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No time frame can be set to defeat LTTE: Karuna (Interview)

New Delhi, Oct 11 (IANS) Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers are in ‘a precarious condition’ but no one can predict when they can be overcome militarily, says Vinyagamoorthy Muralitharan, a former top Tiger commander who became an MP this week.

Karuna, as the former eastern regional commander of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is widely known, also said in a telephonic interview that he had entered parliament to give ‘a powerful voice’ to the Tamils in the central government.

‘The LTTE has suffered real setbacks. It is in a precarious condition,’ Karuna said, discussing the military offensive against the Tigers in the north of the country that has left thousands dead and raised international concerns about civilian suffering.

But he quickly added that it would be unrealistic to claim - as some have done in Colombo - that the LTTE could be vanquished within a certain time limit.

‘There can be no deadlines (to defeat the LTTE). In no war can deadlines be set,’ declared the 42-year-old, who is likely to be made a minister soon.

Karuna joined the Tigers as a young guerrilla in 1983 and rose to become its feared eastern military chief before revolting in March 2004 with thousands of cadres. Since then, he has sided with the military, helping it reclaim the entire eastern province.

‘What we know for sure is that the army is advancing. There is 75-80 percent chance of the army opening the land route to Jaffna.’ Though under military control, Jaffna is now linked to the mainland only by sea and air as the LTTE controls territory leading to the northern peninsula.

Karuna’s TMVP party presently controls the eastern provincial council. On Tuesday, Sri Lanka’s ruling coalition nominated Karuna as a member of the 225-seat parliament amid opposition protests.

Karuna said it was the government that approached him with the offer after his return to Sri Lanka in July this year from Britain where he was jailed for some months for entering the country on a fake diplomatic passport.

‘I decided it would be good for our people if I become an MP. Our strategy is clear. We are already in the provincial council. At the same time, we want a powerful voice in the central government to speak for our people.

‘Yes, there are Tamil MPs today in parliament but they are of no use. They mostly speak for the LTTE.’

He said if and when parliamentary elections were held, his TMVP would win six to seven seats from the multi-racial Trincomalee and Amparai and the overwhelmingly Tamil Batticaloa districts, all in the east.

Karuna was asked how his half a dozen MPs could influence the central government when, in his reading, the 22 MPs of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), which is pro-LTTE, were having no impact.

He replied that Muslims and ‘Indian Tamils’ - Tamils of Indian origin in the central tea plantations - had benefited because their leaders had chosen to always side with those in power in Colombo.

He said he too wanted to emulate the strategy. ‘We will be with the central government, whichever the party in power.’

Karuna gave credit to the military’s successes against the LTTE to three men: President Mahinda Rajapaksa, his brother and Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa and army chief General Sanath Fonseka.

‘The president has taken a bold decision to defeat the LTTE. The defence secretary is a good planner. And the army chief’s efforts in implementing the plans are praiseworthy.

‘Their coordination is a key factor. This was never seen in Sri Lanka earlier. Now the army has real power. They are the decision makers.’

According to him, the LTTE - which still reportedly has thousands of fighters - was ’suffering from poor leadership, lack of experienced fighters and inability to hold on to territory. It is also not able to recruit people from the east. Earlier, the bulk of the fighters came from the east.

‘They are also unable to make out from where the army will advance. There are so many routes (to the LTTE heartland).’

But is the government serious about a political solution?

‘We have had provincial elections and we are in power in the eastern provincial council. People in this country will accept the provincial council. People don’t want war, they are suffering. Outsiders can’t realise this.

‘Now that we are in power in the east, development activity is on and will be initiated. It will cover all areas such as housing, roads, bridges and also the fishing community.

‘The most important thing is that we believe this government. Four years ago the defence secretary promised me that we would be given charge of the eastern province. Four years later he kept the promise. So we trust them.’

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Battle progress on land occupancy as at 10th October 2008

Time for LTTE to lay down arms and enter democracy - President tells APC

President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing the All Party Conference (APC) today (Oct 11) repeated his call to the LTTE to lay down arms and surrender.

He said: "I wish to once again very clearly call on the LTTE to lay down their arms and surrender. They should act in this manner and enter the democratic political process. Our aim should be to ensure the democratic political rights of our Tamil brethren."

The President had summoned the All Party Conference to apprise its members of the current developments with regard to the operations to eradicate terrorism, establish peace and restore democracy throughout the country.

"However difficult it may be, it is my belief that the efforts to find political solutions to political issues should be continued. It is my belief that there are no military solutions to political questions. The people have elected us to realize their aims and aspirations. It is our duty to ensure to the Tamil people of the North the same democratic rights as enjoyed by the people min all other parts of the country. Military operations have become necessary to eradicate terrorism from the country and enthrone democracy throughout the land," the President said.

The leader of the Thamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TVMP) Muralitharan Karuna Amman, who was present at the APC today, said he had been with the LTTE for more than 22 years; and with his experience knew that when the LTTE came forward seeking peace it was always to further strengthen itself. On earlier occasions, incumbent governments, possibly by mistake, had encouraged the LTTE by giving it arms and money.

"He recalled his own participation in several rounds of talks with the Government held under international sponsorship. They had come to an understanding to accept a federal system as a solution. However, Anton Balasingham, without consulting Prabhakaran had issued a statement stating that they were willing to consider a federal system. When he discussed this with Prabhakaran he rejected the idea of federalism. He wanted the talks dragged for at least five years till the LTTE obtained enough arms to strengthen itself further.

That was when he decided to leave the LTTE. It was called a renegade for talking this decision, which was done after he had explained to Prabharakan the futility of the armed campaign they were engaged in where at least 80,000 people had lost their lives.

