes in offensives.

The Army entrusted with the sacred task of eliminating menace of LTTE terrorism, needless to say, acknowledges such gestures and concerns with all due respect and admiration. Full Text

Air Force fighter jets pound LTTE positions - West of Paranthan

( Lanka Air Force fighter jets launched three air strikes at LTTE strong points located in the west of Paranthan area between 10 AM to 4 PM today (Dec 5).

Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara said that the air strikes were launched in supports of Task Force 1 troops operating in the area. Ground troops have confirmed that the air strikes were effective, he added.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Something To Die For

Strategy Page
2008: The LTTE has now made it clear that it would resort to guerilla warfare and terrorism if it was defeated militarily (which seems increasingly likely). This threat is supposed to persuade the government to agree to peace talks without the LTTE disarming. The government declined and insisted that the rebels had to disarm before there could be any negotiations. Previous peace
talks and ceasefires failed because the LTTE refused to abide by the agreements, and the government refuses to go through that again.

The LTTE never had majority support in the Tamil community. The last time elections were held in Tamil majority areas (the north, and along the east coast), pro-LTTE parties only received about a third of the vote. Subsequently, the LTTE took control using terror and force to get the majority of Tamils to obey. This ruthless approach worked for a while, as the LTTE defeated government forces. But the Tamils are outnumbered more than four to one in Sri Lanka, and the majority learned to deal with the terror tactics and are now tearing the LTTE
fighting forces apart. There are still factions within the Tamil community that support terrorism and continued fighting for a partitioning of the island. But most Tamils have had enough, meaning that the LTTE is about to become another lost cause that a few diehards are still willing to kill and die for until the surviving LTTE zealots are killed or die of old age. Full Text

An End to "Sunday Leader" Slander!

(, District Judge Priyantha de Silva of the Mount Lavinia District Courts issued an enjoining order on a plaint filed by Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa against Lasantha Wickramathunga, the Editor of Leader Publications (Pvt) Ltd and Leader Publications (Pvt) Ltd, preventing further publications carrying references defamatory of him. The enjoining order was sought regarding an article published on 9th November 2008 edition of the Sunday Leader, which was considered on the face of it defamatory.

M.U.M. Ali Sabry, Counsel for Plaintiff Rajapaksa mentioned in court inter alia that the Secretary Defence had joined the Sri Lanka Army in 1971 as a Second Lieutenant and after 20 years of active service in the Army, retired. During his tenure, Rajapaksa was among the elite who received much praise for his service to the national cause, thereby becoming a recipient of a presidential commendation from the then President J R Jayawardena in addition to being bestowed the Rana Wikrama and Rana Soora (on two occasions) medals for bravery in combat from incumbent presidents Ranasinghe Premadasa and D B Wijethunga. It was also mentioned in court that he had played a significant role in the Vadamarachchi operation together with General Denzil Kobbekaduwa and Maj. General Wijaya Wimalaratne. Full Text

Wanni hell gates further crumble; troops reach Kanakarayankulam

Army Task Force 2 (TF 2) have stricken a huge blow on the gates of the LTTE run mono ethnic Wanni hellhole by reaching Kanakarayankulam this morning (Dec 5).

Troops extending their forward boundaries across the A-9 road (Jaffna- Kandy road) have reached the former LTTE stronghold in a swift eastward thrust, revealed battlefield sources. The town is located about 10 Km north of Pulliyankulam where the same troops liberated yesterday (Dec 4).

According to the defence observers, with the liberation of Mankulam, Pulliyankulam, and now Kanakarayankulam townships located on the A-9 road; the LTTE has severely lost its grip over the Wanni civilians. The liberation of these key towns on the A-9 will trigger off an exodus of civilians that would speed up the certain demise of the terrorist outfit, they add. Full Text

Task Force 1 sweeping down offensives in Kilinochchi north

Troops of Task Force 1 (TF 1) are moving steadily along the B-69 axis (Poonaryn- Paranthan road) towards Kilinochchi; reveal the defence sources in the battlefield.

