Saturday, September 20, 2008

9 terrorists killed, one body uncovered - west of Mankulam

At least 9 LTTE terrorists were killed and many others suffered injuries due to the confrontations took place in general area west of Mankulam through out the day, 20 September, military sources confirmed intercepting LTTE communication channels.

Troops of 57 Division operating in Mullaittivu district confronted with LTTE terrorists in the west of Mankulam area and a body of LTTE cadre killed in these confrontations were uncovered along with the radio set in a subsequent search operation conducted, defence sources said.

An army soldier has laid his life for defending the motherland while two others suffered injuries in these confrontations.

Meanwhile, army snipers deployed in general area Akkarayankulam gunned down an LTTE terrorist this afternoon, sources added.

Fighting Continue in Wanni

VAVUNIYA & WELIOYA: TROOPS ADVANCING towards north of PALAMODDAI, VAVUNIYA had a series of confrontations with the LTTE terrorists during Friday (19) and were able to kill at least twelve terrorists while injuring five more.

Meanwhile, troops killed four terrorists in two other confrontations in PUVARASANKULAM and NAVATKULAM areas during the morning hours of the same day.

More over troops operating in ANDANKULAM area in the WELIOYA sector killed three terrorists and wounded at least eighteen more during their confrontations with LTTE terrorists on Friday (19). One bunker captured and twenty anti personnel mines recovered. One brave soldier had to sacrifice his life and five others sustain injuries.

Further more in two other incidents in the same area three soldiers were wounded due to enemy mortar fire and improvised explosive device explosion (IED) on the same day.

Air force jets targeting Prabha

COLOMBO: The Air Force Friday vowed to continue targeting the LTTE leader’s hideouts whenever intelligence reports on his whereabouts are received. “We are continuing to bomb LTTE targets, including the hideouts of LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran and other high profile LTTE leaders,” Air Force Commander, Air Marshal Roshan Gunathilake said, adding that fighter jets and Mi-24 helicopter gunship were carrying out daily air raids.

Labour MP Keith Vaz faces sleaze inquiry over his outrageous bid to sway judge on behalf of crooked lawyer friend

By Stephen Wright and Richard Pendlebury

A senior Labour MP is facing demands for a sleaze inquiry after intervening in a court case on behalf of a party donor.

Keith Vaz, chairman of the influential home affairs select committee, urged the High Court to delay proceedings involving a friend from whom he and his family had received lavish hospitality.

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Mr. Vazz is a well known sympathizer for the LTTE terrorists


Raman and the LTTE –A Response

From A serving security forces officer
"Its high time that people like Mr. Raman realize that by simply picking few points from someone or from somewhere, the Sri Lankan public cannot be fooled. Here in Sri Lanka people are very concerned about all that happen on the battle front. No matter how hard some people try to stop the march towards Kilinochchi, they will not stop."

Decimating LTTE false propaganda – accepting LTTE as a Terrorist & not a Liberator

By Shenali Waduge

If the LTTE was representative of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka taking up arms against Sri Lanka’s Government because of Sinhala discrimination why should thirty three (33) countries list the LTTE as a terrorist group? If the LTTE is listed as a terrorist group why should the Sri Lankan Government not have the right to eliminate this terrorist movement & why was it forced to engage in negotiations? The negotiations led nowhere because the LTTE had no legitimate “discriminations” to put on the negotiating table! – what legitimate right does the LTTE have to declare itself “sole representative” of the Tamil people having annihilated the respected & potential Tamil leaders of Sri Lanka? It is finally time to separate fact from fiction.

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Sri Lanka: An 'island of blood'

Stewart Bell, National Post

Published: Friday, September 19, 2008

Hundreds of thousands have fled Sri Lanka's civil war, many of them to Canada. While the war zone has been off-limits to journalists, the National Post's Stewart Bell recently toured the front lines just as the conflict appears headed for a decisive showdown. His six-part series begins today in wartorn Vavuniya. Full Text

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cadre shortage hits Tigers as Forces eye Kilinochchi

If there was any obstacle which could hinder the efforts of the Security Forces to liberate the Wanni, the troops have overcome almost all the obstacles within this week and laid a solid foundation to clear their path towards liberating Kilinochchi the administrative ‘capital’ of the LTTE which is only five and a half kilometres off from the last soldier in the battlefront.

42 LTTE terrorists killed, 38 wounded in yesterday's clashes

LTTE terrorists have suffered heavy casualties as reports reveal at least 42 terrorists killed, 38 wounded in addition to 25 others, who were reported killed during an intense sea battle with Navy off the coast of Nachchikudha, yesterday (Sep 18).

According to military, heavy ground battles broke-out at Vannerikkulama in the Western Wanni battlefront at Kilinochchi, between the Task Force -1 troops and LTTE, killing 23 terrorists and injuring 27 others. Troops mounted multiple assaults at LTTE with artillery barrages, enabling army infantrymen to force into the terror defences, security sources said. The fighting lasted for hours as terrorists put-on stiff resistance: 10 soldiers had laid their lives, while 18 others sustained injuries in the confrontation.

