Saturday, November 8, 2008

The realities of a surface-based war in Wanni

By this evening the Sri Lanka Army’s 58 Division was 6 kilometers from the Pooneryn-Paranthan road. Military tacticians will aim for this road, instead of heading directly for Pooneryn; a tactic we have observed numerous times in the recent past. Tigers will be forced to withdraw from Pooneryn but would have to avoid annihilation by the Special Boat Squadron and RABS boats deployed in the Kilali Lagoon. Their best bet would be to escape towards India rather than risking a perilous journey to Chalai in the northeastern coast. At least 40 RABS units are waiting for them from Kilali to Chalai.

As we noted many weeks ago, the Sri Lanka Army will probably checkmate the LTTE’s Kilinochchi stronghold, not from the current operation by the 57 but from the operation working its way towards Paranthan from the northwest. Military tacticians have long realized that there’s more than one was to take Kilinochchi. Currently, the Tigers are using maximum force to hold down the 57 Division at Iranamadu, Akkarayan and Kokavil general areas. They cannot afford the 58 moving towards Paranthan from the Pooneryn-Paranthan road. This would make Muhamale and Kilinochchi untenable. Full Text

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Counter terrorist operations continue at Wanni and North

Troops forced into LTTE forward defences backed by close-in-fire support at Muhamalai, yesterday (Nov 7) reportedly destroying a 40m long LTTE constructed earth bund, Jaffna military sources said. Troops met with terrorists counter attacks which were neutralized subsequently.

Meanwhile, security forces at Omanthai arrested a terror suspect while attempting to smuggle warlike items to the cleared area at around 3.15p.m. The items were hidden in a wooden mortar, security sources said.

Following items were nabbed by security personnel at the Omanthai Entry/Exit point. Full Text

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Troops ambush LTTE movement, seize tractor- Kilinochchi

An offensive element of the 57 Division operating close to Kilinochchi, Saturday (Nov 8) morning have sprung an ambush at an LTTE movement reportedly capturing a tractor , military sources said.

On receiving precise information troops have engaged the terrorists in general area Barathipuram, South of Kilinochchio, the sources said.

Meanwhile, security forces conducting a search operation on civilian information have found a revolver from a house at Maharambakulam, Vavuniya, this afternoon.

Rajapaksa now offers package to placate LTTE

COLOMBO: Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has announced that he will spend SLRs 3000 million ($ 27.27 million) on the rehabilitation of the youth, children and women of the war-torn Tamil-speaking Northern Province, including LTTE cadre who lay down arms.

"We have to look after the welfare of innocent children, women and youth living in such areas, and rehabilitate LTTE members and make them useful citizens to the society. I propose to make an additional allocation of R s 3,000 million for this purpose," the President told parliament while presenting the budget for 2009.

"I also propose to make an allocation of Rs 500 million to the Ministry of Resettlement to carry out resettlement in the north," he added. Full Text

Troops pound LTTE resistance at Wanni fronts

The military advances into LTTE dominated territory on 3 fronts towards Pooneryn, Kilinochchi and Mullaittivu areas in the western, central and eastern Wanni theatres have gained momentum during the past few weeks with LTTE suffering a heavy toll of deaths and casualties. According to military, fighting continued in the borders of Kotklivilly and Nawaladi along the A-32 main road, yesterday (Nov 7).
The troops of the Task Force 1, have reportedly liberated vast tracts from LTTE along the western coast and now positioned within striking distance to Pooneryn , Sempankundu and Nallur LTTE fortifications. Air Force MI-24 gunships also continued providing close in air combat support to the advancing TF-1 infantrymen and armour battalions with continuous air assaults at identified LTTE strong points and reinforcement gatherings in the areas. Troops are forcing LTTE to flee in total disarray as the military surge continue with strong determination to liberate the strategically important 90km coastal stretch adding another nail to the LTTE's coffin.
Meantime, troops of the 57 Division now operating North of the recently liberated Akkarayankulam built-up have made further advances towards Kilinochchi dismantling several LTTE counter attacks yesterday, military sources said.
Desperate efforts to reinforce by LTTE were brought to halt with rapid fire assaults launched by the 57 Division infantry battalions, military said. More pictures

kilinochchi recaptured in 13th Century too

by D.G.A.Perera

(November 08, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) It is almost a truism that history repeats itself. The loss of the North and the East of the island led to the downfall of the Polonnaruwa Kingdom. The shifting of the Sinhala capital to the southwest began with the subjugation of these areas, by the savage forces of Magha in 1215.

He had 15 fortresses spread about in the Gona (Trincomalee) district, Gantalawa (Kantalai), Jaffna Peninsula and Mannar District. Meanwhile a Sinhala prince by the name of Vijaya Bahu (the third) established himself at the mountain stronghold of Dambadeniya in 1232, and attacked Magha. It was his son Parakrama Bahu II (1236-1270), who finally rid the country of these foreign forces. Full Text

Canadian Defence Advisor in Jaffna

(November 08, Jaffna , Sri Lanka Guardain) Army Canadian Defence Advisor Colonel Richard Ryaer Burbidge recently visited Jaffna to get firsthand experience of the humanitarian activities being carried out by the Security Forces in Jaffna.

