Saturday, September 27, 2008

Troops chase off LTTE infiltrators - Yala

A soldier succumbed injuries during a gunfire exchange between troops and LTTE at Block-3 , Yala today (Sep 27) at around 3.45p.m.

Soldiers on duty, detecting an LTTE movement had opened fire at the terrorist forcing the terrorist to flee the area, Army sources said. Search operations are underway, Army sources further said.

81 rebels killed as fighter jets target LTTE stronghold: army



At least 81 LTTE cadres were killed as Sri Lankan armed forces using fighters and artilleries pounded Tigers' stronghold, with troops reported to be on the outskirts of the key Kilinochchi town.

The fighter jets targeted female 'Black Tigers' training facility at Rathnapuram, Kilinochchi, as well as LTTE logistic centres and vehicles storage areas in a major escalation of the country's ongoing civil strife.

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Rajapaksa's use of Tamil at UN 'commitment to diversity'

Colombo (PTI): Sri Lankan President MahindaRajapaksa, who perhaps became the first Head of State to speakin Tamil at the UN General Assembly, has conveyed that thegovernment puts the language on equal status with that ofSinhala, a top minister said.

"The President's action (on Wednesday) makes its clearthat we are a government committed to promoting and nurturingdiversity," Human Rights and Disaster Management MinisterMahinda Samarasinghe said.

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Sri Lanka military: 63 dead in airstrikes, battles

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - A wave of gunbattles, artillery attacks and air strikes across northern Sri Lanka killed 60 Tamil Tiger rebels and three soldiers, the military said Saturday.

The fighting came during a major escalation of the nation's quarter-century civil war, with military forces pushing toward the rebels' administrative capital in the town of Kilinochchi and government officials promising to destroy the rebel group by the end of the year.

Tamil Nadu set to release Nalini

Chennai, Sep 25 (IANS) The Tamil Nadu government is set to expedite the premature release of Nandini Murugan, who was sentenced to death for her role in the assassination of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, Chief Minister M Karunanidhi indicated Thursday.

'The advisory board of Vellore prison will asked to reconsider its recommendations on the application for premature release by Nalini which will be considered on merits to arrive at a decision according to our laws,' Karunanidhi wrote in the ruling Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam newspaper Murasoli.

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Sri Lanka 'on verge of victory'

By Roland Buerk
BBC News, Colombo

Sri Lanka's powerful Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has said the government is on the verge of victory in the war against Tamil Tiger rebels.

"In all fronts we are very superior, on the ground, the sea and air," said Mr Rajapaksa in an interview with the BBC.

"Our numbers are very much greater than theirs, our firepower is much greater. We are very confident we can win and we want to finish this very soon."

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UK urge LTTE to let civilians free

UK urged the LTTE terrorists to let the free movement of civilians trapped in Tiger-held areas in the North. The British Foreign Office urged the LTTE to act urgently to allow free movement of civilians from the Wanni.

INGO kingpin with Italian passport joins LTTE as fighter

(Zoa informs MoD of its project Manager's decision)

The Kilinochchi Project Manager of an INGO known as Zoa has joined the LTTE to fight the Sri Lanka Army. He, an Italian passport holder, has informed the Colombo-based head of Zoa, in writing, of his decision to fight for the cornered Tigers.

The Ministry of Defence told The Island yesterday that Zoa had informed it of the situation and forwarded a copy of the letter from its Project Manager, the latest LTTE recruit. Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, asked for comment, said he was aware that a Zoa official had joined the LTTE.

According to sources, Zoa had tried repeatedly to persuade its Project Manager to leave Kilinochchi but in vain.

Zoa is a key member of the UN-led Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies (CHA), which has been active in the Eastern Province and in the Jaffna Peninsula.

Government sources said it was evident that the Zoa manager had been working for the LTTE throughout his deployment in Kilinochchi during the past several years.

Sources said that the government would have to review the process of allowing international humanitarian workers to enter the country as there was believed that at least some of them were working for the LTTE.

The UN Colombo is expected to explain its position on the Zoa Project Manager shortly, as Zoa is a prominent CHA member.

Zoa is the second INGO found to be directly involved with the LTTE. The first one was the Norwegian People's Aid, which has recently moved out of Kilinochchi leaving behind about 40 vehicles, including earth moving machines.

Courtesy: The Island

Air Strikes at female 'black tiger' training facility- Kilinochchi

Sri Lankan Air Force fighter jets have launched a precision air strike at the LTTE's main, female 'black tiger' training facility located at Rathnapuram, in Kilinochchi, Saturday (Sep 27), at around 12.15p.m.

"The target was located 1.5km East of the A-9 trunk road and North of the Iranamadu Tank", Air Force Spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara said speaking to

According to the Air Force Spokesperson, the target was acquired on real-time ground information received.

The site is known to be the main female black tiger training and coordinating facility and a most frequented location by LTTE's intelligence wing chief, Pottu Amman, military sources said.

Over the years, the facility has been used to engineer LTTE's most barbaric suicide attacks in the South, particularly in Colombo, military sources said. According to available information, serious damages were caused to the facility, as INTEL reports confirmed intense terrorist activity during the time of attack.

Armoured LTTE vehicles fitted with anti-air guns were observed rushing to the target location immediately after the attack, while reliable sources in Wanni said that people were ordered to stay away from the main roads in Kilinochchi by the outfit.

"Some serious damages have been caused and it is likely they (LTTE) will take time to reveal or remain tight lipped as usual over the incident", defence observes said citing intercepted LTTE communication.

