Thursday, October 30, 2008

Australian Senate condemns Anuradhapura suicide bomb attack

The Upper House of the Australian Parliament, the Senate has passed a Resolution condemning the LTTE suicide bomb attack in Anuradhapura on 06th October, in which 28 people were killed, including the former Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Australia, retired Major General Janaka Perera and his wife.

The President of the Senate, Senator John Hogg has in a letter dated 20th October, transmitted the text of the Resolution to the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Australia, Senaka Walgampaya PC, which inter alia states as follows: Full text

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SLAF raids LTTE suicide training base ; Heavy damages confirmed- Mullaittivu

SLAF fighter jets made precision air raids at an LTTE female suicide squad training facility, located at Vallipuram, 6km Northwest of Puthukkudiyirippu in Mullaittivu, Thursday (Oct 30)at around 10a.m.

The air strikes were made following reliable information received on intense terrorist activity at the location, Air Force sources said. Armored vehicles mounted with anti-air craft guns were observed rushing into the target site following the attack, the sources said citing aerial reconnaissance reports.

This was a most frequented site of the LTTE's intelligence wing Chief, Pottu Amman the sources said adding that, he was also in-charge of the training facility. According to intelligence reports, the terrorists were conducting a discreet 'dry practice' session involving a large number of female terrorists.

Earlier, on 27th September, a similar air strike was made at the LTTE's main LTTE female suicide training base at Rathnapuram in Kilinochchi.

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Army responds to distorted 'oxygen report'

Security Forces Headquarters in Wanni on Thursday (30) flatly denied fabricated reports and allegations on an alleged blockade of the passage of oxygen cylinders into hospitals in un-cleared areas by the Army after such life-saving gas stocks reached the Omanthai Entry/Exit point.

Those pro-LTTE mouthpieces as usual have meticulously, but shamelessly wanted to interpret one single isolated detection that took place on 23rd October 2008 at Omanthai to their own advantage, blowing it out of proportions.

As is the practice, a huge consignment of medical supplies duly approved by medical authorities and Commissioner of Essential Services in more than three lorries with an approved amount of oxygen cylinders reached the Omanthai Entry/Exit point for routine checking procedures, but the troops found the approved list of medical items, accompanying the lorries has been tampered and added with 24 more oxygen cylinders, using a pen. Full Text

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LTTE call for 'stand-still' in Vavuniya fails

A 'hartal' called by the LTTE and its pro-LTTE elements to disrupt normalcy in the Vavuniya town today (Oct 30) proved fail since shops, banks, schools and public transportation remained functioning smoothly, reported our Vavuniya special correspondent.

Alleged operatives of a pro-LTTE political front had distributed leaflets urging Tamil traders to cease business functions while many others were said, notified discreetly to keep away from daily activities to cause a stand still in Vavuniya. The 'hartal' resulted in an utter failure as many sections discarded the pro-LTTE attempt continuing their day-to-day activities as usual.

"We have enough food stocks and even we witness tons of food and essential items sent to the affected in the non-liberated area. I don't think a real reason for a 'hartal' except a gimmick by the pro-LTTE politicos", a trader was quoted as saying with our correspondent.

"A hartal for the release of the thousands stranded by LTTE would be more realistic", he was further cited saying.

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Sky Tigers Planned To Attack President's House

(October 29, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) It is now confirmed that two low flying Zlin 143 light aircrafts that bombed Thaladi camp last night had been proceeding towards the President's House at Fort when they were diverted by heavy Anti-Aircraft gunfire.

The two planes, one of which had emptied its cargo in Mannar, had flown closer to the Colombo harbour and attempted to enter the air space directly above Pettah. Their direction, informed sources claimed, was towards the President's House. Full Text

Section of the LTTE front media claim 60 army deaths in Akkarayakulam

(October 29, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) According to latest news published in some of the LTTE front Tamil and English websites the Sri Lankan army has suffered 60 odd casualties when they faced an unexpected rear guard attack. The news said: ‘The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the Sri Lankan security forces (SF) clashed when SF troopers tried to advance into the LTTE held area in the Akararayan - Mrukandi Raod area using heavy artillery, mortars, heavy weapons, tanks, helicopters, and close air supports from Tuesday morning 6:00 a.m till evening 6:00 p.m At least 60 SF troopers were killed over 100 SF troopers injured, according to the sources in Vanni’ . The news also claimed: ‘According to the Vanni sources, many dead bodies of the SF troopers killed in the battle still scattered in the area.’ Full Text

Right to Reclaim – Part Three

Link to Part Two

History of the terrorism in Sri Lanka

by. PBS. Hemachandra

(October 30, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka’s population is about 74% Sinhalese, about 12% Tamils (known as Ceylon or Sri Lankan Tamils), 6 % Tamils of Indian origin who were given citizenship after independence and the balance 8% consists of Muslims, Malays and descendants of Europeans. Most of the Tamils of Indian origin brought to Sri Lanka by our British masters to work in tea plantations do not live in the North and East of Sri Lanka which Tamils claim as their traditional homeland without any historical evidence. None of the Tamil leaders cared about the Tamils of Indian origin when they promoted Tamil Nationalist Movements. Full Text

LTTE Air Wing Strikes Again

by B. Raman

(October 29, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) The air wing of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) carried out two attacks within an interval of about 90 minutes on a military target in the North and an economic target in Colombo on the night of October 28,2008. This is the seventh operation by the LTTE's air wing since it went into action in March last year.