Setting their approach to the Kilinochchi town from northwest, the TF 1 yesterday engaged LTTE positions in the north of Adampan and the west of Paranthan areas heavily with armour tanks and artillery.

According to the sources, troops launched an attack with the support of armour tanks at the LTTE bunker line located 6 km west of Paranthan, along the B-69 road last evening . Troops confirmed that the terrorists suffered a heavy toll. Full Text

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Police commandoes intercept LTTE group - Batticaloa

( Task Force (STF) troops intercepted a group of LTTE terrorists while conducting a search operation in general area Unnachchiya in Aiythyamale on Thursday morning, (4 Dec).

According to the Defence sources, STF uncovered a body of a LTTE cadre killed during the subsequent search operation and one police officer injured and later he died.

After a search operation, STF have found 01 X Land Mine (11 Kg) and 03 X Johnny Mines in general area Kanchikudichchiaru,Ampara at 1445 hours. .

Troops uncover warlike items including suicide jackets - Jaffna

Troops deployed in northern battlefront are consolidating their positions in general areas Muhamalai and Kilaly yesterday, 4 December.

According to the defence sources, army snipers deployed in Muhamalai and Kilay forward defences gunned down two LTTE terrorists during the day.

Meanwhile, troops have found warlike items including suicide jackets and ammunition while conducting a search and clear operation in general area Manalkadu 2.00 pm yesterday.

Following items were among the items uncovered. Full Text

Air Force pounds LTTE strongholds in Kilinochchi

( Lanka Air Force launched two air strikes in support of Army Task Force 1 troops marching steadily at Kilinochchi built up this morning (Dec 5).

Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkra speaking to said that the first of the two air strikes was carried out by MI-24 helicopters at 6.45 AM. The target was an LTTE strongpoint located in the Adampan area, west of Kilinochchi town, he said.

The second air strike was carried out by fighter jets located in the west of Paranthan around 8.15 AM, said Wing Commander Nanayakkara. He added that both attacks were successful citing ground sources.

23 more Tamil civilians seek protection with security forces.

23 more Tamil civilians belonging to 8 families who had undergone unprecedented hardships of LTTE have fled from the organization and sought protection with security forces Chundikulam this (December 5) morning

According to the sources, 11 females, 8 males, 4 infants were among the escapees.

Many others waiting for an opportunity to flee from the LTTE clutches and they had suffered enough with the LTTE. a civilian said.

From Anuradhapura to Bombay

by Nalin Fernando

(December 05, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Jihadist terrorist attack in Bombay (Population 19 million) the commercial capital of India on November 27, which killed nearly 200 people was cowardly, brutal and outrageous.

That is what must be emphasized and not what expert level of planning and training went into killing innocent people as the media is oft wont to emphasise. Sadly, it recalls in much the same way the Indian trained but surely not planned Tiger terrorist attack on pilgrims, most of them women, worshipping in Anuradhapura in 1985. Last week, Western countries zeroed in rapidly to condemn the Bombay outrage in contrast to their hesitant response to what happened in Sri Lanka 23 years ago. Now there is a fear of another Indo-Pak war, if irrational thinking prevails as it often does, in South Asia. Full Text
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Expat Sri Lankan heroes assist a war hero in need

by Udara Soysa and Nilantha Illangamuwa

(December 05, Atlanta, Sri Lanka Guardian) While we were at Palali AirPort this July, we met with a remarkable individual from Sri Lankan Army , 8SLE (52 Div). A man who had serviced the country for 10 years with the Army and a man whose father had become handicapped while serving as a home guard. This Corp. Premadasa S.N.T from Kebbitigollawa had a sad story to tell us. (Read our previous story)

In 2004, he got married and had his first child. However, he soon learnt that his

Beautiful baby daughter N.T Nethmi Upeka is affected with Thalassacmnia Major. This was a huge shock for his little family. Full Text