The visiting diplomat, after being received at the Security Forces Headquarters Jaffna (SFHQ-J), was briefed by the Jaffna Commander Major General G.A. Chandrasiri on the contribution of the Security Forces to maintain welfare for the civilians even after the closure of A-9 Main Supply Route. Full Text

Internally displaced person in Vanni are harassed, threatened and intimidated by Tamil Tigers – reports reveal

By Ruwan Weerakoon in Colombo

Colombo, 08 November, ( Civilians in the uncleared areas of Vanni are being prevented by Tamil Tiger cadres to cross into Visuwamadhu area, which has been already declared as a safe-haven by the Sri Lankan security forces.

Earlier, Sri Lankan security forces in an attempt to safeguard the people in the uncleared Vanni areas from being caught in the crossfire as well as artillery and aerial bombardments has requested civilians to move on to Visvamadu area, located in the Kilinochchi district. Even the Government agent’s office too has been shifted to Viswamadhu and internally displaced persons are being provided with temporary shelters and dry rations. Full Text

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Diplomatic Breakthrough for Sri Lanka: Opponent of Tiger Terrorism Elected to U.S. Congress from Nevada

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

Las Vegas, Nevada, 08 November ( While on the campaign trail for the Third U.S. Congressional District in the State of Nevada political science professor and incumbent opposition leader of the Nevada State Senate Dina Titus had a dialogue with a group of Sri Lankan expatriates of issues, challenges and crises faced by the South Asian nation Sri Lanka.

Dina Titus is a political scientist in the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, and no one could mislead or hoodwink her. She has a twenty-year experience as a state senator, well informed of political developments here and abroad, and teacher of political science for twenty years. Full Text

Viking LTTE agents back in action?

By Janaka Perera

Mystery surrounds the return on a tourist visa to Sri Lanka of former Norwegian Ambassador, head of Red Barna and LTTE sympathizer Jon Westborg. He was instrumental in getting powerful radio communication equipment for the LTTE under the so-called ceasefire agreement during Ranil Wickremesinghe's Premiership.

Equally suspicious is the visa extension granted of two members of the notorious Norwegian NGO People's Aid which was found to have given 38 vehicles to the LTTE.

According sources close to the Defence Ministry the visas of the two INGO members Philip Atkins and Bethani Eriksson expired on October 31. But a VIP of the Government had intervened on their behalf and got the Sri Lanka Embassy in Oslo to give them a visa extension. It is understood that neither the Defence Ministry nor the President had been aware of this move to extend the Norwegians' stay here. Full Text

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Exhibition highlighting LTTE atrocities in Paris

A photographic exhibition depicting atrocities committed by the LTTE was inaugurated at the UNESCO Delegation Hall in Paris on Tuesday (04) by retired General Alain Lamballe, a French expert on South Asian Affairs.

The inauguration of the two-day exhibition was patronized by a large number of Ambassadors, senior French Government officials, including from the Foreign and Interior Ministries, members of the France-Sri Lanka Friendship Group of the National Assembly, media and NGOs, a press release issued by the Foreign Ministry said.

It said: "Speaking on the occasion, General Lamballe said that democracy faces many challenges from terrorism, not only in Sri Lanka but in other parts of the world as well. He expressed the hope that the conflict in Sri Lanka will end soon and a lasting political settlement reached. Full Text

Four held for smuggling goods to Lanka

INDIA: Four Sri Lankan nationals, including a suspected LTTE activist, have been arrested when they attempted to smuggle materials, including tyres and batteries to Sri Lanka.

Anthony Jennifer, Megavannan, Kankarathinam, refugees in Salem refugee camp, and Bala, a resident of Jaffna were arrested, when they tried to smuggle 50 tyres, 50 tubes, diesel cans, batteries and acid to Sri Lanka in a motorised country boat last night, said an official of the ‘Q’ branch police in Tuticorin district. Full Text

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Special UN team to find out secret behind Lanka’s success

COLOMBO: A special team from the United Nations is scheduled to visit Sri Lanka next month to find out the secret behind the success of achieving three Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) seven years before the targeted year of 2015. The three MDGs are from the Health Ministry, a Healthcare and Nutrition Ministry spokesman said.

The spokesman said that the Healthcare and Nutrition Ministry has already achieved three MDGs set by the United Nations in 2000. The UN set seven Millennium Development Goals for Sri Lanka which have to be achieved by 2015.

Three of them came under the Healthcare and Nutrition Ministry and they have already been achieved. Full Text

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Lanka thanks Pakistan for supporting terror fight

Sri Lanka is grateful to Pakistan for supporting its fight against terrorism, Speaker W. J. M. Lokubandara told Deputy Speaker of Pakistan Eaisal Karim Kundi.

The Deputy Speaker called on Speaker Lokubandara recently on the sidelines of the 119th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly (IPU). He was accompanied by Nuzhat Sadiq, MNA, Yasmeen Rehman, MNA, Senator Muhammad Ghufran Khan and Pir Aftab Hussain Shah Jilani, MNA.

Deputy Speaker Kundi recalled the excellent relations Pakistan and Sri Lanka enjoy.

He apprised Speaker Lokubandara that the Pakistan People’s Party had paid a huge price for the restoration of democracy in the country as it lost its leader Benazir Bhutto to terrorism. Full Text

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Protest in Malaysia against SL conflict

Hundreds of Malaysian Indian Congress Tamils protested against Sri Lanka in front of the Sri Lankan embassy in Malaysia on Thursday against the conflict in Sri Lanka and urged the international community to stop attacks on Tamils in the North.