Troops foray terror defences; 4 terrorists killed - Kilinochchi

Troops of Army Task Force 1 operating on the western half of the Kilinochchi battlefront, attacked terror defences in the Manniyakulam area, 12 km northeast of Nachchikudha at 12.30, last afternoon (Sept 26) , battlefield reports said.

According to the reports, troops had observed 4 bodies of slain LTTE cadres lying in the forward area following the clash. One of the bodies had been collected and taken to the rear areas , the reports added.

Later, intercepted terror radio transmissions revealed that 14 terrorists had been killed and 15 others wounded during the incident. Troops suffered no casualties.

Who Commits Genocide in Sri Lanka and How to Stop it

by Thomas Johnpulle

(September 27, London, Sri Lanka Guardian)
The word “genocide” is a heavily abused term in the Sri Lankan context. It is also the most popular oxymoron used with regard to the conflict. On the outward over 70,000 people have died in the twenty-five-years long conflict. During the same time period over two and a half a million people have died of all causes mainly of old age, heart disease and cancer. This makes war deaths a meagre 2.8% of the total number of deaths. In other words war results in 2.8% of deaths in Sri Lanka which is definitely not a significant cause of death. However, the underlying picture is gruelling and cruel. The tiny third world country is cursed with the world’s most ruthless terrorist organisation (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam – LTTE, commonly known as Tamil Tigers) in the world. LTTE’s suicide bombers far outnumber their Iraqi and Afghanistan counterparts. LTTE is openly committing genocide against people of all races in Sri Lanka in every manner imaginable to a satanic mind.

Trotskyite antics fail to impress Canada

By Janaka Perera

New Left Front Leader and Nava Sama Samaja Party (NSSP) General Secretary Dr. Dr. Karunaratne' Karunaratne's response to the Canadian High Commission's rejection of his visa application reveals a confused and hypocritical mind typical of political loonies.

"LTTE is a Tamil nationalist bourgeois party that uses the method of terror in the course of the struggle," he writes, saying that it is therefore not compatible with his socialist party that "believes in mass actions." Yet in the same letter he calls the Rajapaksa regime a "war mongering government" thus rationalizing his support for the LTTE separatism. It was a NSSP member on a visit to Italy demanded the release of Tiger suspects arrested in that country.

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Air Force pounds terror positions –Kilinochchi

Sri Lanka Air Force MI 24 Helicopter gunships carried out several close air support mission for Army 57 division troops operating on the eastern half of the Kilinochchi battlefront this evening (Sept 26).

Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara speaking to said that terror positions in the north of Akkarayankulam Tank bund were attacked from 5.30 PM to 6 PM.

According to the defence sources in the area, heavy clashes prevail in the west of the Akkarayankulm area since this morning.

Suspected Pro-LTTE vandals attack Buddhist temple in London


A leading Buddhist temple in the Metropolitan London has been vandalized in the wee hours of, Friday September 26, by suspected Tamil Tiger terrorist sympathizers in the area, the Chief Incumbent of the temple said.

"I suspect my temple has been vandalized by pro-LTTE elements in the area" said Venerable Galayaye Piyadassi, the chief incumbent A of the Sri Sadhdhatissa International Buddhist Centre in Kingsbury, London..

"The temple was visited by President Mahinda Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka last Saturday and this incident is suspected to be related to his visit, temple sources said.

President Rajapaksa's government is engaged in a fierce war with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to rid the country of the terrorist movement and its separatist campaign.. There are nearly 100,000 Sri Lankan Tamils living in the metropolitan London who wield some political power. Gangs related to the terrorist group are allegedly operating in the Kingsbury area.

The vandals entered the Buddhist temple premises at 1.30 in the morning, Friday, and smashed up many window panes on the downstairs of the buildings numbered 309 and 311 , and windscreens of the temple car and a hired minibus, using rods, said an eyewitness to the incident.

According to the sources, a resident monk had seen two Sri Lankan looking men smashing the windows on the left and right sides of the building and then the windscreen of the temple's car. When the monk had called for help the vandals fled, the sources added.


Friday, September 26, 2008

US State Department’s Boucher and LTTE in same Frequency: Sri Lanka’s Humanitarian Efforts ignored

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune – News Analysis

Washington, D.C. 26 September ( U.S. State Department’s South and Central Asian Affairs assistant secretary Richard Boucher in a September 24 statement said: “We're placing a lot of emphasis right now on the protection of human rights for civilians who are caught in the fighting, and the democratic government's responsibility for extending - for respecting and extending human rights protection to the people in the areas that they take over.”

Boucher issued the statement after the two-hour meeting of the Co-Chairs, who supervise and scrutinize the on-going conflict in Sri Lanka, in New York reviewing the progress in Sri Lanka.

Progress of the Wanni operation-The latest position

Detailed report - Click Here

Loads of bombs and weapons found - Negombo

Police have found over 100 kg of C-4 high explosives, one T-56 riffle, one suicide jacket, claymore mines, night visions, remote control devices and limpet bombs from an unoccupied land in Kudapaduwa, Negombo this evening (Sept 26).

Police suspects that LTTE terrorists had kept these weapons to be used in intended attacks against civilian and security forces targets in the South.


3 air raids targeting LTTE strong points

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets raided identified three separate LTTE locations in Kilinochchi, Mullaittivu and Vavuniya districts throughout the day, 26 September.

Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, speaking to said that the first air raid was launched around 9.45 a.m. targeting LTTE gathering place in 2 Km north of Akkarayankulam in Kilinochchi district.

Meanwhile, fighter jets simultaneously engaged in two more LTTE bases around 1.45 p.m. today. One of the two targets was an LTTE storage facility located in 2 Km south of Piramantalkulam in Mullaittivu district while the other was an LTTE supply base located 1 Km southeast of Puliyankulam in Vavuniya district, the spokesperson added.