Ceasefire Possibility with the LTTE Terrorists

"The soldiers in the frontlines have sacrificed their lives and limbs not to be betrayed once again by the government. The masses of this country have suffered enough at the hands of the LTTE and they would want to see that the LTTE is militarily destroyed before any political solution is brought in."

by Nacholibre

(December 05, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The terrorist LTTE is down and on knees pleading Tamilnadu and India for a new lease of life, as they are incapable of coming out of their military cul-de-sac by themselves alone. The armed forces of Sri Lanka are just a few steps away from driving the final nail into the LTTE coffin that Velupillai Prabakaran, the Terrorist leader has nowhere to run from his misery anymore. As expected, the LTTE loving Karunanidhi and his political goons in Tamilnadu have not given up their campaign of trying to bail out the almost completely destroyed LTTE and its megalomaniac leader under the pretext of Tamil liberation. When Karunanidhi’s own country is burning like hell in the aftermath of a despicable terror attack, the geriatric LTTE sympathizer has claimed that he has convinced Manmhan Singh to send Pranab Mukerji to Sri Lanka to set up a ceasefire with the LTTE terrorists. Full Text

Allegations Over the Use of Cluster Bombs in the war

"Considering the seriousness of the allegations, the casual treatment meted out to these reports by Sri Lanka is surprising. One reason could be that the reports were possibly an international propaganda ploy of the LTTE. The allegations of the LTTE and pro-LTTE NGOs have come at a time when the issue of use of cluster bombs is in international limelight."

(December 05, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardain) The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have accused the Sri Lankan air force of dropping cluster bombs on an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in Vanni area on November 29, 2008. According to the TamilNet report three refugees were killed and 29 shelters of displaced persons were destroyed in the air strike. Recordings of oral accounts of those affected are also available on the Internet. The North East Secretariat on Human Rights (NESoHR) and the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO), two NGOs who work in the area and are known for their pro-LTTE sympathies, have also published detailed reports of the incident. Full Text

Kollywood puts on a pantomime for the “ People of Eelam”

“The Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora who support the LTTE, would consider anyone a “real Tamilian” (Suththa Tamilan), regardless of his background as long as he supports the LTTE. Actor Vijayakanth, who enjoyed popularity among the LTTE supporters, also justified the civil war in Sri Lanka as an internal matter some months ago, a comment which left many LTTE supporters disgruntled.”

“All that's gone is not gonna comeback, bugger - Don't
be looking back at what's gone and think
and worry yourself silly to death.
Don't remember all that's past.
Refine your thoughts, think
you are born anew today - grab your
grub, play and enjoy your life.
All that crap is gone, not gonna come back.” - Subramaniya Bharathy

(December 05, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Unlike Hollywood or Bollywood (Mumbai-India); Kollywood (Kodampakkam-India) has been seriously engaged in the politics of another country because of their “umbilical cord connection”. There are burning issues especially in Tamilnadu and in India in general, including the recent terror incidents in Mumbai. Full Text

Not the time for politics

(December 05, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) Tamilnadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi led a delegation of leaders from DPA and a few other small parties to Delhi to meet the Prime Minister to persuade the Centre to prevail upon the Sri Lankan government to declare a ceasefire and start negotiating with the LTTE for a peaceful solution.

When the Centre is extremely occupied with the major issue of India’s future relationship with Pakistan in the aftermath of the Mumbai terror attack, it is rather thoughtless of the Tamilnadu Chief Minister to take away a precious day of the Prime Minster to concentrate on an issue, which need not be a priority for India now. Full Text

Sri Lanka not signatory to Cluster Bomb Pact: Did she adopt U.S. position in effort to counter LTTE terrorism?

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune News Analysis

Washington, D.C. 4 December ( The South Asian island-nation of Sri Lanka which is in a serious military offensive against a lethal Tamil Tiger separatist movement, a micro group which has proved over the years to have a macro effect, largely responsible since the late eighties influencing the national agenda of the country threatening its sovereignty, territorial integrity and democracy came closer to the position of the United States in not being a signatory to the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) when the treaty came up for ratification on December 3 in Oslo, Norway.