The rally was organized by the Malaysian Indian Congress Tamils (Youth Division) and was lead by the assistant coordinator of the Malaysian Indian Congress Tamils (Youth Division) S. Murukesan and Ramesh.

The participants at the rally signed a petition to be handed over to the Sri Lankan ambassador in Malaysia but the Sri Lankan official refused to take the petition from the protesters, the TNS website reported. Full Text

10,000 more troops

By Sunil Jayasiri

The military said yesterday it was planning to recruit 10,000 more youth for the army before the year-end following a series of successful recruitment drives throughout the year.

“Earlier we planned to recruit some 14,000 youth for the army between October and December this year but 3,300 were already recruited in October,” military spokesman Udaya Nanayakkara said.

He said after the recruitment of 10,000 more youth the target of recruiting 40,000 soldiers for the year would be completed.

Brigadier Nanayakkara said between January and September this year 26,000 soldiers joined the army in three batches. Full Text

Devananda’s journey from the valley of militancy to the haven of democracy

by Dr.Tellipallai.C.Rajaratnam

(November 07, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The naughty schoolboy transformed into one of the most dangerous Tamil militants of our times. The winds of change transformed the militant to a Politician and a Leader of a Political Party. Douglas Devananda stands as one of the most disciplined Politicians in Sri Lanka – those Tamils around him have a lot to learn from him of the intricacies of democracy, discipline, human dignity and good conscience.

Douglas Devananda hails from an aristocratic family. He has that touch of class. But like all other leaders, his attempt to strive hard to discipline others to respect fellow human beings and inculcate the norms of democracy and human dignity -whether he has succeeded in doing so or whether he will succeed only time can reveal. This may not always be successful as there is a Tamil proverb which the Jaffna Tamil man believes such as “Kulathalave aagumam kunam” (The general disposition of a person reflects his caste/breed). Full Text

Friday, November 7, 2008

Air assault at LTTE gathering point off Pooneryn- Kilinochchi

SLAF MI-24 helicopter gunships launched intense air assaults at an LTTE gathering point in the Palaitivu islet at the western coast, 12 Nm Southwest off Pooneryn, today (Nov 7) at around 9.45 p.m.

According to Air Force Spokesperson, the air assault was taken targeting an LTTE reinforcement gathering in the islet located in the troubled waters off Pooneryn. Latest reports received confirm heavy damages to LTTE, the Spokesperson further said.

More information will follow.

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Air War gradually moving to High Technology

“Failure to shoot down a LTTE aircraft despite timely detection by radar has amidst evidence that the TEAF has used a capability to neutralise the threat of a heat seeking missile attack. This would mess an overall of the SLAF’s strategy.”

by Arush from Wales for Sri Lanka Guardian

(November 07, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Air tiger air raids hit the Sri Lankan capital again, this time not for one target they took two different targets from long distance (250km). The raids were the ninth and tenth carried out by the TEAF, since they launched their first attack in August 2006. Each raid directed at military and economic targets had involved four aircrafts, the official in Wanni said. Full Text

Sri Lankan military drives closer to LTTE stronghold

By Sarath Kumara
7 November 2008

The Sri Lankan military on Wednesday announced the capture of Akkarayankulam in the northern province of Vanni after days of "heightened fighting" with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Akkarayankulam is the LTTE's main defensive position just nine kilometres south of Kilinochchi, the separatist group's administrative and military centre.

There are no independent reports of the fighting as journalists are barred from the frontlines. However, in an interview with the Indian magazine Nakkeeran, LTTE leader V. Prabhakaran acknowledged that government troops were in "close proximity to Kilinochchi town" but added that "capturing Kilinochchi is just a day dream of [President Mahinda] Rajapakse." Full Text

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2 Civil Security personnel, one Policeman killed by LTTE gunmen - Ampara

2 Civil security personnel and a Policeman who were providing security to paddy farmers at Kohilaela area, Tampitiya in the Ampara District were shot dead by LTTE gunmen today (Nov 7) at around 1.40p.m.

The terrorists hiding in distance have opened indiscriminate gun fire at the security personnel and fled the area, security sources said. One CSF guard also received injuries and was admitted to the Mahaoya Hospital, MCNS sources said.

Police Special Task Force (STF) troopers are now deployed in the area and on pursuit of the assailants, the sources further said. Full Text

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Army commander reviews progress of military operations in Wanni

Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka, With view to having an update of the security situation in the Wanni war front and reviewing the progress of the military operations directly conducted under him, flew to Vavuniya Friday (7) morning along with a few Senior Officers in Army Headquarters.

The Army Commander addressed senior ground commanders present at the Wanni Security Forces Headquarters auditorium after taking a stock of ongoing military operations briefed by Commander Security Forces Headquarters Wanni Major General Jagath Jayasuriya. Full Text

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Army commander reviews progress of military operations in Wanni

Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka, With view to having an update of the security situation in the Wanni war front and reviewing the progress of the military operations directly conducted under him, flew to Vavuniya Friday (7) morning along with a few Senior Officers in Army Headquarters.