He emphasized that it was necessary to defeat the LTTE militarily. This was necessary in the interests of the people of the North, who have already rejected the LTTE, but controlled by the military power of the organization.

He said the President had brought about many important changes in the East with free and fair elections and that all communities in the East were today participating in the development process there.

Here is the text of the President's statement:

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18 LTTE terrorists killed in ambush- Kilinochchi

Troops of the 58 Division operating at the Western Kilinochchi front ambushed an LTTE terrorist movement in general area Manniyankulama, Saturday (Oct 11) morning at around 9.30a.m., killing 18 terrorists, according to Wanni security sources.

Two vehicles, a tractor and a canter which were transferring the terrorists were totally damaged in the attack, military said citing ground troops.

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Troops mount severe assaults at LTTE: 16 terrorists killed, 13 wounded - Kilinochchi

Security forces made multiple assaults at LTTE positions in general area Manniyankulama, Kilinochchi, since the morning hours on Saturday (Oct 11), reportedly killing 16 terrorists and inuring 13 others, military said.

5 terrorists were killed during a confrontation with troops at Manniyankulama at 11.45a.m. Subsequent to the confrontation troops have recovered an LTTE body along with a T-56 assault riffle, security sources said. A soldier was also reported wounded in the fighting with LTTE.

4 more terrorists were killed and another 6 reported wounded in a separate confrontation with LTTE, in general area East of Vannerikkulama. According to military, 3 soldiers were injured in the confrontation with LTTE at 12.30p.m.

In general area West of Manniyankulama, troops clashed with another LTTE movement killing 4 and injuring 6 the sources further said. A soldier also laid his life during the confrontation. Troops have also found an LTTE body during a subsequent search operation conducted in the area.

2 terrorists were also killed sniped by troops operating in general area Manniyankulma, security sources further added.

Meanwhile, troops conducting clearing operations in general area Manniyankulama, have uncovered 50 anti-personnel mines(AP) and 5 IEDs, according to military sources.

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Heavy damages to LTTE in MI-24 air assaults- Kilinochchi

Sri Lankan Air Force, MI-24 air and ground combat helicopter gunships launched simultaneous attacks at an LTTE bunker construction site, Saturday (Oct11), Northeast of the Akkarayankulma Tank bund, Kilinochchi, reportedly causing heavy damages to LTTE at around 1.30 p.m.

The air assaults were launched in support of the advancing 57 Division troops and intercepted enemy communication has revealed heavy damages to LTTE, Air Force Spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara said, speaking to

Spotting an LTTE construction site with heavy earth moving vehicles, the MI-24 flyers made simultaneous raids engaging the enemy targets at close distance, the sources said. According to available information, a heavy vehicle was completely damaged which is believed to be an excavator used for the construction of the earth bund at the target site, the sources said.

Continuous pleas for casualty evacuation was heard through the LTTE communication circuits and this alone confirms a toll in the expected number of damages to LTTE, the sources further said.

The 9th squadron, MI-24 helicopter gunships have recently made decisive assaults at LTTE, engaging in close combat missions. The use of the MI-24's in close combats, supporting the advancing ground troops have been effective, during the past few months, defence observers state.

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19 LTTE terrorists killed, similar numbers wounded in yesterday's fighting

Security forces continued pushing into LTTE positions at the Wanni battlefront causing severe damages to LTTE on Friday. According to finalized military reports received, at least 16 terrorists were confirmed killed and 19 others wounded, in yesterday's (Oct 10) fighting at the Wanni battle theater. 3 more terrorists were also confirmed killed alone at the Jaffna front counting the LTTE death figures on Friday as 19, according to military.

The brunt of LTTE deaths and casualties were reported during fighting at Akkarayankulama, in the Eastern Kilinochchi front. Ground troops also confirmed 3 terrorists killed following a surprise assault at an LTTE tractor in general area Northwest of Mankulama.

Meanwhile, confrontations continued at the Mullaittivu battlefront North of Welioya, as troops confirmed killing 6 terrorists and injuring 5 others. The fighting was mainly reported in general area Andankulama, according to military sources. Troops forced into an LTTE bunker defence line at Andankulama, Friday at around 9a.m. and fighting was reported till 5p.m., sources said. Troops had to repulse an LTTE counter attack at the captured bunker line, killing 6 terrorists and injuring 14 others during the hours long confrontations, military sources reported.

3 soldiers have laid their lives and 7 others reported wounded at the Western Kilinochchi battlefront on Friday. According to reports, the fighting was reported in general area Vannerikkulama.

Meanwhile, 3 terrorists were killed during separate clashes ensued between troops and LTTE at the Jaffna theater of battle, yesterday. A terrorist was killed while attempting to infiltrate a civilian populated area at Thanankilappu, while 2 others were reported killed ahead of Nagarkovil defences, military sources said. In addition 4 soldiers were reported wounded at Nagarkovil.

Troops also recovered following items in the possession of the slain terrorist at Thanankilappu, Jaffna.

Item / Description

T -56 assault riffle 01
T-56 ammunition rounds 20
hand grenades 03
compass 01
mobile phone 01
cyanide capsule 01

5 LTTE terrorists killed in Wanni fighting

Fighting was reported between troops and LTTE in general area Akkarayankulma, since this morning (Oct 11), as security forces claimed killing 5 terrorists in separate confrontations including 2 in an ambush Northwest of Mankulama.

2 more terrorists were also reported killed when troops forced into LTTE positions, East of Akkarayankulama, Kilinochchi.