The United States fighting her own Global War on Terrorism with two fronts opened one in Iraq and the other in Afghanistan was not at Oslo. So were China, Russia and India. Full Text

Innocent Tamil children in Germany being used for fund raising for LTTE

Berlin, 05 December, ( After receiving the green light from Tamil Tiger supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran, the Tamil youths in Germany launched a massive campaign to raise funds in schools using innocent young children for the publicity campaign. The Thamilcholai school chain run by the Liberation Tigers if Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has launched a month long propaganda campaign in Germany using approximately 6500 students of 130 Thamilalayam schools in Germany together with 950 teachers to highlight the so-called plight of displaced children in Wanni to raise funds in German schools.

The LTTE cadres distributed a large badge with a colour photograph of a displaced child in Wanni and forced innocent Tamil children to wear the badge on their school uniforms and urge their German classmates to donate money for the welfare of the displaced children. However the funds will be collected by pro-LTTE Thamilcholai administration and the funds could be used for arms purchases and other destructive activities of the LTTE. Full Text

Search operation launched

(The Hindu)Special Correspondent

CAREFUL MOVE: A team at Dhanushkodi.

RAMANATHAPURAM: A team of 60 policemen led by the Superintendent of Police K.A. Senthil Velan conducted a daylong search operation along the coast off Dhanushkodi in connection with the seizure of 3rd Sri Lankan boat, which was found abandoned on Tuesday.

Dividing into several small groups, the policemen, including Armed Reserve, dug up several sanddune places to find out “suspected” materials, including outboard motor engine of the boat, which was believed to have been buried at an undisclosed destination. Full Text

SRI LANKA: No Calm After the Storm

By IPS Correspondents

COLOMBO, Dec 5 (IPS) - The only good thing about tropical storm ‘Nisha’, that lashed northern Sri Lanka in the last week of November, was that it brought a lull to the fierce fighting between Tamil separatist rebels and the Sri Lankan army.

According to the Disaster Management Centre, over 370,000 persons were affected by gale force winds and rains, and more than 50,000 houses were damaged -- 11,000 of them completely destroyed -- in nine districts in the country between Nov. 22 - 30 when Nisha struck. Eleven persons were known to have died.

The worst damage was recorded in the northern Jaffna peninsula where 330,000 people were affected and nine killed. The peninsula at the northern edge of the island has been besieged by renewed fighting between government forces and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) since August 2006. Full Text

Sri Lanka says captures 100 rebel boats

By Ranga Sirilal

COLOMBO (Reuters) - Sri Lanka's military said on Friday it had captured more than 100 small boats used by the separatist Tamil Tigers, after soldiers seized a coastal village while marching towards the last big port held by the rebels.

Soldiers captured Alampil Thursday after heavy fighting on the east coast, where the army's 59th Division is trying to take the port of Mullaitivu controlled by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), the military said.

"Troops recovered 100 fibreglass boats and 560 live rounds in Alampil," military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said. Alampil is about 10 km (6 miles) south of Mullaitivu. Full Text

Lakshman Kadiragamar

It is now three years after the death of Lakshman Kadiragamar.With the distance of time I am still trying to understand the tragedy of his passing. I have faced my fair share of tragedy and fickleness of fortune, and friends. After the fiendish assassination

I was looking for answers to life’s tragedies. And like most men who are distraught turned to religion and philosophy to understand how this icon was removed from our midst.

Buddhism explains it by the inexorable law of Karma. You reap what you have sowed in this Long journey in Samsara.The story of Lazarus in the Bible (John 11) however, flashed through my mind. Martha and Mary the sisters of Lazarus had profound faith in Jesus Christ. Christ walked up to the cave where Lazarus was entombed and said ‘Lazarus come out’And Lazarus walked back to life. Who has the faith of a Martha and

Mary I pondered .Who will say ‘Lakshman go forth and serve the people who loved you so much.’ Even as these thoughts flashed through my mind, I realized that these were

merely flights of fancy of the faithless like me. It was not to be .He was gone. Full Text

Police interrogate hardcore Tigers

Police are interrogating 123 LTTE suspects including two suicide cadres nabbed in the hill-country, sources said.