The Army Commander addressed senior ground commanders present at the Wanni Security Forces Headquarters auditorium after taking a stock of ongoing military operations briefed by Commander Security Forces Headquarters Wanni Major General Jagath Jayasuriya. Full Text

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India to take stern action on aides of LTTE

Puducherry Government on Thursday said stringent action would be taken against those who supported banned outfits in the guise of showing solidarity with the Tamils in Sri Lanka, Indian media reported yesterday (06).

"The government would take stern action against supporters of such outfits," Press Trust of India reported, quoting Welfare Minister M Kandasamy who was flanked by Public Health and Local Administration Minister A Namassivayam.

No political parties or organisations could claim to be champions of Sri Lankan Tamils, they said. Mr. Namassivayam said that there was a calculated attempt on the part of some organisations to disturb the law order situation in the Union Territory.

Courtesy : Government Information Department

Intense fighting in northwest of Mankulam, LTTE suffers heavy beating

Troops of the newly formed military formation, Task Force 3, advancing from northwest of Mankulam towards A-9 main road dominating terror areas, confronted with LTTE terrorists causing heavy damage to the enemy yesterday, 06 November.

According to the sources, hours long fighting ensued in general area Panikkankulam leaving scores of terror cadres killed and many others injured. By intercepting terror communication, it is learnt that many terror cadres gone missing during the confrontation.

In a subsequent search operation conducted in the area, troops have found 7 bodies of LTTE cadres killed during the intense battle. One GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun), five T-56 riffles and one T-81 riffle were also found in the search operation.

Troops are continuing their march towards Mankulam with effective military thrust on LTTE.

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A new twist - INGO vacancy ads with LTTE obituaries

Major concerns have arisen among defence and humanitarian aid circles following a startling revelation made by the security forces now operating deep inside LTTE territory in Kilinochchi. The findings have given cause for reasonable suspicions of the sort of 'humanitarian' activities conducted by some famed INGOs for years in the non-liberated Wanni region.

According to available evidence, it appears that the local propaganda newspapers published by the LTTE carried advertisements from international aid and relief organizations such as the ICRC, Save the Children and the Danish Refugee Council for vacancies in their organizations, alongside LTTE obituaries for its terrorist cadres, in the Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts. Full Text

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Young Tamil parents with their toddlers flee from LTTE Terror in Mullaitivu

Sri Lanka Navy rescued 03 Tamil families with their toddlers and teenage children accompanied by a male adult in the Eastern seas off Pulmudai in the wee hours of yesterday, the 05th of November 2008.

The group, numbering 13 (8 males and 5 females), had been fleeing from the LTTE terror in Mullaitivu on board a fiber glass dinghy flying a white flag for protection, evading the hawkish eyes of the LTTE carders on the prowl, when they were encountered by the naval personnel who are exclusively deployed in the Northern seas as a part of the Navy's humanitarian mission to rescue the fleeing innocent Tamil civilians. Full Text

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Racist Prabha

by Thambiah Sabarutnam
(November 06, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The various political parties in Tamil Nadu India have scant understanding of the plight of the Tamil speaking Sri Lankans and do not comprehend Prabakaran's outfit has become a bigger problem for the Tamil speaking Sri Lankans, than the Sri Lankan governments ever were. Some of these Tamil Nadu political parties may be genuine in their ignorance or confusion, while others are either in Prabakaran' payroll or are using Prabakaran and the travails of the Tamil speaking Sri Lankans as a cats paw for other gains. Where their concerns were when Prabakaran deliberately, calculatingly, cunningly and quite cynically messed-up every opportunity, including the Indian intervention in 1987, to resolve the problems of the Tamil speaking Sri Lankans in a pragmatic manner and schemed to instigate war and heap more miseries on them. Full Text

Show the World What the Escapees from LTTE Have To Say

“Sooner the world realizes what the LTTE is doing with the IDPs, the better. It will help create a world opinion against the LTTE to release the civilians that they are trapping in the Wanni jungles to evade total annihilation at the hands of the State's security forces.”
by Nacholibre
(November 06, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The LTTE terrorism will die out the day they are denied the civilian human cover, which they are so shamelessly hiding behind, which is the truth behind their bloated prowess of military strength. The LTTE terrorists keep lying through their teeth that the civilian IDPs in the conflict areas are killed by the State, while the LTTE themselves are placing the civilians deliberately in the firing line for their own advantage. When the international community laments about the plight of those innocent Tamil civilians, they hardly ever come forward and demand the LTTE to release the entrapped people or threaten the LTTE of dire consequences if they do not heed to the urgent call. Full Text

Kilinochchi Battle will be Archetypal Military Disaster

"The LTTE's ability to comprehensively wreck the heartland of the Sri Lankan state is now well recognised. Destroying the enemy's military assets and their will to fight is the defining aim of all wars. "
by A.Wales
(November 06, Jaffna, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake assured the Sinhalese on August 18, "We are very close to Kilinochchi, which is not far from our sight." But heavy battles are continuing until now (58 days later), indicating that capturing Kilinochchi will not be an easy task. The battle is continuing from Vannerikkulam to Akkarayan, where positions held by the Army’s 58 and the 57 Divisions converged. Both Divisions are suffering heavy casualties. Troops are still 16 kilometres away from Kilinochchi. Full Text