Air Force confirmed that three targets were engaged accurately.


Wanni operation continues; 34 terrorists killed, 15 wounded

According to the finalized military report received from the battlefront said that 34 LTTE terrorists were killed while 10 others sustained injuries during the yesterday's clashes, 25 September, ensued in Kilinochchi, Vavuniya and Welioya battlefronts. 5 others reportedly either killed or wounded, the report added. Meanwhile 3 soldiers laid their lives for defending the motherland while 24 others suffered injuries in these confrontations.

Troops of 57 Division operating in Mullaittivu district had several confrontations with LTTE terrorists in Akkarayankulam and Kokkavil areas. 11 LTTE terrorists were killed in these attacks while 2 security forces personnel sustained injuries.

Meanwhile, fierce gun battle reported in two separate occasions during the day time in general area Maniyankullam in Kilinochchi district. According to the finalized report 17 LTTE terrorists were killed in these attacks. 2 army soldiers laid their lives for defending the motherland while 21 others sustained injuries. (See the initial report on this incident shown in Related Articles)

In Vavuniya front, troops of 56 Division had confronted with LTTE terrorists in Vedamakilam and Koliyakulam areas killing 2 more terrorists and injuring 2 others.

Separately in the same front, an LTTE terrorist was killed while another suffered injuries when the troops of Task Force 2 confronted with the enemy in general area Palamoddai.

In Welioya front, 3 terrorists were killed and 7 others sustained injuries in clashes reported in general area Andankulam. 5 more LTTE terrorists reportedly either killed or wounded, the report added. An army soldier made his utmost sacrifice for defending the motherland while the other received injuries.

Troops of 59 Division engaged in mine clearing operation in recently liberated areas have unearthed 117 anti-personnel mines and 8 IEDs, the report said.

Security forces on the doorstep of Kokkavil - Mullaittivu front

Security forces personnel engaged in Wanni liberating operation in Mullaittivu front are on the eve of another significant victory against LTTE terrorists as the troops of 57 Division advancing into the Kokkavil general area this afternoon, 26 September.

According to the latest information received from the forefront, the troops of 57 Division are in close vicinity to the Kokkavil railway station complex. More information will follow ..


"We will only rest after defeating LTTE" says Army Chief

"We will only rest after defeating LTTE and till then our campaign will continue", Army Chief Lt. General Sarath Fonseka, was quoted saying during the launch of 'Wanni Satana', a book written by Defence Columnist, Tissa Ravindra Perera at the National Library and Documentation Services Board on Thursday(25).

"The Army will fire its first rounds towards Kilinochchi town by next week, as troops are some four kilometers away from Kilinochchi," said Lt. General Fonseka further adding that, "we can even see some of the buildings in the town."

"They even said that the Eelam war-IV would come to Colombo. But now we can see our forces taking the war to Kilinochchi and now the LTTE Leader is like a caged animal," he said.

"When we commenced of the liberation of the east in 2006, some had said, we can't do it. But we have proved we can, and our forces are near the heart of Kilinochchi," he said.

"We have done our duty during last two years as promised," Lt. Gen Fonseka said, adding, "we need the support of the media institutes, for the sake of the country and to show we are strong enough to stand by ourselves."

Also speaking at the occasion, Air Force Commander Roshan Goonetilake said, that the Air Force would continue to hunt for the LTTE Leader.

"We are getting intelligence and information about the whereabouts of Prabhakaran; we will continue with our raids, targeting those hideouts", he said.

Earlier, the author had published two books about the ongoing military campaigns. Director General of the Civil Defence Force (CDF), Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara was also present at the occasion.

In addition, a dedicated web site for 'war Heroes' ( was re-launched at the event.


Turkish President praises Sri Lankan fight against LTTE terrorism

The President of Turkey H.E Abdullah Gul, while applauding the humanitarian assistance operations initiated by the Sri Lankan government in the North for internally displaced, also praised its determination to eliminate terrorism, which was described as "an example to other countries that are also battered by terrorism".

He made these views during a meeting held with President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Thursday (Sep 25) at the UN Headquarters in New York. The two leaders also discussed issues such as promotion of tourism and increasing flight operations between the two countries.

"As much as Sri Lanka, Turkey too was facing a separatist terrorist problem. Turkey too had a long experience about the acts of terrorists and the humanitarian operations carried out by the Sri Lanka Government led by President Rajapaksa was a great example to the whole world", the Turkish President was quoted further saying.

President Rajapaksa also extended his gratitude for the support given by the government of Turkey during the tsunami catastrophe, Presidential Media Unit sources said.


37 Tamil civilians seek protection with security forces- Pulmoddai

37 Tamil civilians belonging to 9 families Thursday (Sep 25) have sought protection with security forces at Pulmoddai, South of Mullaittivu.

The civilians including 15 children, 8 females and 14 males have braved their way along the choppy Eastern waters on two boats into the liberated territory, who are reportedly locals from Mullaittivu, military sources said.

"We had no option other than to make our move despite presence of sea tigers along the Mullaittivu coast. Now we know our lives are in safe hands and our children spared from been dragged into the battlefront", a mother was quoted as saying with our correspondent.

Their eyes were glittering with hopes of a new life, and why not after decades of unprecedented hardships at the hands of LTTE, our correspondent said adding that these people will be sent into the civilian welfare centers in Vavuniya and Mannar.

9 LTTE bunkers overrun: 13 terrorists killed, 11 wounded- Kilinochchi

Troops of the 58 Division operating at the Western Wanni battlefront at Vannakpullikulam in Kilinochchi, Thursday (Sep 25) forced into an LTTE bunker defence line seizing control over 9 bunkers, killing 13 terrorists, injuring 11 others and recovering 3 slain bodies of terrorists at around 11.30a.m.