Exhausted LTTE terrorists have fled the area despite constant orders from its leadership to sustain the military onslaught, military said citing ground sources. Meanwhile, a soldier also sustained injuries during a separate confrontation with LTTE in general area at Pandiveddikulam.

At the Vavuniya -Mullaittivu battlefront 10 terrorists were reported killed and 2 others wounded according to finalized military reports. Confrontations were reported from Palamoddai, Vedamakilam, Chinnakulama and Akkarayankulama area, according to reports. Meanwhile, troops have uncovered 3 decomposed LTTE bodies in general area Akkarayankulama, during a search operation. 05 X T- 56 assault riffles, 01x RPG weapon, 01x C-90 weapon and a radio set was also among the items recovered.

On the Eastern Wanni battlefront, sporadic fighting was reported between 59 Division troops and LTTE since Thursday morning, security sources said. According to reports, 8 LTTE terrorists were killed and 11 other wounded during the clashes in general area Andankulama.

Meanwhile, at the Jaffna theater of battle a soldier laid his life and another sustained injuries following a confrontation with LTTE at Sarasalai, around 1.45a.m.

Tigers on defensive as Sri Lanka military closes in

"The military advance is getting closer to Kilinochchi and the Tigers may simply melt away," an aid official who declined to be named said soon after leaving the north.

"Api Wenuwen Api" (Ranajayapura Housing Project)

All Sri Lankans, lets get together for this noble cause. This is the time to show our gratitude to our brave brothers who are fighting for our Mother Lanka. They risk their lives for the country's cause, nothing will ever compansate their sacrifice. But yet let's do what we can do to show that we are indeed greatfull to these valliant sons of our mother land

Lets contribute

Troops secure 1.5Km area in Karambakulam area

KILONCHCHI: Today (18) evening 58 division troops secured 1.5km area in KARAMBAKULAM. Heavy fighting occurred through out of the day. Fifteen LTTE cadres were killed and eighteen were wounded during the clashes. Three valiant soldiers laid their lives while twelve more were wounded. At the present moment Army have advance in the KILLINOCHCHI battlefront and secured 3km of land stretch in the area.

INTERVIEW-Tamil Tigers will go underground-Sri Lanka army chief

Source: Reuters
(Adds background)
By C. Bryson Hull

COLOMBO, Sept 18 (Reuters) - Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers will go underground rather than "fight to the last man" once a northern offensive that has cut their strength to 3,000 fighters from 12,000 nears its end, Sri Lanka's army chief said on Thursday.

Wanni operation continues; 48 terrorists killed, over 45 wounded

Fighting continued in the Wanni battlefront, Kilinochchi and Mullaittivu and Vavuniya Districts, as troops confirmed killing 48 terrorists, wounding 34 others in yesterday's clashes (17 September) according to finalized military reports received. 13 more terrorists were reportedly either killed or wounded.

18 soldiers were also reported killed and 36 others wounded in these clashes, the report added.

In Vavuniya front, clashes between LTTE terrorists and security forces were reported in Navatkulam, Kontakkarankulam, Akkarayankulam and Palamoddai areas. 17 terrorists were killed while another suffered injuries due to these clashes. 5 soldiers have made their utmost sacrifices for defending the motherlands while another 4 others suffered injuries. Troops have found a body of LTTE cadre along with a GPS left away by the fleeing terrorists in a search operation conducted in general area Palamodai.

In Kilinochchi front, due to the heavy fighting took place in general area Terankulam, intercepted transmission confirmed that 24 terrorists were killed while another 22 suffered injuries. 12 more soldier have laid their lives while 27 sustained injuries during this confrontation. Meanwhile, 2 more terrorists were gunned down by the army snipers in two separate incidents took place in general area Nachchikuda and Vannerikkulam.

In Welioya front, 5 terrorists were killed and 11 wounded in series of clashes reported in Andankulam area. Another 13 more terrorists reportedly either killed or wounded. An army soldier has laid his life for the sake of motherland while 5 more sustained injuries.

Troops operating in Welioya front have captured a LTTE camp, which consist of 4 bunkers, a well, a hut and a mortar pit in general area Andankulam.

Meanwhile, troops engaged in mine clearing operations in general area Andankulam have unearthed 46 LTTE anti-personnel mines and one terror IED through out the day's clearing.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

SLAF raids LTTE hideout and defensive positions - Mullaittivu

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets simultaneously raided a hideout of the senior LTTE leaders and defensive positions in the perimeter of the hideout located in northwest of Vishwamadu, Mullaittivu district this afternoon, 18 September.

The air sorties were launched around 4.30 pm and the targeted LTTE hideout, located 2Km west of Piramanthal in Vishwamadu, had been constructed in isolated area with highly concealed manner, Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara said.

Simultaneously, the fighter jets also engaged the defensive positions in the perimeter of the terror hideout, spokesperson added.

Sri Lanka Air Force carried out precious air raids targeting high profile LTTE hideouts and hi-tech facility in Kilinochchi and Mullaittivu districts during last week based on ground intelligence and air surveillances conducted.

LTTE boats beaten off Nachchikudha; 10 boats destroyed, at least 25 terrorists killed

At least 25 terrorists were killed, 10 LTTE craft reported destroyed, including 3 large attack boats in the coastal waters at Valaipadu, off Nachchikudha, following an intense sea battle between Navy and LTTE, Thursday (Sep 18), since 11.30 a.m.