LTTE-backers in TN brazen it out on net

by M Bhaskar Sai
(November 07, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) It seems that the arrests of MDMK leader Vaiko and film directors Seeman and Ameer have not deterred those openly supporting the LTTE in Tamilnadu.For, apart from a host of websites and blogs from ‘unknown’ sympathisers of the Tigers, celebrities too have occupied the cyberspace in support of the banned organisation. Full Text

The March to Pooneryn and beyond

"Through the exploited KARAMBAKULAM area troops of 582 and 583 forged ahead. While 581 lay siege on the NACHCHIKUDA jetty from the South and the East, 583 moved North ahead of the earth bund and cut the A32 from the North of the NACHCHIKUDA base. "

by Long Ranger
Up until November 1993 the POONERYN defence complex formed a complementary defence mechanism encompassing EPS and the Jaffna islets in safeguarding the peninsula from the Tamil Tigers. Since the fall of the POONERYN defence complex, it has been of immense strategical value to the Tamil Tigers providing it with a base to disrupt the naval/air bridge connecting the Jaffna peninsula with the South using its T59I 130mm howitzers and coastal littorals to launch its Sea Tiger assets and smuggling operations. Full Text

Obama and the conflict in Sri Lanka

By Palitha Senanayake

The Afro- Americans of the United States of America have elected one of their men to the highest position in their country.

The Africans or the ‘Blacks’ were brought to the United States as slaves in the 17th century in cargo ships under conditions very much similar to transporting cattle. Once the consignee in the States accepted the delivery of this ‘cargo of slaves’, the age of these slaves were determined by the number of teeth they had (like in horses).

Once the import documentation was complete the slaves were auctioned off the port itself to the highest bidder to use them as slaves for the rest of their lives. The slave was an item of property (devoid of any rights of it’s own) of the owner who alone will decide whether to own, sell or kill the slave. Abraham Lincoln had to fight a separatists war to release them from their bondage in 1861, and Martin Luther king had to sacrifice his life to restore their civic rights a century after. Full Text

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Troops focus on opening land route to Jaffna soon

If there was a slow progress in the Wanni battlefront during the past few weeks and months troops are now witnessing the speediest progress in the battle, especially in the Western edge of the Kilinochchi district taking Tiger territory at a lightning speed to reach one of the historic moments of connecting the main land and the Jaffna peninsula through a land route.
With the clearing of all the obstacles, especially after capturing the Tiger defence line from Nachchikuda on the Western coast to Akkarayankulam in the South West of Kilinochchi, the troops of the 58 Division which is heading towards the North from the Western coast, and the 57 Division which is heading towards the Northern direction from the South and West of A-9 road made a steady progress within the past seven days. Full Text

Suicide cadres in guise of beggars

LTTE suicide bombers in the guise of pregnant women, beggars, women carrying children, old men and women etc. have been deployed to carry explosions in the Colombo city, Police Intelligence warned the public.

Police arrested several women with children carrying explosives at Anuradhapura and Medawachchiya recently.

A leading LTTE intelligence operative in the guise of a beggar was also taken into custody at Kiribathgoda, Police said.

Police also suspect the possibility of bags, travelling bag belts, books, shoes etc being used to insert explosives to cause mayhem in the country.Daily News

Top LTTE spies arrested


Three top LTTE cadres deployed to spy on road blocks and security arrangements in military camps were arrested on Wednesday in Poronuwa, Kahawatta.

Police spokesman SSP Ranjith Gunasekera said OIC Kahawatta IP Prasanna Waidyanayaka raided a house and arrested three top LTTE cadres on Wednesday around 8.00 p.m. in Kahawatta. Following extensive interrogation, Rangaraj Kanagaraj, 22, Vishvanathan Yogapragasan, 23, and Vishwanathan Prabakaran, 21, disclosed information on their training and mission in Colombo.

SSP Gunasekera said Rangaraj and Yogapragasan had received training at various LTTE camps in the Wanni and the North. Both suspects had received training in Anda training camp in Kilinochchi, Irumbarai camp in Mullaitivu, Thirukkai hospital on first aid in Puthukudiruppu, Suganthan base (2) and Maniwannan camp in Muniyankattu. Full Text

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Navy to the rescue

The Navy rescued three Tamil families with their toddlers and teenage children accompanied by a male adult in the Eastern seas off Pulmudai in the wee hours of Wednesday.

The group numbering 13 which includes 8 males and 5 females, had been fleeing from LTTE captivity in Mullaitivu on board a fiber glass dinghy flying a white flag for protection, evading the hawkish eyes of the LTTE cadres on the prowl, when they were encountered by the naval personnel who are exclusively deployed in the Northern seas as a part of the Navy’s humanitarian mission to rescue the fleeing innocent Tamil civilians, the Navy said.

The first family consisted of a father aged 47 and his two teenage children -a son aged 13 and a daughter aged 18. The second family comprised of two young parents -a father and a mother, both aged 22- and their baby son who is just 02 years of age. They were also accompanying their teenage brother aged 15 who was living with them for protection. The third family, which also consisted of young parents, a father and a mother aged 29 and 23 respectively, have two young daughters, of whom one is just five years and the other is barely one and half years of age. Full Text


The Sri Lanka army after a 25-year protracted conflict is now preparing a ground connection from the mainland to Jaffna peninsula through the LTTE’s last coastal base in the northwestern coast Pooneryn. This will certainly be a major setback to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Army Commander Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka also claimed recently that his troops will open a land route to Jaffna in a shorter period as the troops are now operating some seven Kilometres from the Kilaly lagoon in the Jaffna peninsula.