Tamilnet, the pro-LTTE web site in the English language, which has again been giving battle front news after being silent on this subject for some days last week, reported as follows on the LTTE air attacks of October 28: " The LTTE carried out an air attack on the Thallaadi military base, the main artillery and Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) launchpad of the Sri Lanka Army in Mannaar around 10:30 p.m., dropping three bombs on the base. The Tiger aircrafts then proceeded to Colombo and dropped two bombs on the Kelanitissa power station, while Sri Lankan Air Force (SLAF) bombers were searching for LTTE aircrafts in the skies over Kilinochchi between 11:00 and 11:30 p.m. Full Text

There is a Military Solution to Terrorism: The Sri Lankan Example

By Sanjeewa Karunaratne

While the U.S. and NATO forces are struggling against Taliban in Afghanistan, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), the world’s deadliest terrorist organization fighting for a separate state in Sri Lanka, is on its knees. Inventors of the modern suicide jacket, the LTTE, mastered the use of female suicide bombers and carried out more suicide attacks than any other terrorist organization in the world. A terror outfit responsible for assassinating two world leaders and the largest number of politicians is losing its war. An organization that effectively controlled about half of the country is confined to mere twenty square miles and shrinking. How it was possible for the Sri Lankan military to beat the number one terror organization in the world?

It started with a proactive, aggressive foreign policy. Sri Lankan government employed a remarkably successful foreign relations mission through its foreign minister, Mr. Laxshman Kadirgamar, to expose the LTTE and to improve the image of the Sri Lankan government. Thanks to his relentless efforts, until his death in 2005, LTTE was proscribed in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and E.U. and its fund-raising mechanism suffered a major blow. Full Text

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Probe on journalist on Norway's payroll

BY Janaka Perera

Colombo, 30 October, ( Investigations are underway to find out how a Sinhala journalist on the payroll of the Norwegian Agency NORAD got himself invited to cover the London and Hague photo exhibitions depicting LTTE atrocities. According to sources in contact with the Defence Ministry it has been revealed that this 'peacenik' has been instructed to make a note of members of PLOTE, EPDP and other anti-Tiger Tamil groups, attending the two exhibitions.

The journalist in question is a senior staffer of a leading privately-owned newspaper company. He was exposed a couple of years ago when the anti-LTTE World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka (WAPS) disclosed the names of those in the South who were getting paid by Norway to serve the Tiger agenda on the pretext of promoting peace. Full Text

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What’s up Blake’s sleeve?

US Ambassador Robert Blake went to Chennai while some pro-LTTE politicians were running riot demanding India’s intervention in Sri Lanka and said it was wrong to first finish the war and then talk peace. This has been his position right throughout, but this time around it is the timing that is of greater significance.

His attempt to fuel the flames in Tamil Nadu failed. The implication of his statement was that it was in order for India to go ahead and save Prabhakaran.

Fortunately for Sri Lanka the Central Government of India read the situation correctly and understood the need to wipe out terrorism in the greater interest of both countries. Full Text

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Interceptors’ missile ‘lock on’ failure jolts SLAF Kelanitissa loses capacity to generate 275 mega watts

by Shamindra Ferdinando

Tuesday’s failure to shoot down a single LTTE aircraft despite timely detection by radar has jolted the SLAF into investigating its limitations amidst evidence that the enemy has acquired a capability to neutralise the threat of a heat seeking missile attack.

An authoritative source said that Chinese F7s launched from Katunayake air base had failed to zero-in-on the enemy aircraft. "Their (F7s) missile systems failed to ‘lock on with the enemy aircraft," the source said. This would necessitate an overall review of the SLAF’s strategy, the source said. The military asserted that the LTTE could try to exploit the situation.

The initial detection had been made north-east of Mannar at 10.18 p.m. by 2D radar installed by the Government of India at the SLAF base at Vavuniya. Full Text

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Troops capture Tigers’ top defence lines

Jeyapuram, Akkrayankulam tank bund, 12 km defences fall to Army:

Nachchikuda: The 58 Division troops operating in the western edge of the Kilinochchi district yesterday kept the momentum of their speedy advance into Tiger held territory completely capturing the Jeyapuram village the last village in the Western part of Kilinochchi district and the 12 km long LTTE defence line south of Nachchikuda.

Troops of the 57 Division also made a major breakthrough yesterday capturing a 1.5 Km long heavily fortified Akkrayankulam tank bund further clearing their path towards Akkarayan village and Kilinochchi, Military sources said. Full Text

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Air capability should be expanded: Fmr. Navy chief

Commenting on the LTTE air attack on Tuesday night former Navy Commander Vice Admiral Cecil Tissera said that the country had to establish separate air wings for the Navy and Army and not solely depend on the Air Force. Full Text

Mystery over Tiger air raid

Air Force says LTTE plane was tracked from Mannar to Colombo

By Jamila Najmuddin and Senaka de Silva

Theories and more theories emerged yesterday as to how the LTTE aircraft which bombed Mannar and then the Kelanitissa power plant, managed to evade being shot down by the Air Force despite flying such a distance.

However the Air Force, while admitting the Tiger aircraft had managed to escape, ruled out at least one assumption that the Tiger aircraft involved in the raid in Mannar went undetected until it reached Colombo to take out its target.