According to naval sources, the battle lasted over 3 hours which erupted 5 nautical miles West of Nachchikudha, forcing LTTE to retreat with heavy damages.

As the battle progressed, naval Rapid Action Boat Squadron (RABS) and elite Special Boat Squadron (SBS) craft were reinforced into the confrontation zone, which launched simultaneous attacks at the approaching LTTE craft. The LTTE boats were led by a senior sea tiger cadre identified as Kadar, military said citing intercepted LTTE communication. An LTTE boat has received damages and was observed towed after the initial interception, according to earlier reports.

Initially 4 suspicious boats were detected off the Valaipadu coast North of Nachchikudha, and confrontation broke-out when the approaching naval craft were attacked by LTTE boats, defence sources said.

Twin air raids targeting LTTE strongholds - Kilinochchi

Sri Lanka Air Force carried out two successive air raids targeting LTTE strongholds in Kilinochchi district this afternoon, 18 September.

Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, speaking to said that the SLAF fighter jets carried out air sorties targeting LTTE strongpoint located 3 Km north of Vannerikulam tank this noon.

Meanwhile, SLAF MI-24 helicopters raided another LTTE stronghold located 1 Km east of Vannerikulam tank around 12.30 pm. Both air raids were carried by in support of ground troops of Task Force 1 operating in Kilinochchi front.

According to the defence sources, a fierce gun battle reported between security forces and LTTE terrorists in general area Vannerikulam from this morning.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sri Lanka's push to take rebel HQ

Kilinochchi town in northern Sri Lanka is an unimpressive looking place - a few kilometres of low buildings straggling along the main A9 road.

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Army Well Geared to Face Any Gas Attacks

COLOMBO: THE SRI LANKA ARMY, as one of the most professional and battle-hardened outfits in the South Asian region, is fully equipped and well geared up to face any unacceptable ‘chemical or gas attacks of the enemy,’ Army Headquarters said Wednesday (17) evening.

The assurance comes in the wake of allegations that Tiger terrorists, now struggling for survival in the Wanni are resorting to ‘gas attacks’ against Security Forces and that some soldiers were already affected. A few soldiers in the Wanni during their encounters with the enemy in the most recent past developed breathing difficulties following emission of a gas, believed to have been directed by the Tigers towards the advancing troops.

Investigations went into the incidence soon after admission of those soldiers to the hospitals have affirmed Tiger terrorists have used CS gas, generally used for anti-hijack or hostage operations in this Wanni instance. Produced in 1928, the name CS gas came to be known after death of its founders Ben Corson and Roger Staughton.

The Army while reiterating its capacity to challenge any such threats in the future has already distributed gas masks among the troops fighting in the Wanni.
It is also pertinent to note here that use of any chemical or gas in the warfare goes against UN stipulated Conventions and worldwide accepted norms, the Army said.

Karambakulam Tank Bund Falls; Forty Tigers Killed in the Fight & northeast Akkarayanakulam

WANNI: VALIANT TROOPS of the Task Force I, getting another mileage in their quest for peace, captured the entire 1.5 km-long KARAMBAKULAM tank bund, about 11 km northeast of NACHCHIKUDA Wednesday (17) afternoon, consequent upon a close fire fight that saw twenty-five Tiger terrorists killed and a similar number badly injured.

Four brave soldiers of the Army sacrificed their precious lives in the encounter that lasted for over three hours in KARAMBAKULAM. Fifteen more soldiers wounded in the fight were immediately evacuated to hospitals. At the time, this report was being filed, columns of heroic troops were steadily dominating the tank area after setting up their positions, as Engineer troops simultaneously began removing booby traps and other explosive devices at hand.

Meanwhile, Tiger terrorists operating in the east of AKKARAYANAKULAM areas struck against the troops thrice throughout Wednesday (17) before the dusk fell. Confident troops bravely resisted and directed hard blows on the enemy and chased them away, gunning down at least fifteen Tiger terrorists during the three encounters, Wanni Security Forces confirmed.

In the meantime, troops of the 56 Division following the sighting of two LTTE terrorists who were moving towards their bunker in NAVATKULAM area opened fire at them using small arms and rocket propeller grenades Wednesday (17) morning at about 10.25 a.m.. The bunker was completely destroyed and two terrorists were confirmed killed as a result.

Around 9.50 a.m. on Wednesday (17) again troops attacked another LTTE bunker in the general area of VILAKKVITTAKULAM causing severe damages to it, occupied by three terrorists. It is believed all three terrorists were feared killed in the attack.

A soldier on clearing operations in JANAKAPURA area in WELIOYA in the meantime sustained injuries due to explosion of an anti personnel mine.

Air Force conducts close air support missions - Kilinochchi

Sri Lanka Air Force carried out two close air support missions for Army 57 division troops operating on the Kilinochchi front this evening (Sept 17).

According to Air Force spokesperson , Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara MI 24 helicopter Gunships have targeted two terror resistance points on the Akkarayankulam tank bund around 5.15 PM.

