Monday, August 11, 2008

LTTE losing support of expats says 'Strategy page'

While underscoring the recent LTTE losses at the Northern ad Wanni battlefront, 'Strategy Page', a web based military news source on Sunday (August 10) said that the increasing public demonstration against the LTTE in Europe and the sting operations carried out by the Tamil Nadu police resulting the arrest of 55 LTTE operatives had surfaced the loss of expatriate support for the outfit.

Every week, the LTTE loses ground. Three years ago, the LTTE controlled over fifteen percent of Sri Lanka, now they have only about six percent (4,000 square kilometers).

The government continues to allow food and other supplies to pass into LTTE controlled territory, as it always has, and the LTTE tries to force civilians to move with them when the army advances into LTTE territory. Last month, over 60,000 civilians (mostly Tamils) fled their homes to avoid the fighting. Many of these had to risk their lives to flee towards government-controlled territory, the news portal further asserted.

Following is the full text of the news article.

August 10, 2008: The LTTE is losing the support of expatriate Sri Lankan Tamils. Even in India, where the Tamils originally came from, more and more LTTE operatives are being hunted down and arrested. In the last two years, India has arrested 55 LTTE operatives. In the last week, key members of a gunrunning operation were arrested. In Europe, there are now public demonstrations against the LTTE, something that would have been impossible a few years ago, because LTTE enforcers were present to punish those Tamils who were "unpatriotic."

The casualties have been low this year (a few hundred dead and wounded a week), but consistently in favor of the army (about ten LTTE dead for each government one). Every week, the LTTE loses ground. Three years ago, the LTTE controlled over fifteen percent of Sri Lanka, now they have only about six percent (4,000 square kilometers).

The Tamil population in this area numbers about 200,000 (a little over one percent of the national population). The government continues to allow food and other supplies to pass into LTTE controlled territory, as it always has, and the LTTE tries to force civilians to move with them when the army advances into LTTE territory.

Last month, over 60,000 civilians (mostly Tamils) fled their homes to avoid the fighting. Many of these had to risk their lives to flee towards government controlled territory. LTTE fighters are assigned to force Tamil refugees to move into the shrinking LTTE controlled territory.

The Sri Lankan government has become angry as it uncovers more evidence that NGO (non-governmental organizations, like the Red Cross) resources (vehicles, communications, food, fuel) are being used by the

LTTE for combat operations. As more LTTE territory is retaken, more examples of this NGO aid (usually involuntary) to the LTTE is being discovered. The NGOs handle moving food and other aid into LTTE territory, and distributing it.

LTTE prisoners tell of increasingly desperate efforts to recruit fighters and obtain weapons and ammunition. Shortages of everything are hampering the ability of the LTTE to defend their territory and population. The war is run on the cheap on both sides, with the government spending less than two billion dollars for the fighting in the north this year. The LTTE spends less than a tenth of that. It's mostly low-tech infantry fighting, with a little artillery and air support.

SLAF MI-24 helicopters raid LTTE gathering place - Vavunikulam

Sri Lanka Air Force MI-24 Helicopter gun ships raided an LTTE gathering place observed in general area north of Vavunikulam this afternoon, 11 August.

An LTTE gathering was observed in 4.5 Km north of Vavunikulam and raided around 3.45 p.m., defence sources said. The air raids were carried out in support of the ground troops of 57 Division, defence sources added.

Wanni Liberation Operation continues; 25 terrorists killed, 15 wounded in yesterday's clashes

Security forces personnel moving further towards LTTE held areas inflicting heavy damages to the enemy despite terror resistance. According to the military report received from the battle front, 25 LTTE terrorists were killed 10 suffered injuries and 5 reportedly either killed or wounded (in addition to two incidents in Jaffna and Welioya areas reported on, see Related News) due to the intense gun battle reported in Vavuniya and Welioya fronts yesterday, 10 August.

In the Vavuniya front, troops in Task Force 2 launched an attack targeting terror bunker defences in general area Navvi killing 8 LTTE terrorists. Troops captured LTTE bunker complex and trench line and 261 T-56 ammunition along with 3 hand grenades left behind by the fleeing terrorists were also found. In a separate confrontation took place in general area Kopuvithakulam 3 more LTTE terrorists killed and one body was found along with a Global Positioning System (GPS) in a subsequent search operation conducted in the area. One soldier has made his utmost sacrifice for the sake of motherland while 4 others sustained injuries, the report said.

In the same front, 10 more soldiers of 57 Division reportedly injured in a series of clashes ensued between security forces and LTTE terrorists in west of Chiradikulam, Kalvilan and south of Mallavi areas.