Defence sources said that two aircraft had taken off from Iranamadu and headed towards Mannar and Colombo. The Army’s 57th Division which operates along the front lines had detected the two aircraft on its radars and informed Colombo. Full Text

President invites Karunanidhi to visit Lanka

In an interview with ‘The Hindu’ newspaper President Mahinda Rajapaksa has invited Tamilnadu Chief Minister M. Karunandhi to visit Sri Lanka. “I have respect for Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi — one of India’s senior-most politicians — and appreciate his thoughts and proposals for a just political solution of the current conflict within the framework of an undivided Sri Lanka. In this connection, I would like to convey through the Government of India my wish to invite Chief Minister Karunanidhi to visit Sri Lanka,” President Rajapaksa said. Daily mirror

SRI LANKA: Tamil Rebels Defy Siege With Aerial Bombings

COLOMBO, Oct 29 (IPS) - Aerial bombings carried out on the capital and a northern military base, late Tuesday night, have signalled that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) remains a fighting force -- despite being besieged in its headquarters of Kilinochchi by the Sri Lankan army.

The raids, carried out using light aircraft, resulted in what officials described as ‘minor damage’ to the Kelani-Tissa power plant and came shortly after a similar attack on a military camp in Mannar.

It was in March 2007 that the rebels first revealed the existence of an ‘air wing’ to its fighting force by carrying out a bombing raid on an oil storage site and a gas plant near Colombo. Full Text

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jaya gets threat letter for opposing LTTE

Chennai: Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and AIADMK General secretary J Jayalalithaa, who had been steadfast in opposing the outlawed Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), on Wednesday received a letter from a Canada-based Tamils organisation threatening to eliminate her if she did not stop critising the LTTE and "poking her nose" into the Lankan Tamils issue.

V Tamizhmaindan, claiming to be the Asian Project Officer at the Bangkok Branch of the Canada-based "Ulaga Tamizh Ina Padugappu Kazhagam" (World Tamils' Protection Association), in a four-page handwritten letter, warned the AIADMK leader that she would be eliminated in a bomb blast, similar to the fate suffered by Former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, if she did not mind her business. Full Text

NGOs & media bark but Army caravan rolls on

(By : H.L.D.Mahindapala)

(October 25, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) The crocodile tears shed by Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu (Paki), the head of the Centre for Policy Alternative, on the suffering of the Tamils trapped in the Vanni (Insight - Morning Leader, October 21, 2008) bring tears of laughter to my eyes. Though the suffering of the Tamils should be the concern of everyone Paki makes a mockery of this issue because he (Surprise! Surprise!) is blaming the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) which is stretching every nerve to supply the essentials and not the main obstacle that is blocking the supplies to the Tamils of Vanni - i.e., Prabhakaran who first fired on the lorries transporting food and forced them to turn back and later attacked the ships ferrying food and other essentials to the north.

Not surprisingly, Paki has no tears for the Tamils civilians held as a human shield to protect Prabhakaran, whom he defends from time to time obliquely. He is very forthright in blaming the GOSL for waging a war to dismantle the fascist fortress in the Vanni run by "the latest Pol Pot of Asia" ( New York Times) but not Pol Pot who is violating every known principle of international humanitarian law, causing the greatest misery to the Tamil people. Full Text

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TAF bombing update

It is now confirmed that two low flying Zlin 143 light aircrafts that bombed Thaladi camp last night had been proceeding towards the President's House at Fort when they were diverted by heavy Anti-Aircraft gunfire.

The two planes, one of which had emptied its cargo in Mannar, had flown closer to the Colombo harbour and attempted to enter the air space directly above Pettah. Their direction, informed sources claimed, was towards the President's House. Full Text

Nachchikuda falls to troops - Kilinochchi

Adding another huge setback for the LTTE terrorists in Wanni battlefront, troops of Task Force 1 captured Nachchikuda, the LTTE's major strong point in northwestern costal border in the Island, this evening, 29 October, the latest defence report received from the forefront said.

Troops of the Task Force -1, launched a multi-pronged offensive and marched towards Nachchikuda from three directions destroying and capturing vital terror positions in the area. The troops of three military battle formations, the one which cut-off Mannar- Poonaryn (A-32) road from the south Pallawarayankaddu area moved from north to south along the A-32 main road, the other marched northwards from immediate south of Nachchikuda, and the third formation in northeastern flank advanced towards Nachchikuda capturing Jeyapuram, gained total control over Nachchikuda this evening.

According to the defence sources, intense fighting between security forces and terrorists reported in this area from 17 October and LTTE suffered heavy casualties during these gun battles.

The LTTE terrorists who unable to secure their stronghold have withdrawn from the area as the security forces intensified their military thrust into terror dominated Nachchikuda.

Further consolidating operations are now in progress.

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Troops dominate Akkarayankulam tank bund - Kilinochchi

The Wanni liberation operation has reached to a significant milestone as the troops of 57 Division has totally dominated the Akkarayankulam Tank bund, the terrorists' last major defence in the South of Kilinochchi built up, this afternoon, 29 October.

Intense fighting between troops and LTTE terrorists reported in this area for last two weeks following the troops cleared the LTTE built earth bund from both east and the west of Akkarayankulam tank on 18 October.

According to the available sources, a major stretch along the Akkarayan - Therumurikandi road located 500m ahead of the tank bund was also dominated by the troops. Full Text

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Man-eaters turn tail in Sri Lanka

"The LTTE's links with Pakistan's ISI are well known. It has had links with gun-runners and drug-peddlers, whose back-connections are not difficult to trace. And now, Pakistan's patron, America, according to Mr Robert Blake, its envoy to Colombo, wants a political solution without the military defeat of the LTTE."

by Sandhya Jain

(October 29, New Delhi, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka, which gave the 20th century its first elected woman Prime Minister, may now be taking the lead in asserting the primacy of the civilisational ethos of its native majority. It is a lesson of special significance for India, whose Hindu majority has been struggling for legitimacy in the public domain since the tragic betrayal at independence. Full Text

Illegal exports of weapons on the rise

(October 29, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Illegal exports of weapons, military equipment and national security-related technology to potentially adversarial nations are on the rise, the US Justice Department reported.

