Friday, June 27, 2008


Sri Lanka, a beautiful country in the Indian Ocean has been suffering from a nearly three decade long terrorism menace. It had spread like a cancer in both the northern and the eastern parts of the country. Thousands of lives were lost over the years and all this is due to a crazy ideology of one brutal terrorist leader, who's name is Velupillai Prabakaran. He wants a kingdom for himself from a united and harmonious nation.

LTTE(Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Ealam), that is what this terrorist outfit name themselves. They call themselves the "Liberators of the Tamil people", or rather use that theme to justify all their barbaric acts. Tamils are an ethnic minority living in Sri Lanka, who enjoy absolute equal rights in any part of Sri Lanka. Tamils live, learn, work, play, dine, party and do enjoy every right any citizen would enjoy in a Democratic country. Tamils live all over the island without any discrimination. Sri Lanka even had a Governor of it's Central Bank who is a Tamil, just to mention one among a countless number of leading Tamil citizens. There are Tamil sportsman who are loved by the whole country and many Tamil political parties and politicians.

How would this be possible if the Tamils are suppressed? Then what is this so called "Liberation of Tamil people"?, from whom? The so called liberators of the Tamil people have only become a curse for all the peace loving Tamil people.

The LTTE is well known for brainwashing innocent and poor Tamils and turning them in to human bombs. This has resulted in so many blood baths and also immense hardships for the innocent peace loving Tamil people, because naturally people tend to suspect innocent Tamils.

Prabakaran and the LTTE had many chances to come in to a negotiated settlement and put an end to this violence. But as they call them selves "Tigers" they have always proved that they are tigers. Each time a ceasefire was in operation they used it to the maximum to arm themselves and fortify their bunkers. They never had any intention to come in to a negotiated settlement. Prabakaran wanted blood, and they always found a way to continue Terrorism rather than put an end to it.

A tiger cannot be taught to eat grass! There is only one option to tame a man eating tiger, if that is not opted for, the tiger will go on it's rampage and carnage! For the benefit of the whole Nation the Tiger leader and his band of man eating tigers has to be eliminated!

Now the Tiger hunt is on, Valiant soldiers of the Sri Lanka armed forces are forging ahead in to the Tiger territory to liberate the people in the Tiger held areas. They have already liberated the island's eastern province from the tigers and now taking on the tigers in their strongest dens in the nothern wanni region.
This blog is solely for the purpose of providing a center point for readers from all over the world to follow the progress of the tiger hunt and related information gathered around the globe, for them to be aware of the true situation in Sri Lanka.

Long live our brothers in the armed forces.!!!!
HAIL SRI LANKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!