Troops also uncovered 3 T-56 assault riffles and an I-com set during a subsequent search operation conducted in the area.

Fighting between troops and LTTE are constantly reported from the area, especially at Akkaraynakulama and Nachchikuda, as tigers are putting-up stiff resistance to prolong the military surge, defence observers state. Strategically this is a more important phase of the military advances in Wanni: it's Pooneryn the next stop along the A-32 where LTTE is believed to have mounted most of its artillery batteries, the observers further noted.

Meanwhile, two soldiers have laid down their lives and 5 others reported wounded in yesterday's fighting in general area Nachchikuda, according to reports received.

Jets target, sea tiger gathering in Pooneryn

Sri Lankan Air force fighter jets have made a successful nighttime air sortie at a sea tiger gartering on Thursday (Sep 25), in general area Pooneryn, at around 11p.m.

The air strike was made on reliable information received, Air Force sources said.

LTTE leader Varathan killed in Jaffna

LTTE regional leader of Muhamalai South in Jaffna ‘Varathan’ has been killed due to clashes between government troops and LTTE in the areas of Jaffna Nagarkovil and Kilali yesterday (24).

According to the Media Centre for National Security, four LTTE carders were also killed in Nagarkovil and another four LTTE terrorists were killed in Kilali area.

It was also reported Army recovered a body of a LTTE cadre


Lankan found guilty in Canada Terror Plot

A judge on Thursday found a youth suspect guilty in a plot to bomb Canadian government offices and attack the prime minister, in the first trial of a member of the so-called Toronto 18.

The judge said there was credible evidence of a terrorist plot aimed at targets in North America. But the judge said the man could not be convicted yet because of a technicality.

The judge's 50-page ruling hinged on whether the information provided by a paid police informant was credible. The judge said that prosecutors did not have to prove that the suspects were capable of carrying out a terrorist attack or that there was a specific plan, only that they could be demonstrated to be a terrorist group.

Because the man on trial was 17 years old when arrested, he cannot be identified under Canadian law. The man, who was accused of participating in terrorist training, moved to Canada from Sri Lanka in 1994 and was raised a Hindu. He converted to Islam in high school and met many of his accused accomplices, including a man prosecutors depict as the ringleader, at a mosque in the Scarborough area of Toronto.

Ontario Superior Court Justice John Sproat rendered his verdict in Brampton, Ont., courtroom, saying evidence that a terrorist conspiracy existed was "overwhelming," according to the Canadian Press.

The story that first emerged about the 18 men and teenagers, all Muslims, who were arrested in and around Toronto in June 2006, was deeply disturbing. Police officials and prosecutors told of plots to bomb government offices in Toronto and Ottawa as well as a nuclear power station, and of a planned attack on Parliament with the aim of capturing Prime Minister Stephen Harper and decapitating him.


Commander briefed on Army gains

Major General Jagath Jayasooriya, Commander, Security Forces Wanni and ground Commanders, engaged in Wanni humanitarian operations, to salvage civilians from the LTTE grip of terrorism, apprised Army Commander Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka of the advance and gains the Army has so far achieved, during a review meeting yesterday morning at the Security Forces Headquarters Wanni (SFHQ-W).

Forces repulse Tiger 'waves' as Kilinochchi beckons


The battle on the Kilinochchi battlefront has reached this new momentum turning the battle into one of the most decisive phases within the past two weeks commencing from the September 14 when troops changed the axis of the battlefront towards new direction.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sri Lanka urges Commonwealth to take practical steps to combat terrorism

Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama has called on the Commonwealth to move forward to evolve more practical measures to combat terrorism and draw from its wealth of experience to enhance the Commonwealth Plan of Action on Terrorism.

He made this call in his intervention during the Commonwealth Foreign Ministers' meeting on 24th September 2008, in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. Speaking further, he said that it is for this purpose that Sri Lanka had proposed at the last CHOGM in Kampala to convene a Commonwealth Ministerial Conference on Terrorism in Colombo. The Minister suggested that the meeting be held at the level of Home/Interior Ministers.

The Foreign Minister further said that terrorism continues to pose a serious threat to global peace and security by causing economic and political instability. He therefore pointed out that democracies have become especially vulnerable to terrorism in today's world.

In this context, he called on the Commonwealth Member States to explore pragmatic measures for information and intelligence gathering, capacity building of relevant national institutions, technical assistance programmes in counter terrorism. In this context, he proposed that the Commonwealth Committee on Terrorism should meet early at the working level in London, to set the pace for the proposed ministerial meeting.

Minister Bogollagama speaking on the implementation of the Action Plan of the Munyonyo Statement on Respect and Understanding supported the proposal for a global event on this issue while having pointed out the need for the involvement of the wider global community to include non-Commonwealth countries and the corporate sector. He emphasized the need for this event to be held in a Commonwealth country since adequate global exposure could be achieved as the organization is indigenous in its member countries. In his intervention, the Minister referred to Sri Lanka's own experience of terrorism and identified peace building among youth as a priority of the government.

He also thanked the Commonwealth for funding peace building training programmes for youth in Sri Lanka. He observed that the Commonwealth Youth programme could contribute immensely through peace education programmes and indicated that Sri Lanka too was willing to participate in cross cultural exchange programmes involving school principals, teachers and students. The Minister pointed out that the youth segment in diaspora communities should also be involved in exchange programmes given that they are a major contributory factor to conflict.

The Foreign Minister noted that Sri Lanka va1ues the work of the Commonwealth and its networking capability and recalled that Sri Lanka had in Kampala offered to host CHOGM 2011 which had been included in the final communiqu‚.