According to ground sources the troops are operating in the Chempangundu area, which is the farthest point into the LTTE-held Western flank of the A-9 main road, north of Nachchikuda where Special Forces members and Task Force I members are operating despite heavy resistance from the fleeing LTTE cadres. Full Text

Military captures Akkarayankulam

The military yesterday announced the capture of the Akkarayankulam town, an LTTE stronghold in the west flank of A-9 following fierce fighting over past three consecutive days.

“Following a fierce battle troops finally captured the entire Akkarayankulam built-up territory which houses the Akkarayan Base Hospital with twelve wards, Akkarayan Maha Vidyalaya, Sub Post Office, Nurses’ Quarters, Maternity Home, Teachers’ Quarters, Bazaar buildings and basically everything by last morning,” the Army Headquarters said.

Accordingly, the three-day long confrontation inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy, most of who were said to be minors or teenagers, the Military said quoting ground troops. Full Text

Vaiko released from custody

Chennai: MDMK leaders Vaiko and M. Kannappan, detained for allegedly making seditious speeches late last month, were released from judicial custody by a court here Thursday.

"The charges against me were wrong and false. I only expressed moral support to the Tamil cause (in Sri Lanka) and did not say anything against India's unity and integrity. My stand has been more than vindicated," Vaiko said upon release.

Magistrate S. Ravi ordered that the two leaders be released unconditionally after an official told the court that police investigations had been completed in the matter. Full Text

Sri Lanka war comes to India

The Government of India cannot in any way allow itself to be seen to be rushing to the rescue of LTTE supremo Vellupalli Prabhakaran as Sri Lanka troops close in on his stronghold in Kilinochchi. The fulminations of MDMK chief Vaiko and his deputy to lead armed supporters into Sri Lanka has landed them in jail on sedition and anti-national activities charges.

External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee's categorical rejection of withdrawal of non-lethal military support to the Sri Lankan armed forces has set the record straight that India will do nothing to reduce the momentum (an important ingredient in warfare) of the Sri Lanka armed forces in their attacks on Prabhakaran bunkers in Kilinochchi. India has no love lost for the man and the organization that has brought so much grief on the people of Tamil origin by his suicide bombing tactics to try and carve out a separate homeland instead of seeking honourable accommodation within a unified political entity. Full Text

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US commends Sri Lanka's war against LTTE

New York, Nov 6 (IANS) A top US military official Wednesday commended the Sri Lankan military for its recent successes against the Tamil Tigers, whom Washington has designated as a terrorist group.

'We are hopeful that the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) would be a decreasingly important factor of much less reach than they are and have been in the past,' Admiral Timothy Keating, Commander of US Pacific Joint Command, told foreign correspondents in New York.

As head of the US Pacific Command, with its headquarters in Hawaii, Keating is responsible for the US military operation ranging from Australia and New Zealand to China, Taiwan and Japan to India and Sri Lanka. Full Text

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Fighting in Akkarayankulam, Nagarkovil

Sri Lanka Army (SLA)’s 57 division advanced further into Akkarayankulam area today in a multi pronged assault on LTTE positions. The captured region is located some 9kms south of Kilinochchi and housed many defensive structures constructed by the LTTE. This area was attacked by western, southern and eastern flanks by 57 division units as LTTE resistance retreated further north towards Kilinochchi. 58 division units operating Kovikaduvittal were also locked in firefights with the LTTE today, and have captured an armor plated tractor used by the tigers. Meanwhile soldiers from the 53 and 55 divisions deployed in the national front broke through LTTE defences yesterday (5th) and overran 8 bunkers located on their Nagarkovil front line. Confirming our previous report, two brigades of the Task Force 3 (soon to be officially raised as 63 division) have now been deployed to Wanni theater of battle supporting 53, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 61 and 62 divisions already deployed there. Full Text

Tigers change their 'Kilinochchi Command'

The 57 Division engaged in fierce gun battles with the LTTE yesterday at Iranamadu and Akkarayan, the southern edge of Kilinochchi town. Akkarayan junction was secured by troops on the same day after overrunning the LTTE's earth bund south of this small town. This junction and the surrounding areas were seen only by LRRP teams until yesterday.

Meanwhile LTTE has again changed it 'Kilinochchi Command' as small groups of Tigers have started abandoning the organization. In a hitherto unprecedented move, Prabhakaran appointed Charles Anthony Special Commander Lt. Col Velavan the 'GoC' for Kilinochchi. 'Colonels' Lawrence and Lakshman, who were in charge of saving Kilinochchi, are now functioning UNDER Velavan. Full Text

Rajapaksa unveils budget, asks LTTE to lay down arms

Colombo, Nov 6 (IANS) Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa Thursday unveiled next year's budget that proposes to hike defence spending by nearly seven percent, demanding that the Tamil Tigers surrender their weapons to avoid making the military do so.

This is the fourth budget to be presented by President Rajapaksa, who is also the minister of finance, after he was elected to office November 2005.