Of 145 people charged with shipments last year, nearly half involved -- or 43 per cent -- were exporting goods to Iran and China.

Federal prosecutors indicted three more men on Tuesday for allegedly conspiring to export material used in space and weapons technology to an academy that builds satellites for the Chinese government. Full Text

"Govt. still searching for the enemy planes"

(October 29, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Dayasiri Jayasekera , UNP Parliamentarian addressing the media today (29 Oct) , asked , what is the security the people and the country expect from a Govt. which cannot stop the continued air raids of the LTTE ,although the Defence Secretary immediately after each LTTE air attack gives a loud solemn assurance to the people that he will ensure it does not occur again.

Yesterday night, ( 28th Oct) too, LTTE launched another bombing raid on Mannar military camp and Colombo Kelanitissa power station . According to Govt. sources one soldier died in Mannar and Kelanitissa cooling system was damaged. Full Text

"International community should be alert about LTTE barbarism" – SL Ambassador to the Hague

An exhibition depicting all manner of atrocities perpetrated by the LTTE was ceremonially opened in the Hague by Bastearn Korner, a former Netherlands Ambassador in Sri Lanka, Prof. Lodewyk Wagenaar, Director, Amstredam Museum, Harry Van Dijk, Head of the Asian Division, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nimal Van Dort, President, Nona Foundation and Mrs. Grace Asirwathan Sri Lanka Ambassador in the Netherlands.

Speaking at the occasion which was attended by a number of delegates, Sri Lanka Ambassador Grace Asirvathan stressed that LTTE terrorists should decommission weapons forthwith and put an end to blood-letting in the country.

"The Sri Lanka Government is doing its best to cater to the needs of the Tamil speaking people in the country," she said, adding that the international community should focus their attention on the crimes committed by the LTTE terrorists.

The first leg of this exhibition was held in London, England and the next will be in Paris on 30 and 31.

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Boardroom Call-Sri Lanka business chambers urge unity among politicians

Oct 29, 2008 (LBO) - Sri Lanka's top business chambers have called for political unity to back government efforts to devolve power to minority Tamils and defeat Tiger rebels.

The call came in a statement which also urged the government to do more to help civilians displaced by fighting between government forces and Tamil Tigers.

The statement was issued Wednesday by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka and Ceylon National Chamber of Industries which represent the island's formal business sector.

They said the government should present its own proposals to solve the ethnic problem, saying any more delay in talks among political parties could create doubts about government intentions. Full Text

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Sri Lankan rebel air raids show war not over

By C. Bryson Hull

COLOMBO (Reuters) - Dual Tamil Tiger air raids on Sri Lanka's capital and a northern military base show the guerrillas are not out of the fight despite the government's confidence it is close to ending the 25-year-old civil war.

Analysts said the raids by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam's (LTTE) ramshackle air wing followed a familiar pattern of giving the rebels a morale boost when they appeared under pressure in the northern war zone.

The military has been steadily advancing into Tiger-held territory in northern Sri Lanka with the aim of ending one of Asia's oldest insurgencies. The military on Wednesday said troops had captured the Jayapuram area after heavy clashes. Full Text

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Troops capture Jeyapuram

Troops of Task Force 01 have successfully gained total control over another LTTE stronghold, Jeyapuram, located northeast of Nachchikuda in Kilinochchi district this morning, 29 October, following days long fighting, the latest report received from the battlefront said.

LTTE terrorists have strengthened their defences in Jeyapuram built-up area and given stiff resistance on advancing troops towards Nachchikuda. As the security forces launched a multi-pronged offensive to encircling the LTTE's western coastal bastion, Nachchikuda, LTTE terrorists unable to the secure their main resistance point, Jeyapuram, located East of the Mannar - Pooneryn man road (A 32) road and 6Km northeast of Nachchikuda.

Troops now engaged in further consolidation operation in the area.

1 Death reported on last nights air raid

1 person has died upon admission after yesterday's LTTE attack on Kelanitissa. Cause of death not yet established as body has no external injuries according to hospital sources. Ada Derana

Rajiv Gandhi’s murder : Did Prabhakaran commit a historical blunder ?

It is widely known that this is not the first occasion Basil Rajapaksa visited India to appease India .He visited India during the Marvilaru operations too, when he promised to commence peace talks , notwithstanding the devolution of powers to be granted beyond the 13th Amendment through the APRC. Nevertheless, none of these undertakings was honoured.

After liberating the Eastern Province , he gave a solemn assurance to India that the 13th Amendment ‘and beyond’ solution will be found via the APRC. None of those promises also materialized. In his last tour he had again given the same promises . But, there is a profound difference in the purpose and perspectives in his previous and latest tours. For the fulfillment of these promises , the Tamil nadu Govt. is holding the Central Govt. to ransom. In other words , the environment has been created for Prabhakaran to continue his manipulations in Tamil Nadu. It is a pertinent question , how Prabhakaran is again gaining dominance after Rajiv Gandhi’s killing ? Full Text

Right to Reclaim – Part Two

Right of the Sri Lanka government to reclaim its historical sovereignty over North of Sri Lanka

"In spite of all this evidence, Tamils say that Sinhalese people are encroaching Tamil areas. But the truth is that Tamils have completely taken over Sinhalese Traditional Homeland."