At this meeting he reiterated this offer by Sri Lanka which was noted and referred to at the Commonwealth Heads of Government special meeting which was also concluded today. The Minister pointed out that the last time the Heads of Government of the Commonwealth met in Asia was in 1989 in Malaysia, and therefore it is appropriate that it be held in Asia at the earliest possible opportunity.


Sri Lankan troops on outskirts of Tamil Tiger HQ: army chief

COLOMBO (AFP) - Sri Lankan government forces have advanced to the outskirts of the northern Tamil Tiger rebel capital of Kilinochchi, the army chief announced Thursday.

The government, which pulled out of a Norwegian-brokered ceasefire in January, wants to capture the town and deal what would be a major military and psychological blow to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels.

Sri Lanka refutes unfair allegations by HR Advocates at UNHRC

In a right of Reply exercised by Sri Lanka following the panel discussion and interactive dialogue on missing persons, under item 3 on Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to development at the 9th Session of the Human Rights Council, on 22 September 2008, Mr. Yasantha Kodagoda, Deputy Solicitor-General, Attorney-General's Department stated the following.

"Mr. Moderator, let me at the very outset express to the Government of Pakistan and its people my Government's condolences regarding the most gruesome terrorist attack that took place in Pakistan last weekend.

Mr. Moderator, it is indeed very unfortunate that two organizations which addressed this august assembly abused this debate by engaging in a naming and blaming exercise distorting the truth. It was alleged Mr. Moderator, that an ethnic profiling exercise is afoot in Sri Lanka. We deny this allegation.

In Sri Lanka, we have a well functioning and vibrant Supreme Court which engages judiciously in the promotion and protection of human rights. It is unfortunate, Mr. Moderator, that the advocates of human rights who make these unfounded allegations against Sri Lanka, do not use this effective, domestic, legal remedy to obtain appropriate redress to the victims they allege to represent.

Mr. Moderator, we are indeed conscious that disappearances are a phenomenon that plagues human civilizations. We are committed to upholding the rule of law and working with UN mechanisms to resolve this issue even at a time when the very unitary character and the existence of my country are being threatened by ruthless terrorists.

Mr. Moderator, we fully endorse the continuation of this debate on disappearances during the future sessions of this council. In our view, this process should be aimed at supplementing the mandate of the UN working group on enforced disappearances and the very useful work being done in the field by the ICRC.

Thank you."

Courtesy : The Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka to the United Nations Office at Geneva


Air Force Fighter jets pound terror positions - Kilinochchi

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets pounded LTTE reinforcements detected in the Akkarayankulam area this afternoon (Sept 25).
Air Force spokesperson , Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara speaking said that the air strike was taken at 2.20 PM targeting an LTTE gathering 1 Km North of Akkarayankulam Tank bund.

"Investigation Unnecessary and Inappropriate for Extension of GSP+" – FM

The Government of Sri Lanka finds the procedure of instituting an investigation unnecessary and inappropriate, given the extensive cooperation Sri Lanka has extended to the UN/ILO convention supervisory bodies relevant to the GSP+ process and also through its continuous interaction with the European institutions stated Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama, when he met Benita Ferrero Waldner EU External Relations Commissioner, today (23) on the sidelines of the UNGA in New York.

Fighting continues: troops getting closer to A-9 road from West

Battlefield reports received yesterday (Sept 24) indicate that troops operating in the Kilinochchi and North of Vavuniya fronts were further pushing their defence towards Jaffna-Kandy (A-9) road from west of Wanni. According to the defence sources in the front troops of 57 division were getting closer to Kokavil and troops of Task Force 2 are heading towards Mankulam.
Troops of Army 57 division attacked 2 terror bunkers situated in the west of Akkarayankulam last afternoon and confirmed both bunkers were destroyed. However, terror casualties in these incidents were not known.
Meanwhile, troops of Army Task Force 1, operating in the western half of the Kilinochchi front confronted with a group of terrorists in the Nachchikudha area last evening. 3 soldiers suffered injuries during this incident. Terror casualties were not known. On the same day afternoon, snipers deployed in the Nachchikudha forward area confirmed shooting down of one LTTE cadre.
In the Vannerikkulam area, troops confronted with a group of terrorists around 8 AM and claimed 4 terrorists were killed and at least 6 others were wounded. Later in the same day afternoon, troops attacked and captured an LTTE bunker located elsewhere. Intercepted terror radio transmission revealed 3 terrorists killed in the incident. Troops found a T-56 riffle along with 300 ammo and a radio communication set. Meanwhile, snipers deployed in the Vannerikkulam forward area confirmed shooting down of one LTTE cadre during morning hours.
Troops of Task Force 2 operating in the Vavuniya front had three separate confrontations with the terrorists in the Palamoddai area during the day and claimed 6 terrorists were killed. Also, troops found one T-56 weapon with 65 rounds, 3 RPG bombs, 3 hand grenades, and one pouch following one of the confrontations.

Meanwhile, troops of 56 division maintaining the active defence in the either side of the A-9 road in Omanthai attacked a terror bunker located in the Navatkulam area around 11 AM. Troops confirmed one terrorist was killed and the bunker was partially destroyed.

Troops of 59 division operating in the Mullaittivu front had daylong fighting in Andankulama forests reserve and claimed 5 terrorists were killed, 8 others wounded and 17 more were either killed or wounded. Also, 4 soldiers suffered injuries during these incidents.