Don't make political capital out of LTTE atrocities - Rambukwella

Indika Polkotuwa
Whenever various leaders fell victim to Prabhakaran's terrorists acts, groups carrying their coffins had tried to apportion blame on their rival political parties or groups to settle petty political scores. Such actions had only helped strengthen Prabhakaran, Foreign Employment and Welfare Minister and Defence spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella said.
This was clearly evident even during the killings of Gamini Dissanayake Lalith Athulathmudali, T. Maheswaran, as well as Lucky Algama and Denzil Kobbekaduwa.
Certain political parties and groups pointed the finger of accusation against their opponents for sheer petty gain, he added. Rambukwella said Major General Janaka Perera was a fearless military Commander who had rendered a vital service towards defeating LTTE terrorism.
The political vilification campaign carried out by certain groups by making use of his funeral was an insult to the members of Major General's family.
Rambukwella said the UNP insulted the family of late Parliamentarian T. Maheswaran too by launching a black band campaign after his killing.
People resorting to such lowly acts should stop such antics at least now and rally round to totally defeat terrorism when Prabhakaran was facing imminent defeat at the hands of the Security Forces, he said.
Courtesy: Daily news

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Cheliyan – Deputy Sea Tiger Leader killed

By Ruwan Weerakoon from Colombo

Colombo, 11 October, ( Cheliyan, the Deputy Leader of the Sea Tigers' was killed in Kilinochchi yesterday evening, by Special Force Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (SF LRRP) team.

Cheliyan is a commando type leader in the Sea Tiger Wing and came to prominence after the death of Manglaesh. He also led the Sea Tiger operations following its leader Soosai sustaining injuries in an explosion in Nandikadal in Puthukuduiruppu last year.

At present, in the running battle between Sri Lanka Armed Forces and the Liberation Tigers, Cheliyan was leading the LTTE forces in the war ravaged Kilinochchi and was based in Kilinochchi West.

According to a Sri Lanka Military source, a team of well trained Special Forces conducted surveillance days and days and took the target accurately and killed the deputy Sea Tiger leader and also members of his escort team yesterday evening and later the SF LRRP safely returned to base.

Sources said that the death of Cheliyan is a severe blow to LTTE.

It is further said suddenly after the death of Cheliyan, the LTTE communication went silent on the leadership instruction to 'shut mum.'

Furthermore, sources also revealed that Special Forces LRRP dominate within the LTTE controlled territory.

- Asian Tribune -

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Demonstration against the on going War Effort in Sri Lanka in Berlin

(October 11, Berlin, Sri Lanka Guardian) A demonstration against any war should be good; however, this war is between the terrorist organization, the LTTE (also known as Tamil Tigers) and the Government of Sri Lanka, which has been raging with varying intensity for more than 25 years. This long struggle between the successive democratically elected governments and the separatist terrorists has already claimed more than 70,000 innocent lives. Victims have been people from all ethnic groups living in Sri Lanka, i.e. Tamils, Singhalese, Muslims, Burgers, Malays who are Christians, Buddhists and Hindus. In short, this war has not spared any particular race or religious group.

Hence, this demonstration is in support of a terrorist organization, who commits atrocities against the very people whom they are supposed to salvage. That makes this demonstration lose its credibility.

Today's demonstration, however, has a distinctive feature: it is being organised by the TCC - Tamil Coordinating Committee – in Oberhausen Germany (organiser of the demonstration), a front organisation of the LTTE - Tamil Tigers! Full Text
Sri Lankan Guardian

LTTE Terrorists "Like a Cat on Hot Bricks"

By Darmitha-Kotte

For 30 years, LTTE terrorists enjoyed all the VIP treatment possible from western powers & INGOs and NGOs who all opted to believe the sob stories about how the Sinhalese were ill-treating & harassing Tamils in Sri Lanka, as a result that the LTTE was fighting for a "Tamil Homeland" in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately for Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan Governments & our so called leaders of the times never made any constructive efforts to get the correct story told to the outside world which resulted in LTTE succeeding in deceiving the western world.

The LTTE and its terrorist agenda does not represent (repeat "does not") the entire Tamil community that lives within the boundaries of Sri Lanka- only a minority group that is power hungry and can wield power within the Tamil community only by resorting to an armed struggle due to the fact that the Hindus who constitute the majority Tamil community in this country, will not accept Prabhakaran as "the sole representative" of the Tamils. Prabhakaran and the LTTE terrorists are & have always been heavily supported, nurtured and protected by the Christian Churches and Christian backed INGOs and NGOs operating in this country.

For these groups, the war torn Sri Lanka was an ideal harvesting ground for financial gains rather than humanitarianism (which they falsely claim). Full Text

Asian Tribune

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Tigers have only to attack; others will defend them

Prabhakaran should have no worries when there are enough people to help him get away after committing the worst of crimes. The whole nation is mourning Maj. Gen. Janaka Perera (retd), his wife, the genial Dr. Rajah Johnpulle, UNP Manager of the Anuradhapura District, his wife and others who were killed in a recent LTTE suicide blast in Anuradhapura. However, it is not only the Diaspora which is ready to defend LTTE’s atrocity; there are many others.

The most recent manifestation by the Diaspora comes from Australia where the LTTE front, the All Australia Federation of Tamil Associations held a vigil on the lawn of the Australian Capital Territory and in front of the Indian High Commission there where the High Commissioner posed for a photograph with them –– poor Rajiv Gandhi must be turning in his grave!