Link to Part One

by. PBS. Hemachandra


(October 29, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Historical evidence found in forms of ruins, inscriptions, pyramids, tanks and irrigation systems, man made canals, fortresses, epigraphs etc provide ample evidence to the claims of all communities sharing Sri Lanka with majority Singhalese as a common homeland. This evidence is available mainly in Anurdhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Kantalai, Nagadeepa, Mannar, Tiriyaya, Polmodai, Trincomalee, Batticaloa, Mulaitivu and many other places in and around Jaffna. There are many ancient inscriptions found in Jaffna such as Vallipuram gold plate inscription found in Point Pedro in Jaffna or Sinhalese inscriptions found at Kandarodai, the ancient Kadurugoda Vihara, a Buddhist Temple in Uduvil or the inscription found at Tunukai in the D.R.O.’s division of Punakari or the Tiriyaya Sanskrit inscription of Aggabodhi VI or the Tiruketisvaram Pillar inscription of Sena II or the Mannar Kacceri pillar inscription of Kassapa IV or the slab inscription at Kurundanmalai near Mulaitivu or the Palmottai slab inscription of Vijayabahu or the Kantalai stone seat inscription of Nissankamalla will prove that there were Sinhalese people living in the north and east long before Tamils encroached and started living there. Full Text
Right to reclaim - Part 1

EU wants to examine GSP+ related issues and its is not for investigation, says EU Parliamentarian

Niranjan Deva Adithya Member of the European Union (MEP): The word “Investigate” is an unfortunate expression. The purpose of the investigation is to write a report by the Commission to the Council and to the European Parliament, saying we have looked at all relevant matters regarding the prevailing conditions in Sri Lanka such as labour rights, human rights, working conditions and all that and now we have written the reports which says that Sri Lanka meets all the standards we expect.

London, 29 October, ( Niranjan Deva Adithya Member of the European Union (MEP) says what the EU wants in essence is to examine the GSP+ related issues before granting an extension of the concessions beyond 2009 and it is not a police-style investigation or a probe. The word ‘investigation’ was used in accordance with the law connected with the GSP+ regulations and to change the word it might take another three long years.

Mr Deva Adithya, in an exclusive interview with Asian Tribune Editor K.T.Rajasingham pointed out that the original law connected with GSP + concession to Sri Lanka was formulated in the French language. He also said that Investigation is the English translation of the French word from the original French word and the translation had not reflected the real meaning. Full Text

‘LTTE must be annihilated for northern Tamils to live in peace’

Recently several people, who support Prabhakaran’s LTTE, said in public speeches in Tamil Nadu that Sri Lanka is a racist country and only a Sinhala- Buddhist can become the President of the country. This is not true. Sri Lanka so far has not produced a President from among the minorities. Soon the day will come when Sri Lanka will have a President from among the minorities. Racist policies are on the wane as in today’s USA with Barak Obama making his presence felt.

India has risen over insular politics having appointed Muslims as presidents. Today’s Prime Minister is minority Sikh.

Remember Kumar Ponnampalam made a bid for the presidency. There was no violence over the issue.

Jaffna Mayor Alfred Duraiyappa - a great Tamil politician and the best Mayor and Member of Parliament Jaffna ever had, was assassinated by Prabhakaran himself to set off the Eelam conflick. Unfortunately, the LTTE soon turned from freedom fighters to Hitlerite fascist terrorist. Full Text

Netherlands gets a glimpse of LTTE barbarism

The second leg of the anti terrorist photographic exhibition aimed to display the acts of barbarism committed by LTTE terrorists to the outside world began at the Sri Lanka Embassy in the Hague Netherlands on Monday.

The chief guests at the opening ceremony were Bastearn Korner, a former Netherlands Ambassador in Sri Lanka, Prof. Lodewyk Wagenaar, Director, Amstredam Museum, Harry Van Dijk, Head of the Asian Division, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nimal Van Dort, President, Nona Foundation and Mrs. Grace Asirwathan Sri Lanka Ambassador in the Netherlands.

Sri Lanka Ambassador Grace Asirvathan addressing the gathering said the time had come for LTTE terrorists to lay down arms and join the path to peace. The Sri Lanka Government was doing its best to cater to the needs of the Tamil speaking people in the country she said and adding that the international community should focus their attention towards the crimes committed by the LTTE terrorists.The exhibition continued yesterday. Full Text

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Troops sever Tiger links to Nachchikuda

Nachchikuda: Troops attached to 58 Division in the north of Nachchikuda yesterday captured two strategically important junctions on the 12th and 16th mile posts on the Mannar-Pooneryn A-32 road, cutting off LTTE links with the now isolated Nachchikuda with Sea Tiger base in Vallaipadu, Military sources told the Daily News last night.

Troops operating north of Nachchikuda on the A-32 road captured the four way junction on the 16th mile post last afternoon marking a major breakthrough in the process of isolating Nachchikuda, which is the sole fishing village now left under the control of the LTTE on the Western coast. Full Text

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Tigers, spiders and Indian rope tricks

My dear Mahinda Aiya,

Ayubowan, Vanakkam, assalamu alaikkum and best wishes as you apparently reconsider strategy in the aftermath of highly explosive pressure from India, the floody hell of the monsoon and heavy casualty tolls in the battle for Kilinochchi.