Meanwhile on the Jaffna theatre of operation, troops maintaining active defence in the Muhamalai area attacked a groups of terrorists detected in the forward area around 10 last night. Troops found a body of an LTTE cadre during subsequent search. Later, intercepted terror radio transmissions revealed 2 terrorists were killed in the incident. One soldier was killed and another suffered injuries due to IED and AP mine explosions occurred elsewhere.
Counter terror operations are being continued.

Heavy clashes continue in Welioya battle front

WELIOYA: One LTTE terrorist was killed during a battle with troops in ANDANKULAM area around 10.45am yesterday (24).

Troops launched an attack on a LTTE bunker located in ANDANKULAM area around 10.15am yesterday (24). Five LTTE terrorists were wounded during this incident.

In the same area around 11.15am one terrorist was killed and another three were wounded during a confrontation with troops. Another terrorist was killed during a confrontation in ANDANKULAM area around 2.35pm on the same day. One soldier was also wounded during this incident.

A total of nineteen terrorists were wounded in seven separate confrontations in ANDANKULAM area around 9.25am, 9.45am, 12.20pm, 2.10pm, 2.50pm, 3.10pm and 5.15pm respectively yesterday (24).

Another four LTTE cadres were wounded during confrontations in the same area around 10.00am and 12.50pm on the same day. Three soldiers were also wounded during these incidents.

Meanwhile in the same area around 1.20pm one soldier was wounded during a confrontation.

Seven Terrorists killed in Vavuniya clashes

VAVUNIYA / JAFFNA: A total of six LTTE terrorists were killed in three separate clashes in PALAMODEI North area, VAVUNIYA around 11.15am, 3.05pm and 4.15pm yesterday (24).

Another terrorist was killed in a confrontation in NAVATTIKULAM area around 10.35am on the same day

Meanwhile in MUHAMALAI, JAFFNA area around 4.50pm yesterday (24) one soldier was wounded due to an Anti Personnel mine explosion. In the same area around 1.50pm a soldier laid his life due to a LTTE 'Booby Trap' explosion.


LTTE RADAR point neutralized in air assault - Poonaryn

SLAF MI-24 helicopter gunships launched a nighttime air assault at an LTTE RADAR point located in the coast of Nagavanthurai, Poonaryn yesterday(Sep 24), at 10 p.m.

Air Force sources said, that the target was neutralized in the precision raid.

"We will not let the Tamil community succumb to Tiger terrorism," says President

"The Government would not and cannot let an illegal and armed terrorist group, the LTTE, to hold a fraction of the population a part of the Tamil community, hostage to such terror in the Northern part of Sri Lanka and deny those people their democratic rights of dissent and free election", said the President during his address to the UN General Assembly, Wednesday (Sep 24).
The Government will only be ready to talk to the LTTE when it is ready to commit itself to decommissioning its illicit weapons and dismantling of its military capability, and return to the democratic fold, President Mahinda Rajapaksa further asserted, in his speech.
Following are excerpts of the speech delivered by H.E the President at the 63rd UN General Assembly on 24th September, 2008.

7 LTTE terrorists killed, 7 wounded at the Kilinochchi battlefront

7 LTTE terrorists were killed and similar numbers reported wounded, Wednesday (Sep 24), at the Western Wanni battlefront in the Kilinochchi district.
According to military reports received, 5 terrorists were killed and 7 injured when troops forced into an LTTE bunker defence in general area Vannerikkulama, at around 8a.m. Meanwhile, terrorist was killed sniped in the same area at 9.20a.m, military said citing ground troops.
Similarly, a terrorist was reported killed sniped in general area Nachchikudha, at 12.30p.m, according to military reports.

Catholic Bishops of Sri Lanka ask the Tamil Tigers to release the displaced people

Sept 24, Colombo: Catholic Bishops Assembly of Sri Lanka today asked the Tamil Tigers to allow the civilians to reach the more secured areas from rebel held Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu.
Issuing a special statement Catholic Bishops have pointed out that the civilians should not be used as human shields in the ongoing war in Northern region.

Norwegian Support For LTTE Terrorists

by Ranjith Soysa“Blessed Are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called children of god”: Mattew 5(September 24, Oslo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Having embarked on ‘peace missions’ in several countries around the globe, the time has come for the government of Norway to seriously delve into its conscience to ascertain whether its intentions have been really genuine and honest.
This has become imperative especially in the Sri Lankan context, as there seem to be more questions than answers with regard to the involvement of Norwegians in the peace process. Our organisation, WAPS has been actively interested in evaluating issues related to the peace process in Sri Lanka for the past 14 years and therefore posses a deep understanding of the negative factors that led to Norway’s failures and collapse of the peace process as well as the clandestine activities of the Norwegian personnel who were associated with it. Given below are details of some of the grave betrayals of trust committed against the people, security establishment and the government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) by the personnel employed by the Royal Norwegian government with the complicity of the latter.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sri Lanka tells U.N. won't be hostage to terrorism

Source: Reuters
By Claudia Parsons

UNITED NATIONS, Sept 24 (Reuters) - Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who has launched a fierce offensive against rebel Tamil Tigers, told the United Nations on Wednesday he would not allow Tamils to be held hostage to terrorism.
The military in the last three months has stepped up an 18-month-old drive to wipe out the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) -- regarded as one of the world's most resilient guerrilla groups -- and end a war that has killed 70,000 since exploding in 1983.
The Tigers want to establish a separate homeland for Sri Lanka's ethnic minority Tamils, in a nation that has been ruled by majority Sinhala-led government since independence from Britain in 1948.

Bahu's visa to Canada rejected

The Candian High Commission in Colombo has rejected temporary resident visa to Canada for Dr Wickramabahu Karunarathne, President, Left Front and General Secretary, New Sama Samaja party claiming that he is a member of the LTTE.