Air Force fighter jets target more terror positions - Kilinochchi

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets carried out two more air strikes targeting LTTE positions in the Kilinochchi district this afternoon (Sept 17), Air Force sources said.

Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara speaking to said the first of the two raids carried out targeting a terror mortar location in the Vannerikulam area around 1.20 PM. He said the targets was located 2.5 km west of Vannerikulam on the South of Kilinochchi front.

He added that the second air raid was carried out targeting a terror artillery position located 9 KM northwest of Akkarayankulam at 3.40 PM.

Speaking further he said that both attacks were carried out in support of Task Force 1 and Army 57 division operating on the Kilinochchi front.

Troops steps up offensives in all fronts

Battlefield reports on past 48 hours indicate that forward deployed forces in all 3 battlefronts in Wanni theatre of operations have stepped up their counter operations against LTTE terrorists. According to the reports, the terrorists have been busy with building new defences, East of Akkarayankulam towards A-9 road hoping to delay the soldiers fast marching towards Kilinochchi main terror stronghold.

Heavy clashes prevailed in the Akkarayankulam area since Monday (Sept 15) as Army 57 division troops started pounding at terror field fortifications in the East of Akkarayankulam tank. According to the intercepted radio transmission reports 37 terrorists were killed and 39 others were injured in the clashes prevalied during last two days. Also , it has been reported that 4 of 6 additional teams of LTTE cadres sent as reinforcement to the Wanni theatre from the Jaffna theatre were annihilated during the clashes. Therese reinforcement teams were reportedly lead by Theepan and Bhanu.

Troops attacked and destroyed 3 LTTE bunkers last morning (Sept 16) and claimed 3 terrorists were killed and 2 others were wounded. On the same day evening, troops engaged artillery and mortars at a group of terrorists detected in the forward area. Intercepted enemy radio transmission revealed that 5 terrorists were wounded in this incident. Meanwhile, snipers deployed in the area confirmed shooting down of one LTTE cadre. A soldier suffered injuries due to a confrontation around 7 PM.

Troops of Task Force 1 , operating in the western half of the South of Kilinochchi front attacked 3 LTTE bunkers located in the Nachchikudha area during daytime. However, no details of terror casualties were available in these incidents.

In the general area Vannerikkulam, troops attacked 4 terror bunkers in 3 separate incidents during daytime. Ground troops confirmed 6 terrorists were killed and 7 others wounded during these incidents.

Meanwhile, troops of Task Force 2 operating in the North of Vavuniya front had several clashes with the terrorists in the Palamoddai area , during the course of day and claimed 11 terrorists were killed . A soldier suffered injuries due to an AP (anti personnel) mine explosion in the afternoon.

Troops of 56 division, maintaining the active defence on the either sides of the A-9 road attacked an LTTE bunker located in the Vedamakilam area around 11 AM. Ground troops claimed one terrorist was killed.

On the Mullaittivu front , troops pf 59 division had daylong clashes with the terrorists in the Andankulma forest reserve . According to the reports , 4 terrorists were killed, 6 others wounded and 26 more were marked as either killed or wounded. Also, one soldier was killed and 3 others sustained injuries.

Troops engaged in clearing operations in the area removed 14 AP mines and 3 IEDs (improvises explosive devices).

Counter terror operations are being continued.

Govt. prepares for LTTE chemical attack

By Sandun A Jayasekera

The government has put in place contingency plans for a possible chemical attack by the LTTE against the security forces fighting in the North.

Healthcare and Nutrition Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva, yesterday, instructed officials to immediately despatch extra health staff, medicines and equipment to the North to face any contingencies that may arise in the event of a chemical attack on the security forces, said ministry spokesman W.M.D. Wanninayaka.

Govt. prepares for LTTE chemical attack

By Sandun A Jayasekera

The government has put in place contingency plans for a possible chemical attack by the LTTE against the security forces fighting in the North.

Healthcare and Nutrition Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva, yesterday, instructed officials to immediately despatch extra health staff, medicines and equipment to the North to face any contingencies that may arise in the event of a chemical attack on the security forces, said ministry spokesman W.M.D. Wanninayaka.

Wanni civilians expose LTTE over forced child conscription

"The LTTE is increasing pressure on families with two children, to hand over one child to the organisation to fight against the security forces", civilians from Kilinochchi was quoted saying by foreign new agencies.

The Tamil civilians living in the non-liberated Wanni region are under the ruthless and fascist dictatorship of LTTE who are experiencing unprecedented levels of hardships at the hands of LTTE. The outfit, despite callous disregard to the constant warning by the International Community, continue its crimes against humanity unabated in the island nation.

"The Tigers come and take the children by force. Forcible recruitment of children has been worsened since about a year ago. LTTE has increased child recruitment recently as security forces marched into the corridors of its terror headquarters at Kilinochchi", civilians who did not want to be identified were quoted saying.

Earlier, the Human Rights Watch citing the US decision to adopt a legislation to prosecute warlords, who recruit child soldiers, said that this would be a direct blow to the LTTE.

The LTTE since its inception has been known for the use of child soldiers and woman suicide bombers and is also an internationally proscribed terrorist organization, led by its psychopath terror chief, Prabakaran.