'Even at this decisive moment, I request the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) terrorists to lay down their weapons and enter the democratic process. If they do not do so, our troops will take steps to bring them to their knees,' Rajapaksa, also the minister of defence and commander-in-chief of the armed force, said while making the budget speech. Full Text

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Terrorism not an answer to problem -- expert on terrorism in South Asia

Renowned author and an expert on South Asian affairs, Brigadier General (Retired) Alain Lamballe participating as the chief guest of the anti-terrorism photo exhibition held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, said that it is natural for there to be tensions and even conflict in countries where different communities live, using violence and terrorism is not the answer or the way of resolving problems.

Lamballe, who has engaged in a study on terrorism in the region of South Asia while serving as the Security Counsellor in the French Embassy in India, commended the Sri Lankan government for its efforts to bring about lasting peace in the island. Full Text

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SLAF Helicopter Gunships attack terror resistance point - North of Nachchikuda

Air Force MI-24 helicopter gunships have launched air sorties targeting LTTE resistance point observed in north of Nachchikuda Forwar Defence Line (FDL) this evening, 06 November.

Targeted LTTE resistance point located 1.2Km north of security forces' defence line in Nachchikuda, Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara said.

Air sorties were launched around 6.10 pm in support of ground troops of Task Force 1 advancing along to the A-32 road towards Pooneryn, spokesperson added.

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SLAF jets raid LTTE command center - Kilinochchi

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets pounded on LTTE leaders' command center in Paranthan, Kilinochchi this afternoon, (06 November).

Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, speaking to said that targeted LTTE command center located in 1Km northeast of Paranthan junction and it was hit around 2.35 p.m.

The target was engaged accurately, spokesperson added.

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Counter terrorist operations continue in Mullaittivu

Pockets of LTTE concentrations were exposed to intense military assaults at Andankulama, at the Mullaittivu battlefront yesterday(Nov 5), as terrorists were forced to flee with heavy casualties, military sources said.

Security forces are operating in close perimeters of the LTTE's Mullaittivu forward defences further denying LTTE escape routes, following the outfit's humiliating debacles at the western and eastern Kilinochchi battlefronts.

The 59 Division troops are taking-in well fortified LTTE trench lines and bunker overheads as the surge in Mullaittivu continue, defence sources said. The march in Mullaittivu is phased tactically with the thick jungle terrain and the concentration of LTTE laid land mines and booby traps. This has resulted in minimum military casualties and optimum mobilization of the infantry and artillery battalions to the forefront, the sources further said.

Counter terrorist operations are continuing in the area.

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Patriotic daughter makes donation for war heroes

A patriotic daughter of mother Lanka has pledged to make a cash donation for the welfare of war heroes as she was obsessed with the efforts of the Tri-services, Police and Civil Security personnel to unite the island nation from the scourge of terrorism.

Thamara Nilanthi Katuwawela of Thunbowila Piliyandala said she was making this donation as she had a clear stand on the views and proposals made by Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa during the 'Thulawa programme', viewed by the Independent Television Network(ITN) recently.

"Acknowledging that the prime duty as a true patriotic is to serve mother Lanka at the time of need, I wish I could have joined the forces, but certain personnel obligations have denied me which I say to you with deep sorrow. Yet, I decided to pay my tribute to those who are at the front fighting for our tomorrow. This is the least I could do as a mark of gratitude for the valiant efforts of our heroes," she further stated in her letter.

In a missive to Mr. Rajapaksa, she said she considered this as a charity if the war heroes can secure some form of benefit from her donation. She said the cash was saved to send her parents to undertake a pilgrimage to India.

She was willing to hand over this donation to The Ministry of Defence Seva Vanitha Unit Chairperson Mrs. Ioma Rajapaksa.

The letter written by Ms. Nilanthi Katuwawela.

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Two Tamil political activists shot dead by LTTE gunmen - Batticaloa

Alleged LTTE gunmen shot dead two TMVP members including the head of the TMVP office of Eravur in Sithandy, Batticaloa, Wednesday(Nov 5) at 5a.m.

The TMVP members were gunned down near the Murugan Kovil in Sithandy, while returning home, Eravur Police said. The victims were identified as Padmanathan Balakrishnan alias Thangapandiyan 29 Head of the TMVP office in Eravur and Sinnapulle Yogaraja 22.

The Eravur police is conducting further investigations.

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Military recovers warlike items during search operations

Troops forced into an LTTE bunker position located in general area Kilaly, Jaffna on Tuesday(Nov 4) reportedly causing serious damages to LTTE at the FDLs. Meanwhile, Army snipers deployed in the area have also taken several successful LTTE targets, military sources said.

An LTTE bunker line was also overrun by troops ahead of the Nagarkovil defences, Jaffna security sources said.

Meanwhile, 59 Division troops operating North of Andankulama, in the Mullaittivu battlefront has defused 53 anti-personnel(AP) mines and recovered few ammunition rounds and clothes during a separate search operation conducted in the same area. Sporadic clashes were also reported between troops and LTTE at the battlefront, as troops confirmed inflicting damages to LTTE. Full Text

Thursday, November 6, 2008

LTTE aircraft appears on radar again

By Sunil Jayasiri

The military was on high alert for several hours in Vavuniya and its suburbs last morning after a suspected LTTE aircraft appeared in the radars in Vavuniya.

A top defence official said that around 3.30 am yesterday, radars in Vavuniya detected an object, which was later identified as an LTTE aircraft proceeding from LTTE controlled Iranamadu proximately two kilometres into cleared areas in Vavuniya.