According to weekend reports, the monsoon rains are raging in the North with some troops having little or no shelter and battling on with their uniforms wet and soggy. Government leaders earlier claimed that Kilinochchi – considered as the de facto administrative capital of the LTTE – would have fallen by now. But at a news conference with media owners and editors last Tuesday, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya said plans were based on military strategy and not populist timetables. The Defence Ministry also cancelled the announcement of casualty figures, while you reiterated last week that Kilinochchi would fall soon and terrorism eradicated before a political solution was worked out to address the grievances and aspirations of the Tamil-speaking people. Yet as you apparently went through some sleepless nights over the war situation and other crises, LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran in a rare interview said your claim of capturing Kilinochci soon was a day dream. In the email interview with an Indian magazine, the LTTE leader also denied that his group was responsible for the killing of Major General Janaka Perera but analysts noted that the LTTE had often issued such denials which were generally not taken seriously. Full Text

LTTE praising K’nidhi embarrasses Congress

The Congress party on Monday defended their key ally the DMK after LTTE chief Prabhakaran praised Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi.

In an e-mail interview to Chennai-based Tamil magazine Nakkeeran, Prabhakaran hailed Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi's stand of seeking quick relief measures for the displaced Tamils.

"Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Kalaignar, is a Tamil nationalist. He has not only voiced his concern against the Sinhala state terrorism in Tamil Eelam, but has also showed it in action".

The Congress on Monday said the DMK chief needed no character certificate from the head of a banned terrorist group. Full Text

Sri Lanka rebel air attack puts capital in dark

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – Sri Lankan rebels staged a brazen airstrike on a power station on the outskirts of Colombo late Tuesday, plunging the capital into darkness as searchlights swept across the sky and glowing anti-aircraft fire arced through the gloom.

The attack showed the Tamil Tigers can still strike even as an army offensive pushes deep into the rebels' de facto state in the north. The government has vowed to destroy the rebels by the end of the year and end a civil war that has plagued the South Asian nation for a quarter century.

The rebel air assault came just hours after a pro-rebel Web site accused the Sri Lankan air force of killing three people with an airstrike on a civilian town in the north of the Indian Ocean island. Full Text

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'Tiger air attack' in Sri Lanka

Suspected Tamil Tiger rebels have carried out an air strike in north-western Sri Lanka, the army says.

A military spokesman, Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara, told the BBC that a "terrorist aircraft" dropped two bombs near the town of Mannar.

Brig Nanayakkara said that no damage was done and anti-aircraft guns had shot at the plane.

The Tigers, who have boasted air strike capability since 2007, have issued no claim of responsibility. Full Text

Tamil Tiger air raids hit Sri Lanka capital: military

COLOMBO (Reuters) - Tamil Tiger rebels carried two air strikes near a northern military base and oil tanks in the Sri Lankan capital, military sources said.

The attacks prompted anti-aircraft fire across Colombo's shore, which had been darkened after the power was switched off as a precaution shortly after the first strike at Mannar, located near the northern war zone about 250 km to the north.

"One LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) aircraft was airborne and dropped bombs on Mannar area military headquarters. We are checking on reports of damages and casualties," a military official speaking on condition of anonymity told Reuters. Another official confirmed the strike. Full Text

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Zlin attack in Colombo and Mannar

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam Zlin 143 planes launched a symultaneous attack on Mannar and Colombo today. The Air Defence Systems are still active as we speak. Two bombs have fallen near Kelanitissa or Sapugaskanda areas. An attack by Zlins on Thaladi camp in Mannar is also reported. Please await further news. Colombo is currently subject to a blackout. The attack commenced shortly after 11pm. defencewire

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LTTE air attack on Thalladi SLA base

Sri Lanka Army base in Thalladi, Mannar came under an LTTE air attack a short while ago. According to available information at least 3 bombs have been dropped by LTTE aircraft. Casualty details or reports of damages (if any) are not available as of now. Defencenet

Right of the Sri Lanka government to reclaim its historical sovereignty over North of Sri Lanka

Right of the Sri Lanka government to reclaim its historical sovereignty over North of Sri Lankaby.
PBS. Hemachandra
(October 28, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) I have read with great sadness various unsupported attempts to re-write the history of Sri Lanka by some Sinhalese, Tamils and others in the recent past, mainly to support their political agendas without any respect for basic historical facts.
My experience in the Navy has helped me to grasp the realities of history from a grassroots level. I am a retired Lt Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy and worked in the Navy from 1971 to 1986. I have worked about 10 years of this period in shore establishments, Naval ships attached to North and East of Sri Lanka, which are the parts claimed by separatist Tamils to be their homeland without any incontrovertible historical evidence. During this period I had the privilege of being the first Commanding Officer of surveillance command ship SLNS Wickrama, which was deployed as a task group commander to start the surveillance zone between Sri Lanka and India in 1984 to prevent gunrunning, smuggling (contraband and humans as well) and drug trafficking by Tamil terrorists. Full Text

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Tamil Nadu actors don't want new troubles

(October 28, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) With the State government softening its stand over the Lankan issue by recanting on its resignation threat, the Nadigar Sangam, which has planned a fast on 1 November on the emotive issue, is looking to give the whole thing a different spin.
With the majority of top actors and actresses staying away from the hastily cvobbled up protest stage-managed in Rameswaram a few days back, the Nadigar Sangam-backed protest-fast on 1 November was expected to be a show of emotions and much more.
But with the DMK supremo and Chief Minister M Karunanidhi signalling a change of heart on the issue, the Lankan Tamil matter is off the boil in Tamilnadu. Full Text