Those suspects have had links with a series of terrorist activities including the killing of Police Special Task Force DIG Upul Seneviratne, bomb explosion inside a bus at Polgolla, Dambulla, bomb explosion targeting Navy personnel at Digampathana, Sigiriya, transformer explosions at Panwila, Thalawakele, Wattegama and Alawathugoda and planned assassination attempts on Ministers Keheliya Rambukwella and Douglas Devananda.

Among the suspects are some who were allegedly involved in terrorist activities in plantation areas. The suspects are allegedly residents of Mannar, Mulaitivu and Vavuniya. Daily News

Tigers cornered as Army deploys more units in Wanni

The heavy rains that played havoc in the Wanni has ceased to a certain extent and the battle in the Wanni front once again returned to its full form within the past few days with troops poised to exert increased pressure on the LTTE now entrapped in a limited area in the Wanni, as the Sri Lanka Army is ready to launch its sixth offensive division into Wanni liberation operation.

The Army Headquarters on Wednesday came out with the new appointments to the newly formed Task Force IV to be deployed to the Mullaitivu front.

According Army Headquarters Colonel Nishantha Wanniarachchi from the Sri Lanka Artillery Regiment, the Deputy General Officer Commanding of the 59 Division has been appointed as the Commander of the Task Force IV whilst Lt. Colonel Priyantha Wijegunawardena is the Colonel General Staff.

Lt. Colonel Indrajith Bandara presently the Commanding Officer of the 12 Sinha Regiment has been appointed as the 641 Brigade Commander whilst Lt. Colonel Randula Hatnagoda presently the Commanding Officer of the 14 Sinha Regiment was appointed as the 642 Brigade Commander. Full Text

Defending the country from terrorism

All patriotic Lankans are certain to endorse the stand taken by Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayake that the country's constitution cannot be subject to ad hoc changes to accommodate foreign interests.

Responding to Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe in Parliament on Wednesday the Prime Minister vowed that the Government would not allow any Constitutional change as proposed by the former "that would make Sri Lanka subservient to whomsoever".

Wickremesinghe was of the view that international treatises entered into by the President and Government of Sri Lanka have to be implemented by statute to have an internal effect. The issue of course was Sri Lanka's application for the GSP Plus facility which required abiding by certain international treaties on human rights. Don't we already have enough fundamental rights laws to deal with these evaluations without bringing an international dimension into the bargain? Full Text

Defence budget passed with 105 vote majority

(DN)Uditha Kumarasinghe, Irangika Range and Sandasen Marasinghe
KOTTE: The vote on the Defence, Public Security, Law and Order Ministry was passed with a majority of 105 votes. There were 19 votes in favour.

The motion to extend the Emergency Regulations by another one month was passed with a majority of 100 votes. The JVP and the NFF voted in favour.

The TNA asked for a division and voted against. The UNP and the SLMC members were absent.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka told Parliament yesterday that the Government will carry out its task until terrorism is wiped out from the country.

The Premier speaking at the vote on the Defence, Public Security and Law and Order Ministry said measures have been taken to eradicate terrorism for so many years. Full Text

Our Forces among the best - MP Muralitharan

Uditha Kumarasinghe, Irangika Range And Sandasen Marasinghe

KOTTE: MP Vinayagamurthi Muralitharan told Parliament yesterday that the Sri Lankan Armed Forces could not defeat LTTE terrorism earlier as they did not have a strong political leadership.

He said Sri Lanka has a very powerful and strong Armed Force.
They are engaged in defeating terrorism today because they are guided by the correct political leadership. “I have my personal experiences about the brutal conduct and activities of the LTTE organisation,” he said.