That some of the Tamils in Sri Lanka also want the Tigers to continue has been documented by none other than the Internal Crisis Group chaired by Gareth Evans, former Australian Foreign Minister, who not so long ago delivered a controversial memorial lecture. Full Text

The Island

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Police probe suicide bomber’s calls

By Senaka de Silva and

Kusal Chamath

Detectives investigating Thursday’s Borelasgamuwa suicide attack targeting senior Minister Maithripala Sirisena are checking on calls made on a mobile phone which was found at the site of the attack, police said.

Minister Sirisena escaped unhurt when the suicide cadre who flung herself at the VIP convoy, missed the Minister’s vehicle and instead hit a backup vehicle. In the explosion the suicide bomber was killed and seven injured. One of the injured died in hospital.

Police said they recovered the female suicide bomber's mobile phone, SIM card and the National Identity Card (NIC).

The bomber is believed to have made a call just prior to exploding herself.

Police media spokesperson Ranjith Gunesekera said a bomb weighing at least 4 kg was used in the attack. Full Text

Daily Mirror

Army Chief hits out at ceasefire deal

Army Chief Sarath Fonseka said yesterday the security forces faced several constraints as a result of past ceasefire agreement or cessation of hostilities in the three-decade long battle with the LTTE. In a message to mark the Army’s 59th Anniversary and Army Day yesterday, Lieutenant General Fonseka said the Army’s glory has now reached the apex since the capture of the Mavilaru sluice gates, liberation of the East, the Mannar district, 14th Base in Mullaitivu and with its dominance being spread up to the Nayaru lagoon and Murukkandi Kovil in the Kilinochchi district.

“The Army is an organization which receives respect and commendation from the public. You are all part of that disciplined organization. In the future too our achievements should be defended at the risk of our lives,” he told troops at the ceremony, according to a transcript of his speech posted on the army website.

The Army Chief said the sacrifices made by those valiant soldiers including those who went missing in action and laid down their lives for the defence of the motherland were remembered with appreciation and gratitude. Full Text

Daily Mirror

The Killing of Janaka Perera and the LTTE


“Hush, hush! Whisper who dares! Christopher Robin is saying his prayers”- When We Were Very Young

If any evidence was needed to establish the dastardly nature of the so called LTTE, Monday morning’s blasting of Major General Janaka Perera former soldier and opposition politician, with more than two dozen other civilians by a suicide bomber provided it. For the vast majority of our people such evidence is superfluous.

For nearly three decades now they have witnessed and sometimes personally experienced the destructions and the disruptions caused by the LTTE and need no further elucidation on this. It is the dark force with which no civilised country can co-exist.

Undoubtedly in our times the threat posed by this murky organisation has been the central challenge to this country. Full Text
Daily News

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tigers are the traitors to the Tamil cause

by Satchi Sithanandan
(October 10, Frankfurt, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have shown to the world that they are only herders and the Tamils of Sri Lanka, their source for milk and mutton. They have taken them for a ride as their champions in their struggle for liberation against Sinhala oppression. This is the only liberation organization in the world, perhaps even in the entire history of the humankind, that has no concern for the best interests of the people they purport to represent. They get their primary succour from the very people who deserted the Tamil community and live in splendour overseas.

All along the Tigers have had their own agenda to create a mafia state for themselves with Valvettiturai as their port. In this, they found the ethnic crisis that grew out of racial discrimination the Tamil community suffer, quite an advantage for them to exploit. Their callous and cold blooded campaign began with the senseless assassination of Jaffna’s popular Mayor Alfred Duryappah July 1975 and from that day onwards, they have engaged themselves in ruthless activities and forced the Tamil community along the road of utter bloodshed in the name of liberation. Full Text
Sri Lanka Guardian

New LTTE Front for Obama Campaign

(October 09, Washington, Sri Lanka Guardian)
Tamils for Obama, a newly formed pro LTTE forum, announcing its support in the US election for Democratic candidate Senator Barack Obama, suggested that “the solution to the Sri Lankan problem could be based on the Bosnian model or on one of the many others like Montenegro, East Timor, Quebec, Slovakia, or Kosovo.

Tamils for Obama group in a press release issued through email, urged the 44th president, whom they expect to be Mr. Obama, to take a strong hand in resolving the Sri Lankan civil war. They suggest any one of a number of special envoys President Obama might put in charge, including Bill Clinton, George Mitchell, James Baker, Jim Leach, or Colin Powell. Also it suggested utilizing Ambassador Richard Holbrooke’s expertise to bring peace to Sri Lanka.

An announcement in the group’s website states “Perhaps he (Obama) could bring the Tamils and Singhalese to Canton, Ohio, like President Bill Clinton did with the former Yugoslavians, and force a solution to the Sri Lankan war. The Colombo government has not taken any action to resolve this vicious civil war for the last six decades, and we believe they will take no action unless they are forced to do so.”
The press release in full:
Sri Lanka Guardian

Vaiko, supporters held

Chennai (PTI): MDMK leader Vaiko and scores of his supporters were taken into custody here on Friday when they tried to take out a rally on the Sri Lankan Tamils issue, defying prohibitory orders,police said.

Vaiko and his supporters raised pro-LTTE slogans and condemned the Sri Lankan government for its alleged killing of the Tamils in the ongoing ethnic strife in the island nation.

Vaiko also charged the Indian government with supplying arms and ammunition to Sri Lanka. Full Text

The Hindu

Action sought against pro-LTTE outfits

Union Minister of State for Planning and Parliamentary Affairs V. Narayanasamy on Thursday demanded action against the organisations that supported the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Replying to queries on reports relating to certain political parties and organisations extending support to the LTTE “under the guise of opposing genocide of Tamils in the island,” he told reporters here that the State governments including Tamil Nadu, should take action against those individuals and organisations for backing the banned outfit. He also flayed the general secretary of the MDMK , Vaiko, for “openly expressing views in favour of the LTTE.”