Vavuniya Raid; the truth vs. media controversies

LTTE terrorists launched an attack on the Sri Lanka Security Forces complex at Vavuniya on Tuesday (Sept 9). Their mission was to destroy the air defence radar system located at the Air Force Base, Vavuniya. To achieve this mission the terrorists had planned for their first ever "Black Tiger" raid supported by artillery and aerial bombardment. There were many media reports on this raid by the terrorists. However, many of them, particularly those in the print media, gave misleading accounts of the encounter.

Jets raid high profile LTTE hideout in Kilinochchi

SLAF fighter jets launched successive air strikes at key LTTE locations in Kilinochchi and Mullaittivu including a 'high profile' LTTE hideout located in the Vattakachchi area, Wednesday (Sep 17) at around 6.35a.m.

The targets were acquired with precision on reliable ground information received Air Force Spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara said.

The target at Vattakachchi area has been identified as a secret LTTE hideout and was engaged on real-time information received of the presence of a key LTTE figure, defence intelligence sources said. This is a site most frequented by the terror chief, and LTTE is expected to remain tight lip on the casualty figures, defence observes state.

Heavy traffic in enemy communication circuits was experienced immediately after the attack and subsequently had died-out, maintaining silence over the circuits, sources said citing LTTE electronic emission and radio monitoring reports.

Meanwhile, an LTTE ammo and arms storage was hit in a similar air strike, 3km North of Udayarkattukulama, Mullaittivu, at around 6.30a.m., Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara further said.

Direct blow to LTTE; US adopts legislation to prosecute child soldier recruiters

The United States of America adopted legislation that would enable it to prosecute foreign military leaders who recruit child soldiers. This would be direct blow to the LTTE which had been recruiting child soldiers in its war against the Sri Lankan Government, Human Rights Watch said yesterday (Sep 16).

The Child Soldiers Accountability Act was unanimously passed in the House of Representatives on September 8 and was adopted by the Senate on Monday.

"The exploitation of children as soldiers persists in many armed conflicts because child recruiters are rarely held accountable," Jo Becker, children's rights advocate for Human Rights Watch said. "This law tells military commanders worldwide that they cannot recruit children into their forces and then seek safe haven in the United States."

The law makes it a federal crime to knowingly recruit or use soldiers under the age of 15 and permits the United States to bring charges under the law against both US citizens and non-citizens who are in the United States. The law imposes penalties of up to 20 years or up to life in prison if death results, and allows the United States to deport or deny entry to individuals who have knowingly recruited children as soldiers.

Children are currently used in armed conflicts in at least 17 countries. Recruiters prey upon children, who are often the most vulnerable potential recruits and the most susceptible to threats and coercion. Child soldiers are used as combatants, porters, guards and spies for other duties.

The recruitment and use of children as soldiers was recognized in 1998 as a war crime under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. In 2007, four former military commanders from Sierra Leone were convicted by the Special Court for Sierra Leone for recruiting and using children as soldiers. Rebel and military commanders from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda have also been charged under the International Criminal Court with recruiting and using child soldiers, though none have yet gone to trial.

"International tribunals are beginning to prosecute individuals for recruiting child soldiers, but almost no national governments have done so," Becker said. "The United States is giving real leadership to efforts to end the use of child soldiers."

Senator Richard Durbin authored the bipartisan bill, which he introduced together with Senators Tom Coburn, Russell Feingold, and Sam Brownback.

Countries in which children are known to have been used in hostilities between 2004 and 2007 include: Afghanistan, Burma, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Colombia, Cote d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Nepal, Philippines, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Thailand, and Uganda.

Will hand over Prabhakaran to India

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has said his government will seriously consider any plea from India to hand over LTTE supremo Vellupillai Prabhakaran if he is caught, asserting that his troops were advancing towards tiger nerve centres.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Last U.N. staff safely leave Sri Lanka's war zone

The United Nations' last team inside Sri Lanka's war zone safely reached army-held territory on Tuesday after the government told aid workers to leave the north in what the president called a temporary safety measure.

12 LTTE terrorists killed, 27 injured in Wanni fighting

Security Forces mounted decisive ground assaults at LTTE terrorists, positioned at Palamoddai, Vavunikkulama, Nachchikudha, Vannerikkulama and Andankulama general areas along the Wanni battle theater extending from the Western Kilinochchi coast to the Eastern Mullaittivu jungles yesterday(Sep 15), as finalized reports claimed 12 terrorists killed, 27 wounded in the hours-long fierce fighting.

LTTE terrorists were engaged in a desperate attempt to save the remaining garrison townships at Kilinochchi and Mullaittivu which has already come under the heavy gun ranges of the armed forces.

Large numbers of terrorists were reported dragged into the battlegrounds to delay the military surge including hundreds of child soldiers, who are said to be forcibly recruited by the outfit, intimidating their parents now stranded under LTTE tyranny in Wanni.

According to reports received, 6 LTTE terrorists were killed and 2 others reported wounded in the Vavuniya- Mullaittivu battlefront, during intense fighting erupted between troops and LTTE on Monday. LTTE fatalities were caused due to fighting in general area Palamoddai. 9 soldiers also sustained injuries and evacuated for medical treatment at the general hospital at Vavuniya, reports further stated.