The Tamil people are undergoing great suffering today due to the LTTE’s intransigence, Muralitharan said. He said the needs of the Tamil people and the LTTE are different, and the LTTE has failed in fulfilling requirements of the Tamil people. Full Text

India’s solution is not What we need

Anura Kumara Dissanaike

The JVP warns that what is in operation today is nothing but separatism in all its forms and manifestations. Parliamentarian Anura Kumara Dissanaike maintains that the proposals for a political solution is nothing short of the political face of the same separatist agenda of the West. ‘Sometimes it has a military face ,sometimes it’s a political one. And now that the military front is being defeated we see the political face raising its head once again.’ he alleges.

He also expresses his criticisms against holding elections at this stage on grounds that what is more crucial is that they bring the defence establishment under a more transperant system and bring governance back. ‘We believe we can reinstate democracy and governance back in this country. Sadly the people are forced to vote for short term gain rather than consider the long term effects of this situation. We believe we can steer the people and the country towards that,’ he says. Full Text

Pizza Sakvithi’s Senior buddies celebrate late Deepavali

by a special correspondent from Toronto(December 04, Toronto, Sri Lanka Guardian) Mississauga LTTE Pizza Sakvithi’s senior buddies planning to celebrate Deepavali festival almost a month later it suppose to be. This seniors group another LTTE front lead by a father of a LTTE suicide bomber. This is one of the organizations Pizza Sakvithi uses as a front to collect funds for LTTE. Unfortunately no one even Trillium Foundation who funds its activities does not believe these old buddies will do such a thing.

In it’s previous Senior’s Night Sakvithi arranged a nice dinner dance for seniors and collected over CDN$ 100,000 but except the special guests who came from Canadian political arena didn’t knew where the money went. We guess Canadian intelligence people must have told them this time except the Ex- Liberal lady who is planning to be Mississauga mayor someday. Some body has to explain her that, going into a LTTE function as a chief guest does not make her a mayor. We know the invitation came from a moderate person but he also brain washed by this old gang. Full Text
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The Crumbling of Muhamale

(SF-3)With at least two previous failures of a successful breakthrough through the Tamil Tiger Devil's garden along the KILALY/MUHAMALE/NAGARKOVIL axis, mainly due to indirect fire via anti personal/ anti-armor mines and arti/mortar units, battleplanners in this sector set about to destabilise the Tamil Tiger FDL using crumbling operations to force the enemy's defensive cohesion to flood away thereby destabilizing the FDL. Further as I have mentioned in an earlier brief lengthily such a series of crumbling operations allows the Sri Lankan battle planners to master their opening game as well as shore up the morale of its soldiers.

With the Tamil Tigers having more than 5 years to perfect their defences along the 7 miles stretch spanning from KILALY to NAGARKOVIL, this front provides the most fortified line in the current Sri Lankan conflict. The Tamil Tiger defences had provided them with concealment, cover, combined arms integration and more importantly a depth of 14kms towards EPS. The Tamil Tiger trenches and bunkers were irregularly distributed, formulaically interconnected, carefully camouflaged, combining ballistic protection with real concealment to withstand offensive fire. These positions were well fortified with anti-tank ditches, protective minefields and wire entanglements. Any cover the SLA could exploit were limited with interlocking fields of fire by positioning adjoining weapons so that each weapon can fire across the other's fronts. The defences were further strengthened with MG posts and mortars. Machine guns are direct fire-flat trajectory weapons and attackers can use directional cover by obscuring the line of sight (LOS). Mortars and artillery on the other hand can fire over intervening obstacles and engage targets without LOS. Hence working together, machine guns and artillery/mortars compliments for each other's weaknesses. Such interlocking fields of fire reduces the cover or dead space thus complicates things for the attacker to find and exploit concealed positions. Full Text

The time isn’t right for a ceasefire

Lakshman Kiriella

The Main opposition UNP on Tuesday threatened the government against a no- confidence motion on the oil hedging deal and several other issues is now under consideration of the party. UNP MP Lakshman Kiriella maintains that a pledge made by the UNP in its alternative budget is about to come to fruition as the stage is set to give the people the benefit of oil price reduction in the global market. He said it would have been possible to reduce the oil prices if the price formula which was introduced by the UNP government of 2002 was in operation today. He explained that this formula was prepared taking into consideration the exchange rates and other factors which affect the oil prices. He said this formula enabled the government to increase prices when the global prices go up and reduce when world prices go down.