Though Mr.Vaiko’s demand that the Centre should take steps to protect the island Tamils was acceptable, action should be taken against him for extending support to the LTTE, Mr. Narayanasamy said.

There had been similarity of views among the Congress, the DMK and the PMK on the Sri Lankan Tamils’ issue.

He also referred to the steps taken by the Union government through diplomatic channels to stop the killing of Tamils by the armed forces, besides stressing the need to ensure safety and security of the Tamil population in the island.

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Two-pronged Navy blockade to thwart arms replenishment bid

by Shamindra Ferdinando

A major naval operation is underway in the north-western and north-eastern waters to thwart LTTE attempts to replenish its depleted arsenal. The operation launched about three months ago involving a range of naval assets, including Fast Attack Craft (FACs) is geared to cut off supplies coming from India and other international supply points.

In a brief interview with The Island, navy spokesman Commander D. K. P. Dassanayake said the Special Boat Squadron (SBS) and the recently raised Rapid Action Boat Squadron (RABS) had been deployed on the north-western coast. Their task was to prevent the LTTE from receiving supplies from their agents based in Tamil Nadu, he said. They would also thwart attempts to move wounded LTTE cadres across the Gulf of Mannar to Tamil Nadu, he said.

The LTTE controls the coastline between Nachchikuda and Pooneryn-a distance of 15 nautical miles. The Task Force I advancing on a northerly direction along the Mannar coast is stepping up pressure on Nachchikuda, the last major Sea Tiger stronghold on the north-western coast. Full Text

The Island

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Police raid suspected Tamil terror fundraisers again

Stewart Bell, National Post Published: Thursday, October 09, 2008

Counterterrorism police searched a building in Montreal last month due to suspicions it was still being used to raise money for Tamil Tigers guerrillas two years after police first raided it for the same reason.

The RCMP searched the Montreal office of the World Tamil Movement on Sept. 3, seizing items allegedly linked to Tamil Tigers fundraising, according to documents recently unsealed by the Federal Court.

A judge authorized the search after police officers noticed collection tills and items bearing the Tamil Tigers emblem inside the building .

The building had been emptied of all such materials during a 2006 police raid. Full Text
National Post

Police seek public support to identify female suicide bomber

Police has released the photograph of the female suicide bomber who had exploded herself targeting the vehicle convoy of Minister Maithripala Sirisena in Boralasgamua on Thursday (Oct 9).

Police suspect that the suicide bomber has lingered in the Colombo and its suburbs during past few days. Public can provide any information they know about the suspect on following telephone numbers:





Two civilians died and 5 others suffered injuries in the suicide bomb blast that took place on Tuesday afternoon.

Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka's message on Army day & 59th anniversary of the Army

Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka in his message on Army Day (October 10) and its 59th Anniversary paid a glittering tribute to all heroic soldiers who defend their beloved Motherland at the expense of their own lives.

Here is the full text of his message;

"I am delighted to issue this message as Commander of the Army on Army's 59th Anniversary and the Army Day.

You, as members of the Sri Lanka Army and as brave and patriotic sons and daughters of Mother Lanka, have now entered an era where responsibilities and tasks, enshrined in our Constitution are put into proper action.

When the Army's proud history and progress is viewed in retrospect as I emphasized earlier too, the services rendered by you, as a law-abiding professional organ, free from corruption, fraud and indiscipline, have made satisfactory progress in all fronts. Full Text

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Air raids continue

Triple Air raids target LTTE dens in Kilinochchi

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets launched 4 air strikes targeting 3 vital encampments of LTTE terrorists this morning (Oct 10), air force sources said.

Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara speaking to said that the first of the 3 air raids was taken at 6.30 AM targeting an LTTE communication centre located 3Km , northeast of Paranthan.

In addition, two air raids were taken at 7 AM targeting an LTTE leaders' hideout located 2km northeast of Kilinochchi town, he said.

At the same time, the third air strike was taken targeting a den of LTTE suicide bombers, also known as Black Tigers located 1.5 Km west of Paranthan, he added.

Speaking further, Wing Commander Nanayakkara said that all three targets were effectively engaged.

Fighter jets pound LTTE reinforcements - Nachchikudha

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets pounded LTTE reinforcement cadres detected 12Km northeast of Nachchikudha at 2.15, this evening (Oct 10).

Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara speaking to said the target was acquired in support of Army Task Force 1 operating in the western half of the Kilinochchi warfront. He added that the target was accurately hit.

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Wanni operation continued; 29 terrorists killed

Reports on yesterday's (Oct 9) battlefield reports indicate 29 deaths and 10 casualties to the LTTE cadres during offensives conducted in the Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Vavuniya and Mullaittivu fronts. Also, 2 soldiers laid down their lives and 10 suffered wounds during these incidents.

On the Kilinochchi front, troops of 57 division operating in the Akkarayankulam area attacked 3 LTTE bunkers in separate incident during the daytime and claimed 14 terrorists were killed. Also, troops attacked a group of terrorists observed elsewhere around 6.30AM and claimed 2 terrorists were killed. Snipers deployed in the forward areas confirmed shooting down of 2 LTTE cadres during evening hours.

Meanwhile troops of 57 divisions operating in the west of Mankualam area attacked a group of terrorist detected at Pannikkulama around 10.45 AM and claimed 4 terrorists were killed in the incident.