Meanwhile, at the Western Wanni battlefront at Nachchikudha, Kilinochchi, troops claimed killing 5 terrorists, while injuring 4 others, according to reports. 2 soldiers have received injuries in the confrontations with LTTE, military said.

At the Eastern Wanni battlefront, at Andankulama troops forced into a terror underground bunker site, seizing control and recovering military equipment and medical items, according to reports received. The facility consisted of 5 underground bunkers used as a medical post of the LTTE, reports stated. In addition troops have also uncovered 51 anti-personnel (AP) mines, and disposed 5 LTTE laid IEDs during search operations conducted in the same area.

According to reports, 3 soldiers have received wounds in the clashes in addition to 21 LTTE terrorists who were also reported wounded.

LTTE explodes bus bomb targeting civilians: Public vigilance averts chaos

A bus bomb explosion was reported near the 'Horton place', Colombo, Tuesday (16) at around 1.50p.m.

According to available information, the bomb has exploded inside a public transportation bus (SLTB) plying from - Moratuwa - Mattakkuliya (Route No:155).

No civilian fatalities were reported due to the explosion, Colombo National Hospital sources said, adding that 4 people have been admitted due to shock caused by the explosion.

Commuters are here advised to use alternative routes to avoid heavy traffic, Police said.

Passengers have immediately got-off the bus and reached safety distance after bomb fear raised of an unattended parcel inside the bus, our correspondent said citing civilian sources. "The bomb has exploded within minutes" the sources further said. "This is a heavy traffic hour and many school children are on the roads", our correspondent said adding that the alertness of the bus conductor and driver have saved the day for many, which needs special commendation.

No doubt this explosion marks another LTTE attempt to cause mayhem in the island's capital targeting innocent civilians, when it is facing fierce assaults by the security forces in the Kilinochchi and Mullaittivu districts.

Twin air strikes at LTTE gathering points- Kilinochchi

SLAF fighter jets made precision air sorties at two separate LTTE gathering points located 3km and 4.5km West of Iranamadhu, Kilinochchi, Tuesday(Sep 16), at 10.10a.m.

According to Air Force Spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, the air strikes were made in assistance of the advancing 57 Division troops now operating in the outer perimeters of Kilinochchi.

Two successive air raids on high profile LTTE targets; LTTE high-tech facility destroyed

Sri Lanka Air Force supersonic fighter jets carried out two successive are raids targeting two separate high profile LTTE targets in the Mullaittivu district this morning, 16 September.

Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, speaking to said that SLAF jets raided an LTTE high-tech facility located in 5Km northeast of Puthukkudiiyiruppu area in Mullaittivu district around 6.40 a.m., today.

The targeted LTTE high-tech base had been equipped with computers, international communication facilities and other sophisticated equipments solely for military purposes and was run by a high profile LTTE leader who is a close relation of the LTTE terror chief.

Independent sources further reveal that, Charles Anthony, son of Prabhakaran has been frequenting this facility as a key figure mainly associated with its technical upgrading.

Meanwhile, SLAF jets carried out another raid targeting an LTTE logistic and transit facility located in 3Km Northeast of Udayarkattukulam in Mullaittivu district around 6.30 this morning, spokesperson added. According to the information received from Wanni, several arms and ammunition manufacturing yards of the LTTE terrorists are operating in this area.

Defence observers say that recent trend in air raids shows a significant enhancement in defence surveillance capabilities as majority of the targets have been LTTE's covert locations rather than overt camps. They are in the view that exploited and demoralized LTTE cadres and people, tired of terrorist rule in the Wanni region might have open new sources of information flow to the military.

The target was kept under close scrutiny until such time prevailed, the defence official further added.

3 LTTE operatives plead guilty of Credit Card fraud in UK

Three Sri Lankans after pleading guilty of credit card cloning fraud have been jailed at Southwark Crown Court in London, foreign news sources said.

The men, of Tamil origin, Ariyakunathasa Pirathesan, Sombalu Jevaganesh and Sivanesan Mayilvaganam have confessed to the crime and have revealed at the investigation that the crime could have resulted in the loss of œ3.5 million by banks.

Reports said they had devised a means of secretly filming customers inputting their pin numbers at petrol stations and then cloned cards in Coventry.

All the three accused men admitted conspiracy to defraud clearing banks between January 2007 and March 2008. While 28-year-old Pirathesan was sentenced to four and a half years in jail, Jevaganesh, 34, and Mayilvaganam, 28, were ordered to serve three years each and both men will be deported to Sri Lanka after completing their prison terms.

The LTTE terrorist organization has been using their aides in credit card scams especially in European and Scandinavian countries to channel funds for terrorist activities in Sri Lanka.

During the past several years authorities have busted many LTTE supporters engaged in credit card scams in many countries, including the UK, Canada, France and USA.

Last month a petrol station cashier named Abdul Samad Mohamed Raik, a Sri Lankan national, was jailed for 33 months in the UK after pleading guilty for a petrol station credit card fraud.

He also admitted to court of possessing a false Indian passport. The forged passport has been provided to him by the LTTE to flee the country if necessary, but he said he had not availed himself of this option.