Wanni liberation operation continues; 16 terrorists killed,

According to the finalized military report received from the battlefront said that 16 LTTE terrorists were killed and 16 others sustained injuries in yesterday's (23 September) clashes erupted in Kilinochchi, Vavuniya, Welioya and Jaffna battlefronts. Six more terrorists reportedly either killed or wounded.
In Kilinochchi front, troops of Task Force 1 had confronted with LTTE terrorists in Pudarimadu and Tenniyankulam areas killing 2 terrorists and injuries 4 others. 2 soldiers also sustained injuries in these confrontations. Meanwhile, troops of 57 Division have found 2 slain bodies of LTTE cadres killed in recent battle ensued in general area Akkarayankulam.
In Vavuniya front, troops of 56 Division attacked at LTTE bunker defences in general area Navatkulam killing 2 LTTE terrorists. Meanwhile, troops of Task Force 2 had series of confrontations in Palaimoddai and Vannivilankulam areas. 9 LTTE terrorists were killed while 5 others suffered injuries in these confrontations, the report said. In a search operation followed by a confrontation between LTTE terrorists and security forces, few warlike items, a claymore mine, a T-56 weapon and a pack with dry ration, left behind by the fleeing terrorists were found.
In Welioya front, 5 LTTE terrorists were killed 7 more sustained injuries due to the confrontations ensued between troops of 59 Division and LTTE terrorists in general area Andankulam. 6 more terrorists reportedly either killed or wounded. 3 soldiers received injuries in these clashes.
Meanwhile, troops engaged in mine clearing operations have unearthed 121 anti-personnel mines and 8 IEDs from general Andankulam, the report added.
In Jaffna front, two more army soldiers sustained injuries in two separate confrontations took place in general area Muhamalai during day hours yesterday.

Who’s the Next Hindu Priest on LTTE Murder List?

FINAL JOURNEY of the LTTE slain Chief Hindu Priest (Kurukkal) Rev. Thivathunaraja (43) at Trincomalee Konesvaram Hindu temple is to take place today (24) at Trincomalee Galpalliya Hindu Cemetery in accordance with Hindu funeral rites and rituals.

Norwegian Minister Solheim Told Peace in North will Emerge with Death of Terrorism Soon

Philip Fernando in UN reporting for 'Asian Tribune'
New York, 23 September, ( Norwegin Minister Erik Solheim called on the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapajsa at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New York and was told that how cunningly Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam were exploiting the emerging war situation in the Wanni and that Internally Displaced persons are made use by the LTTE as human shield and were prevented from leaving Wani.

Keheliya accuses the west

Say’s some foreign politicians on LTTE payroll

Minister Keheliya Rambukwella has told a press briefing in London that some western world politicians are corrupt and on the LTTE payroll.
One reason for the support of LTTE terrorism is the large number of Tamil voters in certain Western world electorates.
The other is that some Western world politicians are corrupt and are on the payroll of the LTTE, he said.

Army heading for LTTE’s HSZs

Sri Lanka Army (SLA) troops are now moving towards the LTTE’s High Security Zone (HSZ).
Progress is slow because the path ahead is lined with mines and booby traps.
Troops have to traverse through jungle and open area as well through some villages too.
A reliable source reported that, the LTTE had ordered the villagers to vacate their houses and confine themselves to LTTE controlled areas and used older civilians as human shields.

LTTE prepares for final push before Kilinochchi falls

Meanwhile rumors were ripe yesterday and today that LTTE's 'Colonel' Bhanu has been killed at Mankulam. Unfortunately no evidence exist to suggest that this is the case todate. Yesterday rocket attacks were launched on four identified positions at Mankulam based on ground intelligence. The target was indeed Bhanu.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Air Force Jets raid hideout of LTTE kingpins- Kilinochchi

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets launched a nighttime raid targeting a well guarded hideout of high profile LTTE cadres in Kilinochchi, said the Air Force sources.
Air Force spokesman, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara speaking to said that the air strike was taken at 8 PM (Sept 23) targeting the terror kingpins' hideout located in the Piramantalkulm area , in Kilinochchi district. He added that the exact damage caused to the terrorist in the attack is yet to be verified.

Many Lankans believe victory imminent - National Post

Walter Jayawardhana
Starting a six part series on the military situation in Sri Lanka, Toronto’s National Post writer Stewart Bell in a story filed from Vavuniya says most of the people in Sri Lanka have started believing in a military victory for Sri Lankan Security Forces against the tigers by recapturing the only surviving Tiger strong hold.
Bell wrote: “Many in Sri Lanka are talking about victory, possibly by the end of the year.
Government Forces have been steadily advancing into rebel-held territory, capturing one town after the next, and are now only a few kilometres from Kilinochchi.” The government has granted the National Post to enter the frontline areas and Bell has interviewed many leaders including the President, the Defence Secretary and Tamil leaders in the six part series.

Al Qaeda learnt from LTTE

Tue, Sep 23 06:38 PM
London, Sep 23 (IANS) The latest devastating suicide bombing in Pakistan shows that Al Qaeda has learnt bomb making from the Tamil Tigers, says a visiting Sri Lankan minister.

Air Force fighter jets pound terror locations- Kilinochchi

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets carried out 3 air raids targeting LTTE resistance points in the Kilinochchi battlefront this afternoon (Sept 23), said the Air Force sources.

Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara speaking to said that all three air strikes were taken at 12.45 PM. The locations were, 2.5 Km north of Vannerikulam, 2 Km north of Akkarayankulam, and 5 Km north of Akkarayankulam, he added.

He said the raids were launched in support of the Army 57 division and Task Force 1 troops operating in the Kilinochchi front.