Task Force 1 troops heading Pooneryn , on the western half of the Kilinochchi front had several confrontations in the Vannerikulam area during the daytime. Troops claimed 3 LTTE cadres killed in these incidents. Three soldiers suffered injuries due to LTTE mortar fire.

Meanwhile , Task Force 2 troops operating in the Vavuniya front attacked a group of terrorist detected in the Nallikulama area around 1.30 PM. Troops claimed one terrorist was either killed or wounded. A soldier suffered injuries due to AP mine explosion occurred in the Mundimurippu area around 8 AM.

Troops of 56 division maintaining active defence in the either sides of the A-9 road in Omanthai attacked a terror bunker detected in the Vedamalikam area at 2.25 PM and claimed one terrorists was killed.

Daylong clashes continued in the Andankulam forest as Army 59 division troops continued their advance toward Mullaitivu yesterday. During these clashes 2 terrorists were killed, 6 others were wounded and 7 more were reported as either killed or wounded. Also, 2 soldiers were killed and 6 others suffered injuries. Troops also recovered one terror body during a search operation. Troops engaged in mine sweeping operation found 99 AP mines and 3 IEDs.

Meanwhile in the Jaffna theatre, troops maintaining active defence in the Ponnar , Vempotukerni and Ngarkovil areas had several confrontations during the day and claimed one terrorists was killed and 4 others wounded.

Three bodies of Army soldiers who had recently gone on mission during recent clashes were received by Army officials at Omanthai last afternoon. The bodies were taken to the liberated areas by the ICRC.

Wanni liberation operation continued.

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This will be end of LTTE terrorism - President

President Mahinda Rajapaksa told Al Jazeera television in an interview that this would be the end of the LTTE terrorists' battle for a separate State, adding that the terrorists should surrender to the military.

"LTTE cadres are willing to surrender to the Security Forces and many have done so," President Rajapaksa told the interviewer Tony Birtley.

He said that successive Governments in Sri Lanka had tried to persuade the LTTE to negotiate a political solution and failed, and that under the circumstances, the Government could not offer anything else to the terrorist group.

When asked whether it will take time to convince people that the peace process will bear fruit following what is acknowledged by many to be an inevitable military defeat of the LTTE, the President said that within a short span of time the Government was able to change the minds of the people of the Eastern Province as the Government is familiar with their aspirations and culture. President Rajapaksa said he believes in a political solution to the national issue and was confident that this would be best addressed after defeating the terrorists militarily.

He insisted that a political solution would be the answer to address the grievances of the Tamil people, not the terrorists.

He reiterated the Government's commitment to a political solution, but pointed out that the most important task at the moment is to defeat terrorism comprehensively.

Courtesy : Daily News

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Lavailfe: Where Singles Click!

Time is right for Bhanu to defect and save lives – Analysis of the Sri Lankan Conflict

Shanaka Jayasekara - Associate Lecturer, Centre for Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism (PICT) Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
The recent battlefield success of the Sri Lankan Security Forces has dramatically changed the ground realities and dynamics of the Sri Lankan conflict. The Tamil Tigers have been dislodged from areas they dominated militarily for many years in the North and East of the island. According to latest reports over the weekend (4-5 October) the Security Forces are less than 04 km south of Kilinochchi, which is considered by the Tamil Tigers as the de-facto capital. The fall of Kilinochchi will have symbolic value to the Sri Lankan government. However, in terms of strategic value the Paranthan junction 5km north of Kilinochchi will be the jewel in the crown. The fall of Paranthan junction will cut supply routes to Tamil Tiger defence localities in Pooneryn, Elephant Pass and Muhamalai.

If the Sri Lankan Security Forces can take control of Paranthan junction preferably before the onset of the North-East Monsoon the Tigers will have to re-draw the forward lines and be restricted to areas around the hinterland of Mullaitivu. If the NE monsoon sets in before the Security Forces reach Paranthan junction it could lead to scenes reminiscent of operations around Giants Tank in February 2008 in which the Security Forces faced adverse weather conditions inhibiting any progress till the end of the NE monsoon rains. Full Text
Asian Tribune

Troops capture bunkerline

Advancing troops, captured another LTTE bunker line following fierce clashes in Andankulam. At least 15 Tiger cadres were killed and 26 others injured in the confrontation.

Military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said fierce fighting erupted when the Army's 59 division advanced forward and launched intensified attacks in the Andankulam area on Wednesday around 9.30 a.m.

"LTTE cadres failed to resist as troops mounted a barrage of fire and retaliated the Tigers counter attack successfully. At least 15 LTTE cadres were killed and 26 others injured," he told the Daily News.

Security Forces are consolidating their position at the newly captured LTTE bunker lines in Andankulam after sporadic attacks by Tiger cadres. "Six soldiers sacrificed their lives and 44 others sustained injuries," Brigadier Nanayakkara said.

In another massive offensive, Security Forces inflicted heavy damages to Tiger cadres in the Wanniyarkulam area in Killinochchi on Wednesday morning.

Brigadier Nanayakkara said more than 21 LTTE cadres were killed and many others injured while two soldiers suffered minor injuries. Daily news

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Battered Tigers irked by Southern unity against terrorism

LTTE targeted Maj. Gen. Janaka Perera for a long time:

This country has already experienced situations in which the LTTE has made use of volatile situations of this nature to accomplish their terror plans. Onall these occasions the politicians had hair splitting arguments to prove that their main opponents were behind such assassinations but ultimately it was the LTTE which had always been behind those assassination.

t has been a proven fact that the LTTE never tolerated any unity in the Southern polity. Their attempts always aimed at disturbing the South once they observed signs that the South is uniting against LTTE terrorism. The LTTE observed that Southern polity is reaching towards consensus at this decisive juncture as the military defeat of the LTTE is nearing.