9000 Children in Vanni under military Training –UTHR (J)

(October 28, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian)Since early September, sources from the Vanni say that the LTTE has conscripted 9000 'very young' persons who are now under training, the University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna), the well-known and independent Human Rights organization has said in its latest Special Report on the current situation in Sri Lanka. The full report was published Sri Lanka Guardain yesterday which is available at "Pawns of an Un-heroic War"
According to the report, "by October 2008, the LTTE had once again become very aggressive in conscription. They visited families with lists provided by Village Headmen (GS officers). For a family with 3 or 4 children, they demanded two fighters; one for a family with two; and none for a family with one. The general attitude of the populace now is not to quarrel with the LTTE. They figure that many of those who objected to conscription had been placed on the frontline and are dead. But many of those who joined without resistance have been placed in safer areas and have survived." Full Text

TULF leader Sangaree rebuked Bharadhirajah for wrongly proclaiming “Prabaharan as Valliant leader of Tamils the world over."

Colombo, 28 October, ( In a public rebuttal, TULF President V.Anandasangaree, has recalled the heinous and ruthless crimes committed by Velupillai Prabakaran, the leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in the name of his freedom and liberation struggle on behalf of the Tamils and Tamil speaking people in Sri Lanka.
Anandasangaree in a letter addressed to Tamil Film Director Bharadhirajah,has publicly rebuked him for wrongly ‘proclaiming the LTTE leader Prabakaran as "Valliant leader of Tamils, the world over."
The TULF leader has pointed out the gruesome killings and inhumane acts orchestrated by Prabakaran and his acts of ethnic cleansing of the Tamil speaking Muslims. Full Text

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SLA crush LTTE defences: fall of Nachchikuda imminent

Troops of the Task Force -1, launched a multi-pronged offensive at the LTTE's western coastal bastion at Nachchikuda, from early this morning (Oct 28), most decisive since August, after fighting breakout between troops and LTTE to gain dominance of the vital terrain.
The military offensive was mounted with intense artillery fire and infantry support as troops threw back LTTE counter attacks, destroying and capturing vital terror positions in the area. The military battle formations were drawn from the North and South of Nachchikuda, scoring heavy LTTE casualties. The fall of Nachchikuda is imminent as troops are now poised to launch an all-out offensive at the remaining terrorist strong points.
The LTTE has being attempting to stall the military advance along the A-32 Mannar -Pooneryn main road, especially Nachchikuda, defence observers said adding that the loss would worsen the LTTE's hope of survival along the western coast. The Western coast remains to be the main life line for the LTTE since the double blow following the liberation of east and denial of the A-9 trunk road.
Also, troops positioned at Kunchchikulama and North of Manniyankulama stepped-up assaults at identified LTTE locations further extending its dominance in the area, Wanni defence sources said.
Meanwhile, fighting was reported South of Jayapuram as troops continued running into LTTE defences. Military claimed heavy LTTE casualties in the hours long confrontations, reported since early this morning.
The gain of Nachchikuda remains to be the main prize for military, after the fall of Vidattaltivu, a main LTTE sea tiger base in the western coast. The military offensives launched by the Task Force -1, under the command of Brigadier Shaveendra Silva in the western coast in Kilinochchi District, are aimed at opening a humanitarian land supply route while also denying supply lines for LTTE.

Sri Lanka From Here To Eternity

"The satisfaction of the grievances will directly reach the People while devolution alone will enhance powers acquired by politicians and how much will trickle down to the constituents is doubtful. Provincial Council and the conduct of the candidates at elections is a sufficient illustration."
by Gomin Dayasiri
Sri Lanka may win the battle against Tamil Tigers but not the war as “they have’nt got the Tamils on their side -N.K.Narayan, National Security Advisor (India)
(October 27, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) India neither could defeat the Tamil Tigers nor get the Tamils on their side when the IPKF was around in the North and East. Defeated on both fronts in despair they left. Can Sri Lanka do both or undo the gallant work of the armed forces who have sacrificed so much? Full Text

Muslim eviction from the north marked

Muslim refugees in Sri Lanka have marked the 18 anniversary of the eviction by Tamil Tigers from the north. Majority of the people still live in refugee camps.
Foreign dignitaries and Sri Lanka government ministers attended the ceremony to mark the anniversary in Puttalam on Monday.
V Ahumudheen, an internally displaced person in Puttlalam, expressed his desire to go back to his home in Jaffna. Full Text

Leave the Lanka problem to the Lankans

The kerfuffle over the MDMK general secretary Vaiko’s defence of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE) and his critical remarks about India turning a blind eye to the Sri Lankan government’s military pursuit of the rebel organisation shows once again how close to the surface passions are over this issue. The DMK patriarch, M. Karunanidhi, has done well to climb down from his position that he would pull out of the government and much credit goes to External Affairs minister Pranab Mukherjee for his able handling of the volatile situation. As Mr Mukherjee pointed out, India is can in no way ensure a ceasefire in Sri Lanka as it has followed a hands-off policy after the disastrous IPKF involvement, the tragic consequence of which was Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. Full Text