Liberations operations make further progress; terrorists suffer heavy losses

According to the military reports received yesterday (Sept 23), the terrorist suffered further losses during heavy confrontations continued in the battlefronts in the Wanni. The reports reveal that at least 23 terrorists were killed during yesterday's incidents.

Troops of Army 57 division operating in eastern half of the Kilinochchi battlefront continued their offensives in the Akkarayankulam and Vannivilankulam area during the day.

Troops attacked terrorists at several instances and claimed one LTTE bunker was destroyed, 4 terrorists killed and 3 others wounded. Also, troops found a highly decomposed body of a terrorist along with one T-56 weapon, one satellite phone along with other military items during the daytime.

In the general area Vannivilankulam, 57 division troops found 2 bodies of LTTE cadres along with one T-56 weapon in the morning. Elsewhere, snipers deployed in the forward area confirmed shooting down of one LTTE cadre.

Meanwhile, troops of Task Force 1operating along the western half of the Kilinochchi front continued their operations in the Nachchikudha and Vannerikkulam areas during the day. Troops attacked 5 LTTE bunkers in separate incidents and claimed 7 terrorists were killed and 10 others wounded. A soldier suffered injuries due to terror mortar fire during one of the incidents occurred in the Vannerikkulam. Also, snipers deployed in the Panaikandamadu area confirmed shooting down of 3 LTTE cadres during the day's operations.

Troops of Task Force 2 operating in the Vavuniya front had several confrontations in the Palamoddai area in the west of A-9 road during the daytime and claimed 4 terrorists killed and 5 others wounded. Also, 56 division troops maintaining active defence in the east of A-9 road attacked an LTTE bunker located in the Navatkulama area, last morning and claimed 2 terrorists were either killed or wounded.

Troops of 59 division operating in the Mullaittivu front made further progress in their operations in the Andankulama area along the day.

Troops captured an LTTE field fortification located in the Mullaittivu forest last morning. According to the reports, the fortification is consisted of 2 triangular shaped overhead bunkers and 2 huts. Troops suspect the terror base to be the Pasarai Sea Tiger base.

During the other confrontations occurred in the area troops claimed 4 terrorists were killed, 3 others wounded, and 14 more were either killed or wounded. Meanwhile, troops engaged in mine sweeping operations in the area removed 147 AP mines and 2 IEDs.

Counter terror operations are being continued.

STF averts LTTE infiltration attempt: body recovered- Batticaloa

Police Special Task Force (STF) personnel confronted a group of terrorists, killing one, Tuesday (Sep 23) in general area Narakamulla, Batticaloa, at around 12.30 a.m.

Subsequently, troops have recovered a body of a slain terrorist along with few other military hardware including a T-56 assault riffle, 4 T-56 magazines, an I-com set, one binocular and a claymore exploder.

Aid monies used for arms in Sri Lanka: Former Tiger

Stewart Bell , Canwest News Service

Published: Monday, September 22, 2008

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - A former commander of Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers has admitted the guerrillas used money meant for humanitarian aid to buy weapons.

Col. Karuna Amman said in an interview the rebels routinely bought arms with donations from abroad that were meant to help civilians in guerrilla-held areas.

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Indian Propagandist of the LTTE.

By Palitha Senanayake.

In an article published quite widely in the Indian press and also picked up by the Sri Lankan press on 12th September 2008, Mr. B Raman analyses the recent attack by the LTTE on the Sri Lankan army’s Northern base at Vavuniya(260 kms north of Colombo). The Article while admitting that the LTTE has lost badly in the war(what he terms as a war of attrition), his article seemed designed to prop up the credibility of the LTTE than to decipher what may have really happened from empirical evidence.

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LTTE, a band of looters - Military Spokesman

COLOMBO: Military spokesman Udaya Nanayakkara said yesterday that the LTTE is a terrorist outfit which has a long history of looting from civilians and aid agencies and make use of the ill gotten resources to strengthen its cadres and terror activities against Security Forces.

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6 terrorists killed, 5 wounded in clashes - Kilinochchi

Six LTTE terrorists were killed and 5 others received injuries in confrontations took place in Vannerikulam area in western flank of Wanni battlefront yesterday, 22 September, the defence sources said.

Troops of Task Force 1 have launched an attack targeting LTTE bunker line in general area Vannerikulam around 9.30 am. Troops confirmed that 3 LTTE terrorists were killed and at least 5 others suffered injuries.

Separately, 3 more LTTE terrorists were killed by army snipers deployed in same front during the morning hours yesterday. Two of the three incidents reported in west of Vannerikulam area while the other in Vannerikulam general area itself, sources added.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Two LTTE suspects taken in

Two LTTE suspects were taken into custody by the Police Intelligence Unit along with C4 explosives, detonators and other peripherals.

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Two terrorists killed in STF ambush

AMPARA: Yesterday (21) around 5.30pm POTHUVIL ARUGAMBEY Police STF ambushed a group of terrorists in the POTHUVIL SAWALA Road. Two terrorists were killed during this confrontation. The bodies of the two terrorists along with two Hand Grenades, a dog tag numbered 0916 were recovered subsequently.

Troops capture two Bunkers and destroy a third in Welioya battle fron

WELIOYA: Troops captured two LTTE bunkers including two huts and a partially destroyed building located in ANDANKULAM confrontations around 1.00pm yesterday (21). One terrorist was killed in the confrontations while three were wounded.

Another bunker belonging to the LTTE located in the same area was destroyed by Troops around 3.20pm yesterday (21).

Two LTTE cadres were killed in two incidents in ANDANKULAM area around 1.00pm and 1.10pm on the same day. Meanwhile another two terrorists were wounded during a battle in the same area around 10.35am yesterday (21).