Though many politicians cry foul about military successes to appease their disgruntled political leaders, they are supportive of the military successes against the LTTE. Full Text

Daily News

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Union Minister demands ban on MDMK

PUDUCHERRY: Indian Union Minister of State for Planning and Parliamentary Affairs V Narayanasamy yesterday called for a ban on the MDMK for championing the "cause of LTTE" and demanded action against its General Secretary Vaiko for his open support to the Tigers.

While there could be no objection to any political party sympathising with Tamils in Sri Lanka and championing their cause, there should be no attempt to extend support to the LTTE in the garb of backing the Tamils, Narayanasamy, who is also an AICC General Secretary, told reporters.

He said Vaiko had been extending "unmitigated" support to the LTTE. There were also other organisations both in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry that were extending full support to the LTTE and action should be taken against the functionaries of such organisations, he said. The AICC General Secretary said immediate steps should be taken to ban the MDMK and action should also be initiated against Vaiko for his support to the LTTE. PTI

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UNESCO supports Lanka’s fight against terrorism

Chairman of the UNESCO Executive Committee Olabiyi Babalola Joseph Yai expressed deepest condolences to Sri Lanka on the LTTE suicide bomb attack in Anuradhapura on October 5 killing General Janaka Perera and 27 others.

He urged the Sri Lankan delegate to the UNESCO Executive Committee, Education Minister Susil Premajayantha to convey his condolences to the families of the victims.

Immediately after Mr Premajayantha’s speech at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, Mr Yai, who is also the permanent delegate of Benin expressed offered his sympathies on behalf of the Unesco Executive Committee. He offered the international community’s support for the fight against terrorism. The Chairman looked at Mr Premajayantha and said, “We are with you”.

Earlier Mr Premajayantha, while explaining the human rights situation in Sri Lanka said that the UNESCO National Commission’s Secretary General, Mr Preethi Perera, who had arrived in Paris to attend the Executive Committee meeting had to rush back to Colombo because of the death of his brother, General Janaka Perera. “The cowardly LTTE suicide bomber killed General Perera, his wife and 27 other innocent civilians,” the Education Minister said.

Emphasising the importance of the Human Rights Declaration and HR treaties, the Sri Lankan minister said, “Duty devolves on us to push these declarations forward along with other covenants of importance, which are directed towards duties and responsibilities. I trust that we all share a common passion in this regard and we therefore need to take it to the next level now.”

Several heads of delegations expressed their condolences to Mr Premajayantha over the bomb attack.

Asian Tribune

Lankan diaspora can contribute to end conflict - Kohona

Sri Lanka is at a decisive phase in its history and all Sri Lankans, whether living in Sri Lanka or abroad, have an unprecedented opportunity to contribute to ending the two decade old conflict and ushering in an honorable peace - the unrealized dream of many,” said Dr Palitha Kohona, Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Dr. Kohona said Sri Lanka has the opportunity to end the violence and hopelessness that pervades some parts of society and usher in an era of hope for all with the security forces unremittingly pushing in to territory hitherto controlled by the LTTE. “Now they are at the gates of Kilinochchi, the pretended capital of the illusion that was Eelam. In parallel, the Government has embarked on a deliberate programme of extending democratic and inclusive governance to those parts of the country that are continuing to fall under its control,” he said.

Dr. Kohona says the Government has begun to implement the 13th Amendment to the Constitution and accordingly one of the key stones of the Indo Lanka accord. Full Text

Daily Mirror

Thursday, October 9, 2008

LTTE counter offensive in Mullaittivu crushed; 49 terrorists killed in clashes yesterday

The focus of the Wanni liberation operation turned to Mullaittivu front yesterday (Oct 8) as troops of 59 division crushed an LTTE counter offensive in the Andankulama area. According to finalized military reports 49 terrorists were killed and another 32 wounded in yesterday's fighting both at Wanni and Northern battle theaters.

Troops following a capture of a terror bunker line around 9 AM were attacked upon by the terrorists aimed at regaining their lost positions. After a pitched battle that lasted till 9PM, troops overpowered the terrorists and consolidated their positions. Eight soldiers laid down their lives and 54 others suffered injuries in the incident. Intercepted LTTE radio transmissions confirmed 15 terrorists were killed and 26 others suffered injuries.

In separate confrontation reported elsewhere in the Andankulama forest, troops attacked an LTTE bunker around 10.20 AM. The terrorists responded with heavy mortar and small arms fire. A soldier was killed and another injured in the retaliatory fire. Intercepted LTTE radio transmissions confirmed one terrorist was killed.

In the Gajabapura area on the same Mullaittivu front, a soldier was killed in a confrontation around 9.50 AM. Meanwhile, troops continued pushing LTTE away from the Eastern battlefront at Kilinochchi, reportedly killing 10 terrorists and injuring 4 others. According to Wanni military sources, the fighting was reported from Vedamakilam, Akkarayankulama and Irananmadu general areas. Also, a soldier has received injuries while engaged in clearing operations in Thunukkai, at 3.50p.m.

Separately, security forces mounted heavy attacks at LTTE at the Western Kilinochchi battlefront, gaining total control over 3sqkm of land area at Manniyakkulama. 21 LTTE terrorists were killed during the day's confrontation in the area, according to finalized military reports. 2 soldiers were also reported wounded in the confrontation.

At the Jaffna theater of battle, a terrorists was reported killed and another 2 wounded during limited confrontations between troops and LTTE at the Kilaly defences. A soldier has also received injuries due to an anti personnel mine(AP) explosion in the area. Meanwhile, troops have recovered 9 AP mines during search operations conducted in the same area, according to military.