Military establishments in the area up to Mannar, Anuradhapura and Welioya were immediately alerted to face any emergency. Full Text

TV reporter arrested

A reporter of a private TV channel suspected for his involvement in LTTE activities was arrested by the Sri Lanka Navy at Kalpitiya and handed over to police for further inquiries.

The suspect was in possession of two outdated press identity cards issued by the Government Information Department, several cellular telephones, SIM cards, 15 bill books, five national identity cards, five passports, and forged rubber seals of senior Government officials.

He was detained on court orders for further inquiries. Daily Mirror

That O’ Blake Statement

The JVP has been very critical of the statement on the national question in Sri Lanka made by the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Robert O Blake at Madras University in Chennai on October 24. Issuing a communique‚ regarding O Blake’s statement, the politbureau of the JVP states that he has interfered in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka by his statement.

The announcement states:

“We vehemently oppose this act of interfering in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka. He had further said that the strategic relationship reached between the USA and India could be used for the benefit of Sri Lanka. We see this as an outrageous statement made against not only Sri Lanka but against all other countries in the region. As the strategic understanding and relationship reached between the USA and India is intended to spread the US-Indian domination in the Asian region, all countries including Sri Lanka should vehemently oppose such statements and unite to prevent such a manoeuvre in the region. The JVP emphasises that the USA, India or any other country has no right to pressurise the government of Sri Lanka regarding the solution for the national question in the country. Full Text

Glimpses of LTTE atrocities shock the French and UNESCO envoys

Paris, 06 November, ( Photographic depiction of inhuman acts of terrorism committed by the Tamil Tigers has shocked the French public and officials and UNESCO ambassadors who visited the exhibition of photographs titled ‘Sri Lanka: Democracy and Challenges’ opened at the most prestigious Paris venue of Sall du Delegates at UNESCO on November 4.

French military analyst General Allain Lomballe who opened the exhibition said that terrorism is the most serious challenge faced by many countries and even the most powerful nations are faced with difficulties in eradication of this global menace. He said that the democratic world should be united in the fight against terrorism. Full Text

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Glycerine tears for Tigers on the run

'Successive Governments in Sri Lanka have also been traumatised by the politics of the ethnic conflict and a string of high-level assassinations has occurred at the hands of the LTTE. The spread by the LTTE of its separatist ideology and the Tigers’ military expertise has proved a daunting challenge for the region and worldwide'.

by Gen. Ashok K Mehta

(November 05, New Delhi, Sri Lanka Guardian) Despite Twenty-two years after India’s military intervention in Sri Lanka, both countries were recently caught in a row over the ongoing war in the north of the island. This time though, it had ostensibly less to do with India’s strategic concerns and imminent defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam than with the safety and security of ordinary Tamils trapped in the war and prompted by the Government’s coalition partners. All 39 MPs from Tamil Nadu had threatened to resign unless the Government was able to stop the war by October 29. Full Text

The failures of successive peace processes with the LTTE - An historical overview

The Government is repeatedly told that this country will never achieve peace without talking to the LTTE. Yet the record shows that the LTTE is not interested. Its habit of pretending to engage in negotiations in order to destroy moderate Tamil forces and build up its own weaponry cannot be permitted to happen again. Talks with the LTTE are not going to bring peace while that organisation believes that it can achieve its demands through the use of violence and terror. It is to remind people of this that the Peace Secretariat has prepared the following summary.
The Thimpu talks
The Phase 1 of the Thimpu Talks
Tamil Delegation on Left and Sri Lanka Delegation on Right
Discussions with the LTTE began with what are termed the Thimpu talks in 1985. The LTTE and other militant groups attended along with the TULF - the main Tamil political party, elected to Parliament in 1977 but no longer there having vacated their seats after the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution was passed in 1983. In any case, following the anti-Tamil riots of 1983, influence amongst Tamils had passed from the TULF to militant groups, which all attended at Thimpu. Full Text

171 military personnel killed in Sep.

COLOMBO: The government reversed a well-established practice of disclosing monthly casualty figures to the legislature through either the defence minister or Prime Minister Tuesday and had its last speaker, Power and Energy Minister John Seneviratne table the figures in his prepared speech. Seneviratne’s tabled speech stated that some 171 military personnel had been killed last month while 1122 had been injured.

It was also disclosed that 38 civilians were killed and 62 injured.
Minister Seneviratne who made the winding up speech during the extension of the emergency debate revealed the figures, tabling the part containing the figures due to lack of time.
It was the first time in history the war casualties were not mentioned in the Prime Minister’s speech at the Emergency Extension debate. Full Text

Croydon MP accused of "falling into the clutches of terrorists"

Croydon Central MP Andrew Pelling is consulting a lawyer after bizarrely being accused of "falling into the clutches of terrorists" - by the Sri Lankan government.

The attack has come because he attended an exhibition last year on civil unrest in the country.

Now Prof Rajiva Wijesinha, Sri Lanka's secretary general of the Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process, has claimed Mr Pelling's attendance suggested he was sympathetic to the LTTE rebel Tamil group.

He took aim at Mr Pelling on the website of the Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka to the United Nations Office at Geneva last week.

Prof Wijesinha wrote: "How had Andrew Pelling, I wondered, fallen into terrorist clutches?

"The answer perhaps has something to do with his own moral failings, as exemplified in a recent article in the London Evening Standard. Full Text

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