In the Mannar front, troops of Task Force 1 attacked at group of LTTE terrorists and intercepted terror transmission confirmed that 7 terrorists were killed in general area Kariyalaimoddai. Three bodies of slain LTTE cadres were found along with 3 T-56 weapons in a subsequent search operation conducted in the area. Two army soldiers also received injuries during this confrontation. Meanwhile, an army soldier has sacrificed his life while engaged in a confrontation and 4 other injured exploding terror an Anti-personnel mine in general area Ponavillu.

In the Welioya front, a series of clashes reported from north of Janakapura and Andankulam area during the day hours yesterday. 7 terrorists were killed, 10 injured and 5 more reportedly either killed or wounded, the report added. 3 army soldiers also received injuries during these confrontations.

Separately, troops engaged in mine clearing operations in recently liberated area have unearthed 26 Anti-Personnel (AP) mines and 3 Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) from north of Janakapura area while 28 more AP mines from Andankulam area, the report added.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Troops continue advances despite heavy resistance: 7 LTTE bodies recovered - Welioya

Troops of the 59 Division operating at the Welioya battlefront flanking the eastern Wanni territory, made further advances into LTTE positions Sunday (August 10) and have reportedly uncovered 7 male LTTE bodies following hours long intense fighting with LTTE.

At least 15 terrorists were killed, another 13 wounded in the confrontation military Spokesperson Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said, further adding that 3 of the bodies recovered were identified to be of sea tiger cadres.

According to military sources, heavy confrontations erupted between troops and LTTE since 10.30 this morning in general area East of Andankulama. Also, during subsequent search operations conducted troops uncovered a General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG), 05 x T-56 assault riffles, 01 x Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher (RPG), 02 x I-com sets and 04 x hand grenades, sources said.

Troops are now consolidating positions in the area military said adding that the recent advances made into the LTTE strongholds in Mullaittiuvu, has send the terrorist leadership terrified with the increasing number of tiger casualties and the military battle phase.

Civilians, LTTE cadres suffer while hierarchy makes merry

Civilians and LTTE cadres in Kilinochchi are dissatisfied with the LTTE hierarchy as the leaders still enjoy the perks and lead luxury lives while the innocent people are being ill-treated and used as human shields to fight against the advancing troops in the Wanni, informed sources said.

Sources close to the LTTE said that people live in fear and want to flee to the government controlled areas as the LTTE still conscripts minors and elders for the battle. The normal cadres, especially are frustrated with the LTTE's so-called leaders as they still travel in "fortified" luxury vehicles and even their wives use similar vehicles.

They said that while the children of innocent civilians were deployed to die in the battle, the children of these leaders and the political wing of the LTTE were sent to good schools in Kilinochchi and are kept in well-protected daycare centres as their fathers are leading the battles and mothers were engaged in some other work for the Tigers. The LTTE had set up special daycare centres to look after them.

"These children are transported in special vehicles to the daycare centres and food is given to them free. Highly qualified teachers give them tuition in the afternoon and all the facilities are provided to them", they said.

The Tigers are now facing a transformation since the senior LTTE cadres give priority to their family lives rather than waging a war. According to sources, the young cadres who joined the outfit decades ago are now married and having children.

Though they want to recruit underage children to maintain their man-power they do not want their children to fight in the battle, they said.

The activities of the LTTE hierarchy has led to frustration among the ordinary LTTE cadres whose children too are being abducted by the outfit.

Courtesy: The Sunday Observer

LTTE receives heavy beating at Kilali defences: 15 terrorists killed, many injured

At least 15 LTTE terrorists were killed and twice as numbers injured when troops forced into LTTE forward defence lines at Kilali, Jaffna on Sunday (August 10) at around 4a.m.

The 53 Division troops stormed into LTTE forward defence lines (FDLs) in an early hour surprise assault forcing terrorists to flee with heavy casualties. 15 terrorists were killed and many others injured in the confrontation, military said citing intercepted LTTE communication.

Troops have later returned towards initial positions after holding the LTTE bunkers during the offensive drive as military claimed the mission objectives were successfully achieved.

No damages were caused to own troops during the limited operation, military said.

13 LTTE terrorists killed, 24 injured in yesterday's clashes at Wanni and North

Security forces continued counter terrorist operations in both Wanni and Northern battlefronts as military reports indicate that at least 13 LTTE terrorists were killed and over two dozen wounded yesterday (August 9).

According to MCNS sources, 8 terrorists were killed, 10 others injured during a pre-emptive strike launched by troops of the Task Force-2 targeting LTTE elements in general area Palaimoddai. A soldier was also reported wounded in the confrontation erupted, sources said.

During a subsequent search operation conducted in the area troops have recovered 2 bodies of slain terrorists and similar number of T-56 assault riffles.

In the Welioya battlefront, 4 LTTE terrorists were reported killed and 14 others reported wounded during heavy fighting ensued between troops and LTTE, on Saturday MCNS reported.

Meanwhile, another terrorist was also killed by security forces at the Muhamalai battlefront, Jaffna at around 8.30 AM, MCNS further added.