In this case it was revealed that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam withdrew money from ATM machines amounting to 175,000 British Pounds from accounts holders from various cities in India, Malaysia, Canada,

United States, and Australia to bank-roll terrorism and the war in Sri Lanka.

In June this year another suspected mastermind behind the LTTE's international credit card scam was arrested in Sri Lanka for cloning credit cards using PIN and card numbers obtained from unsuspecting cards holders in the United Kingdom.

The suspect Anandan, alias Neshanadan Muruganandan was arrested with a large number of Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) and bank receipts issued by both local and foreign banks, amounting to a massive sum of money, over Rs. 100 million, in his possession.

Another LTTE racket of stealing large amount of dollars from financial institutions by using ATM cards was uncovered by the US authorities in October last year.

Credit card cloning is a form of siphoning money from original cardholders' accounts by fraudsters. In a bid to tackle the problem banks and credit card companies are introducing stricter security checks.

Courtesy: Government Information Department

TNA confirms military success...

The cat is out of the bag :

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA), no doubt is the mouth organ of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). That stands a reality over the past three and a half decades, from the time the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) fondled and nurtured the LTTE addressing the Tiger cadres as 'Boys'.

After some time, the TULF realised that it had nurtured the second most dangerous animal in the world and later attempted to distance itself from the LTTE. But, it was too late.

Though the LTTE is the second most dangerous animal in the world, its' appearance makes its' the first of such and, Velupillai Prabhakaran only has to see himself before the mirror to know which is the most dangerous animal in the world. The LTTE decided to eliminate the Guard of the TULF.

The only two to survive were Veerasingham Ananda Sangaree and R. Sampanthan. Ananda Sangaree yet braves himself to call the LTTE, the most venomous terror outfit in the world. His life is still at risk. But, the aging Sampanthan, decided to switch over to the TNA, known as the unofficial mouth organ of the LTTE.

The truth has been bitter to both the LTTE and the TNA with regard to developments in the North and East as the TNA believes and upholds that the LTTE is the sole representative of the Tamil speaking people.

By nature, the truth cannot be hidden for long. The mind which believe in justice, trusts in the truth. Even at the slip of the tongue, the truth is likely to emerge. And, so it has happened... TNA's Gajendran Ponnambalam, a firebrand defending the LTTE, told a weekly newspaper last Sunday that the LTTE has lost much territory it controlled in the face of military successes by Government troops.

He also pointed out that today's situation was quite different and contrary to the interests of the LTTE when considering the strength gained by the LTTE on territory with the implementation of the Ceasefire Agreement in 2002. Ponnambalam in his words told that newspaper-" The fact is that when compared with the situation that prevailed in the North East in 2002 when the CFA was signed, there is no denying that the Government had gained territory and that the LTTE has lost territory".

At last, though the LTTE attempts to cover up the military successes in the face of several defeats, it is noteworthy that Ponnambalam from the TNA, which acts as the Godfather of Velupillai Prabhakaran, has confessed that the LTTE was losing ground control contrary to the position in 2002.

The Opposition in our Parliament should now accept the truth and the fact that the troops are on a successful mission to liberate the North from the grip of terrorism.

All political parties in this country must accept the fact that the Security Forces of this country are executing a responsibility by the people and the nation and not by any political party.

There are successes and setbacks in military operations at times of war. When there are setbacks, the Opposition or any political party for that matter, should not rejoice at such times, to gain political advantage.

Only traitors do behave in such a manner. It is appropriate, to recall a story that took place in New Delhi during the Premadasa administration when measures were afoot to send the Indian troops back.

The late Deputy Defence Minister, Gen. Ranjan Wijeratne went to New Delhi as a Special Envoy of President Ranasinghe Premadasa to meet the Indian Premier, V.P.Singh to brief Singh on Colombo's desire to send the IPKF back.

According to the protocol, such meetings are not meant to make long speeches to educate the counter part or the Head of that Government. A Special Envoy, by tradition was entrusted to carry a message across.

Gen. Wijeratne used the opportunity to be critical of the IPKF conduct on Sri Lankan soil and blamed the Indian troops on many aspects.

After Gen. Wijeratne handed over the message to Premier Singh, the Indian Prime Minister summed the meeting in a few seconds in this manner- "Thank you Mr. Minister, the Government of India and her people have the highest confidence in our Armed Forces". The statement of V.P. Singh proved that in India, politics always respected the Armed Forces that protected the country.

On the contrary, here we see not only the TNA but also many Opposition political parties being critical of the Armed Forces at times of crises to gain political advantage, ignoring the fact that the troops are rendering a national duty irrespective of Race, Religion or Colour.

Coming back to Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, who is protected by the legitimate Police service in this country as a Parliamentarian, believes that the LTTE is a National Liberation Movement. And that the Tamil people are more behind the LTTE today than ever in the past.

Ponnambalam appears to have contracted some mysterious disease to make such a statement in the present context. If he claims that the LTTE is a national liberation movement of the Tamils, fighting for Tamil aspirations, then why on earth is the LTTE killing the Tamils?