#The entire Cabinet is responsible for the CPC deal going wrong.
#Our issue is not with the war but the way it is being handled.
#We have never stopped our support towards the minorities and their rights.
#The civil society in Sri Lanka is dead and the media muzzled.
#Talking of a political solution cost us the Sinhala vote. Full Text

Terror, peace and freedom

"The government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa has hinted it is prepared to go beyond the bounds of the constitution to offer Tamils the hope of a workable deal after the war is over."
by Vipul(December 04, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Shockwaves that the recent attacks in Mumbai sent across the globe have galvanised all the world leaders into pledging solidarity with India, reassessing their counter terror strategies and adopting new measures to protect their countries.
“A world where innocents are killed by extremists based on twisted ideologies cannot be tolerated,” said US President-elect Barack Obama in the wake of last month's attacks. Full Text
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‘I am not under house arrest’ - Pillayan

(DM)Eastern Province Chief Minister Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillayan has denied rumors that he was under house arrest at his home in Batticaloa.

Rumors did the rounds on Wednesday that Pilliyan was placed under house arrest possibly over a rift between him and TMVP leader Vinyagamoorthy Muralitharan alias Karuna Amman or with the government.

However when contacted by Daily Mirror yesterday, TMVP general secretary A. Kailesvararajah, who contacted Pilliyan denied such rumors and quoted the Chief Minister as saying “do not have an attitude like that of the Tigers.

“Rumors that I am under house arrest is nonsense. Someone is trying to create trouble for me,” he told Daily Mirror. (JN)

Lanka not using cluster bombs: Minister

The government yesterday denied accusations of having used cluster bombs in the battle against Tamil Tigers, a senior Minister said.

“We will not breach internationally accepted norms,” BBC Sinhala service quoted government defence spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella as saying.

When asked why Sri Lanka was not among the signatories to the treaty against the use of cluster bombs, he said the question had to be referred to the Foreign Ministry but it
was not uncommon for a country to remain outside the treaty.

A foreign ministry official who did not wish to be identified told Daily Mirror there was no need to sign the treaty as Sri Lanka did not use cluster bombs and insisted that there was no need for Sri Lanka to sign such a treaty even in the future. Full Text

DIG was informed of impending attack: SSP

(DM)By Sumaiya Rizvi
Senior DIG of Police for the North and East Mahinda Balasooriya was informed about the 17 ACF workers killed on August 6, SSP of the Trincomalee Police said yesterday testifying at the Presidential Commission of Inquiry (CoI) to investigate and inquire into serious violations of Human Rights, while inquiring into the killing of the 17 aid workers in Mutur.

“I told Senior DIG Balasooriya about it on August 6, when I met him in Habarana,” the witness said. The Senior DIG had earlier in his testimony told the Commission that he did not know about the killing until August 7 and he said the witness had not brought it to his notice on August 6, 2006. Full Text

Jaffna bishop wants India to pressurize LTTE

(DM)The Catholic Bishop of Jaffna, Rev Thomas Savundaranayagam, wants India to pressurize the LTTE to release the lakhs of Tamil civilians who are held captive in the north Sri Lankan war zones of Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu. Rev Savundaranayagam, whose diocese extends to areas in the current war zone in the Wanni region said that he had asked Members of Parliament belonging to the pro-LTTE Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to ask the Indian government to put pressure on the LTTE to release the civilians it had been holding captive for military purposes.