Impact of Monsoon Rains on Eelam War

“Similarly monsoon weather also affects naval operations along the coast and inshore areas as war ships prefer to be out in the high seas than face the turbulence on the coast line. Visibility in monsoon seas is poor. This could affect naval operations in support of troops operating along Mullaitivu coast. The lighter Sea Tiger craft are probably better placed to sneak in closer to naval ships taking advantage of monsoon conditions Landing of troops by sea also becomes tricky and time consuming. This could reduce options available to the security forces in offensive against Pooneryn.
”(October 28, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian)
Indra, the god of war in Hindu mythology whose chariot thunders across the rain clouds, must be smiling as the torrential northeast monsoon rains brought the Eelam War in Sri Lanka to a near halt last week. The northeast monsoon, the main source of rainfall in Tamil Nadu and northern Sri Lanka, intensifies during the months of October and November and peters out in December. The average monthly rainfall in the peak period is about 300 mm. Full Text

The LTTE again uses food as a weapon

The Peace Secretariat was shocked by the attack last week by the LTTE on two merchant ships carrying food and other supplies to civilians in Jaffna. It was not however entirely surprised, for the deprivation that was intended, and that will inevitably result, has been a significant tool of the LTTE in its relentless struggle against both the Tamil people and the Sri Lankan state.
For too long, the myth has been propagated that the Government is not concerned about those of its citizens who are still prey to LTTE tyranny. For too long, it has been claimed that the LTTE is the sole representative of the Tamil people, and will look after them if only the Government would go away. Last week’s attack, however, showed clearly that it is the Government that strives to look after its own. It is the LTTE that will use even food as a weapon against the people on whose behalf it claims to be fighting. Full Text

"Sri Lanka on road to perdition"

(October 28, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian)
Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena, UNP M.P. speaking to the media today (28 Oct), asked why Basil Rajapakse had to go to India on this war crisis when there is a Foreign Minister (FM) who can attend to it.. It is an established practice that whenever Basil goes to India , the FM is in Sri Lanka.. Is this because the President fears that the Foreign relation blunders will become known to the country ? If this Govt. has toed the line of the UNP in its foreign policies, it wont be in this muddle , and Basil need not make urgent tours to India for hush hush discussions. The Govt. is so short sighted that it has no planning in its foreign policies and is thereby estranging its neighboring countries. Full Text

Financial aid for Lankan Tamils pouring

Chennai: A day after Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi appealed to the people to contribute their mite to mitigate the sufferings of ethnic Tamils in Sri Lanka, financial assistance started pouring in, with the Chief Minister himself opening the account with a contribution of Rs 10 lakh.
After Karunanidhi had announced last evening that the state government wanted to meet the immediate need of the Lankan Tamils for food, clothes and medicines and appealed to the people to contribute generously, DMK Central Ministers and State Ministers made their contributions Tuesday morning. Full Text

Teach the World to conduct Humanitarian Wars

By Gomin Dayasri
With the security forces at the entrance to Killinochchi, the foreign legion unhappy with the military success they failed to achieve in their military exercises in Iraq and Afghanistan, have commenced to preach humanitarian values which they never exercised in their military operations. It is ironical to hear Richard Boucher, Benita -Ferrero Waldner, Julian Wilson and our undiplomatic German Ambassador spout on human rights in Sri Lanka displaying their abbreviated memory of events of November 2004 in Falluja, Iraq where the occupying US Forces launched their second major attack on the city of Falluja.

It had all the ingredients required to bring the US military on charges against the War Crimes Act of USA on allegations of human rights violations. Where were these eminent persons? Were their distance voices heard?

The attack on Faluja started with eliminating the power supply and pounding the city with 500 lb bombs. The US marines targeted ambulances and randomly shot civilians, US Marines closed the main hospital in order to use it as a military position. Mark Curtis- Unpeople (2004) page18. Marines blocked the road leading to the two main hospitals. Steven Poole- Unspeak (2006) page 111. In Operation Phantom Fury of Falluja, US military command tried to justify the attack on the hospital describing it as a haven for the insurgents but as expressed by Guardian Weekly of Nov 12-18, 2004 this was a centre from which high death tolls of patients were accounted, much to military frustration. [We are providing the hospitals at Killinochchi and Mullativu which treats the terrorists' medical facilities and pays staff and medical expenses] Full Text

Task Force 1 spearheads Kilinochchi battlefront

The Army Task Force 1 , operating on the western half of the Kilinochchi battle frontage has taken the lead of the advance, moving about 5 km northwards from the Manniyakulam -Therumurikkandi road.
Troops of 582 brigade, launched an offensive on Sunday (Oct 26) morning to clear the LTTE hiding areas in the Nochchimodai area , and were able to extend their forward boundaries to the North of Kunchchikulam by the same evening. Troops have continued their operation on Monday and have been able to further extend their boundaries after giving heavy beating to the terrorists.
According to the battlefield reports received so far, troops have found 2 bodies of slain LTTE cadres along with 3 T-56 riffles during search operations.
Nochchimodai is situated on the land mass immediately west to the Kilinochchi built up and on the middle of the 20 km stretch separating Mannar- Pooneryn (A32) road and the Jaffna- Kandy (A9) road. Task Force 1 troops after breaching the LTTE built earth bund at Vannerikulam few weeks earlier have been moving ahead dominating Manniyakulam junction, Kunchchikulam and Nochchimodai areas so far.

2 pistols found in IOM office - Mannar

2 micro-pistols, 6 pistol magazines and 57 ammunition rounds were uncovered by officials at the IOM (International Organisation for Migration) office, at Mannar, this morning (Oct 28).
The recovery was made during a regular security check carried out at the office premises by the security staff, Mannar police sources said.
On detection of the military items IOM officials have immediately contacted the Mannar Police, sources said. Further investigations are on progress.