And if the majority of the Tamils are with the LTTE, how could the LTTE become weak day by day? Also, why do people want to leave areas controlled by the LTTE? Can one dispute the fact that the people want to leave LTTE controlled to evade being used as human shields?

Ponnambalam further claims that the LTTE is built on popular support. Mr. Ponnambalam looks blind to the reality that an organisation built on popular support will never annihilate the very community on which its' foundation had been built upon.

The TNA, which calls itself a democratic entity, too has failed to urge the LTTE to free the people under the LTTE grip to avoid excesses at times of war.

Like the LTTE, the TNA too claims that it represents the rights and aspirations of the Tamil speaking people. If so, why cannot the TNA convince the LTTE to enter into a dialogue with the Government if the TNA believed there can be no military solution to the crisis.

The passage to such process is easy because the Government too holds on to the same belief that not a military but a political solution is the need to the crisis.

The TNA is at cross roads today. If it talks of a political solution or enters the negotiating table, can it go back to the North to do politics? With that being the reality, the TNA has no other alternative but to dance to the melody of the LTTE all the time.

That was why Ponnambalam like a blind man claims that the LTTE has gone from strength to strength while confessing that the LTTE has lost much territory unlike the situation after the CFA in 2002.

The TNA views the EPDP of Minister Douglas Devananda as an opposition Tamil political party. As much as Ponnambalam admits about the LTTE's loss of gained territory, Douglas Devananda too holds the same view and describes it as a natural process to happen.

For Ponnambalam, the LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran looks a Saviour while Devananda calls for the elimination of Prabhakaran and the LTTE leadership for the people to progress and look for new political alternatives.

Devananda makes his new adventures known, being a well trained liberation fighter in his early days. Ponnambalam, with no experience at all in so called ' armed liberation struggles' should learn from Devananda, who says by experience that militancy could only get a person to the half way mark, and beyond that lies the political path.

Ponnambalam, to the knowledge of the public is yet to see even the half way mark of militancy, though he happens to convert a terrorist movement into a national liberation movement of the much respected Tamil community, which is an insult to the entire Tamil community.

Ponnambalam must also realize that Devananda is qualified to express such views as a former militant who represented the EROS, EPRLF before taking command of the EPDP.Devananda claims he learnt from past mistakes.

For Ponnambalam, a Colombo educated elite and affluent life activist into politics, after the tragic demise of his father, has much to learn from the Tamil political outfit of today rather than leaning onto a terrorist organisation like the LTTE which has no future.

Instead of wasting valuable time on the LTTE to be a spokesman for a ruthless terror group, Ponnambalam should concentrate on the urgent need to affirm the national character in our society which is pluralistic in nature.

The priority before Ponnambalam and his TNA is to first forge unity among all Tamil political parties to seek a lasting solution to all problems faced by the Tamils. Neither the Government nor the majority Sinhala community would deny that Tamils have no grievances.

That is why the notion of a political settlement or a solution has been accepted and tried many times. All Tamil political parties must realise that as long as they stood divided, a solution would stand only at a distance.

Ponnambalam cannot deny the fact that LTTE terrorism has today divided the Tamil people. Any Tamil politician or political party bent on finding a solution is viewed as a 'traitor' or an 'enemy' of the LTTE. Tamils are being held to ransom, killed or either blackmailed by the LTTE which acts under the guise of liberators.

Isn't the plight of the democratic minded Tamil at stake with the LTTE flexing its' muscles on the unarmed innocent Tamils? Shouldn't other communities rise to their defence to save them from the clutches of a ruthless terror group? Though belated, its' opportune for all Tamils to set aside their differences and unite to stand up against the LTTE.

Tamils must also forget the sad past where some Tamil leaders misled them promising a separate state for political gain and popularity. Many of them perished with that unrealistic dream.

That even happened to the so called LTTE Theoretician, Anton Balasingham and the Political Leader, Tamil Selvam, who are now in the Land of No Return. The more the Tamils remain divided, it makes difficult for any Government to work out a solution.

A solution to the crisis has to be worked out on the willingness of the people and not to the satisfaction of an armed terrorist group.

That is why, Tamil unity is paramount at this critical juncture to explore and examine possibilities to find a lasting solution that could meet the aspirations of all peace loving Tamils in this country.

Such a just solution should also satisfy the future of all people. All Tamils must realise that Prabhakaran cannot survive under a democratic framework. That position has been substantiated by many political leaders of this country.

Prabhakaran fights for his survival and not that of the Tamil community. There are many lessons for Ponnambalam to learn even from Douglas Devananda from the 'Path of Militancy to the Fountain of Democracy'. Before the Indo- Lanka Accord, even Devananda called the Colombo Government a 'Sinhala Government'.

But, today he accepts it as the Government of Sri Lanka and believes that the Tamil political leadership has ample space to enter into the mainstream to make and see the difference.

The time is ripe for Gajendran Ponnambalam and his TNA to forget the LTTE and embrace the mainstream of democracy to experience the difference as Douglas Devananda had already done. The TNA must also remember that Prabhakaran is a man who has no mercy even for his Godfather.

That is nothing but the Gospel truth and, if the late TULF leader, Appapillai Amirthalingam was alive, he would have certainly endorsed that view.

Courtesy: Daily News