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Sri Lanka - Time to Heal the Wounds

Dr Palitha Kohona, Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is at a decisive phase in its history. All Sri Lankans, whether living in Sri Lanka or abroad, have an unprecedented opportunity to contribute to ending the two decade old conflict and ushering in an honorable peace - the unrealized dream of many.

We have the opportunity to end the violence and hopelessness that pervades some parts of our society and usher in an era of hope for all. Sri Lanka's security forces are unremittingly pushing in to territory hitherto controlled by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE). Now they are at the gates of KIlinochchi, the pretend capital of the illusion that was Elam. In parallel, the Government has embarked on a deliberate programme of extending democratic and inclusive governance to those parts of the country that are continuing to fall under its control.

Proactively inclusive approaches, and the rapid consolidation of civilian administration, are critical parts of the Government's strategy to restore normalcy, enhance civilian confidence and heal the wounds inflicted over the last twenty five years of conflict. Full Text

Sri Lanka Guardian

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Sri Lanka : Can the Tamil Tigers save the Tamils?

Editorial - Uthayam Australia

(September 28, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) AS, I write this Government forces are closing in on the last bit of territory held by the LTTE in the Vanni. Everyone was expecting the LTTE to pull a rabbit out of their hat and turn the tide. Other than throwing a few canisters of CS gas they have not produced anything to prove that they can fight the Sri Lankan forces. There is hardly time left either for the LTTE to inspire confidence among the cadres to keep on fighting. The last remaining cadres can fight but for what? The advance of the Sri Lankan forces has driven the last nail into Prabhakaran’s promised Eelam. It is now clear that the last battles are fought to protect Prabhakaran and his status and not the Tamil people trapped in a losing war. All reports indicate that the LTTE, apart from losing territory, has lost manpower and firepower. They have now lost even the prestige they had by holding on to territory. The LTTE can no longer boast that they are running a de facto state. Full Text
Sri Lanka Guardian

Disregarding Air Force Chief’s instructions created the problem - Prime Minister

Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka yesterday told Parliament that the problem created regarding the carrying of Major General Janaka Perera’s remains by Air was due to disregarding the instructions provided by the Air Force Commander. The Prime Minister said that UNP Secretary General Tissa Aththanayaka spoke to him yesterday regarding the making of arrangements to carry the remains of Major General Perera by air to Anuradhapura, “I said I would talk to the Air Force Chief”. The Air Force Chief agreed to make arrangements. Thereafter I told UNP MP Tissa Aththanayaka to deal with the Air Force Chief and make arrangements.

The Prime Minister said the Air Force Commander informed him that the UNP has not followed the necessary guidelines given by the Air Force. The Air Force Commander has told the UNP to hand over the remains to the Air Force from the funeral parlour due to some security arrangements. However the remains had been brought to the Ratmalana Air Force camp without following these instructions given by the Air Force. Therefore some problems had arisen regarding this.

The Prime Minister said that he really wanted to help. But he was blamed by the Opposition regarding this incident. “However, if we have done some mistake I’m ready to accept the blame. But this situation was created unnecessarily due to the disregarding of instructions provided by the Air Force Chief. Daily News

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Cho Ramaswamy claims Tamil Nadu campaigns are just political posturing

Veteran Indian Political Commentator Cho Ramaswamy speaking to BBC Tamil Service on Tuesday October 7th said the present campaigns by all Tamil Nadu (TN) parties on Sri Lanka Tamils is nothing but ‘just talk’.

Replying to a question, if the activities mounted by the Indian parties appear to be “critical of the appearance of India helping Sri Lanka on the military drive”, he said a meaningful stand is any of the party truly coming forward to contest the election on this issue.

Several Tamil Nadu political parties have ratcheted up their campaigns, calling for a halt to military campaign by Sri Lanka and seek a political settlement.

Commenting on the fast organized by the State Communist Party of India (CPI) on October 2nd, Cho Ramaswamy stated this party never raised the Tamil issue with any seriousness with the Indian Government while they were in a position to do so. He added CPI raised several other critical matters time to time with the centre while they were influential. But CPI never talked about Sri Lankan Tamils during that period, he pointed out.

Cho S. Ramaswamy is best known for his political comments that irk all Indian parties, particularly of those Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu. His popular satirical magazine ‘Thuglak’ celebrated 38th anniversary of publication in January 2008.

Not only the Dravidian parties, he quipped even the recent Bharathiya Janatha Party (BJP) statements on the Sri Lankan issue too are just ‘pure talk’, geared to appear as ‘pro-Tamil’ amidst similar chorus.

Cho Ramaswamy however asserted there is “full support among the people (of Tamil Nadu) for Tamils to live with equal rights like the Sinhalese (within a united Sri Lanka)”.

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Violent references raise concerns in Sri Lankan pop star's 'Paper Planes'

by Carrie Stetler/The Star-Ledger

You might have heard the catchy pop song "Paper Planes," an unexpected hit with indecipherable lyrics punctuated by gunshots and the ka-ching! of a cash register.

Even if you understand the singer's cockney accent, you probably don't know what she's talking about: Getting high like planes? Sitting on trains? The song, by Sri Lankan artist M.I.A., got picked up by mainstream radio after it was featured in a trailer for "Pineapple Express," a movie about potheads.

Now the singsong tune has become a source of confusion and even controversy. Some have called it a pro-terrorist anthem, although M.I.A, who grew up mostly in London, describes herself as a war refugee who doesn't advocate violence. Full Text

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