Rev. Savundaranayagam said in the districts of Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu, apart from the local population, there are 250,000 refugees from the western parts of the Wanni who had been driven out of their homes and hearths by the government’s military operations since 2006.‘The people are anxious to flee the war zone for their own survival. But they are unable to do so for two reasons. Full Text

All party team from TN meets PM on Lankan issue

(December 04, New Delhi, Sri Lanka Guardian) Chief Minister M Karunanidhi today urged the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to pressurise the Lankan government to stop ‘the attacks on Tamils’ in the island nation.
Manmohan reportedly told him that Union External Affairs Minister Prabnab Mukherjee would leave for Colombo soon and take up the matter with the Lankan government.
The Prime Minister gave this assurance when the all-party delegation, led by Karunanidhi, called on him to urge him to help stop the war in Lanka.
Talking to newsmen after the meeting, Karunanidhi, when pointedly queried whether Mukherjee’s visit to Colombo will help solve the problem, replied that he was very hopeful that the visit would be fruitful. But he cryptically added: ‘We need hope’ Full Text

“LTTE is duty-bound to face Sri Lankan army’

(The Hindu)Special Correspondent
CHENNAI: Human suffering and miseries being witnessed in the war in Sri Lanka should not be used as a pretext to call for a ceasefire, since they are part of the LTTE’s strategies, said Arular Arudpragasam, the chairman of the Eelam Revolutionary Organisers (EROS) and Eelavar Democratic Front (EDF).

“The LTTE is duty-bound to face the Sri Lankan Army. The war cannot be stopped without fulfilling the objectives that actually led to it,” he told reporters on Wednesday. The London based Mr. Arudpragasam, now in Chennai, said LTTE leader Prabakaran had agreed to a ceasefire under pressure from India.

Mullathivu vulnerable: Colombo

(The Hindu)B. Muralidhar Reddy
COLOMBO: The Sri Lankan military on Thursday claimed to have captured yet another bastion of the LTTE in Mullathivu district in the north.

The Defence Ministry said troops attacked the remaining LTTE fortification in the district. They “have reached a decisive stage” entering the Sea Tiger bastion, Alampil, near Mullathivu. After capturing the Kumulamunai, a battle formation advanced along the northern bank of Nayaru lagoon and dominated Kumulamunai-Alampil road.

The Ministry said the battle formation cut-off the Mullathivu-Alampil main road near north of Alampil and moved southwards with an effective thrust on Alampil. Full Text

10km to Mullaitivu

(DW)After several days of resistance, the LTTE today withdrew from the strategic Sea Tiger bases of Alampil and Chemmalai. With this withdrawal, LTTE is out of bounds from the Nayaru Lagoon, an area used extensively in recent times to infiltrate the East.
The Sri Lanka Army's 59 Division has just 10km more to go to capture the strategic Mulaitivu base. The division has only 2km to go to reach Nedunkerni. In the meantime Task Force 2 moved into Puliyankulam, a former hub of LTTE activity along the A9, which was subsequently abandoned by the Tigers. Full Text

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ceasefire unnecessary - Lakshman Seneviratne

Military offensives aimed at curbing the LTTE should be continued and a ceasefire won't be necessary until the offensives come to an end, Badulla District UNP MP Laksman Seneviratne said.

Speaking during the debate on the votes of the Defence Ministry today (Dec. 04th), he told Parliament that this was the stance of the UNP.

He noted that a political solution based on extensive devolution of power should be implemented for Tamils after curbing terrorism.

The UNP MP questioned TNA members whether their claim during world tours that the Sinhalese are suppressing the Tamils was made according to their conscience. Full Text

Pranab to visit Sri Lanka soon, says Karunanidhi

Thu, Dec 4 03:14 PM

New Delhi, Dec 4 (IANS) External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee will visit Sri Lanka soon to persuade Colombo to go for peace talks with the Tamil Tigers after announcing a ceasefire, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi said Thursday after meeting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

A delegation of political parties from Tamil Nadu, led by Karunanidhi, submitted a memorandum to Manmohan Singh on the conflict in Sri Lanka that has killed thousands and the urgent need to bring peace there.

The delegation also met United Progressive Alliance (UPA) chairperson Sonia Gandhi, whose husband and former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by a Tamil Tiger suicide bomber. Full Text