Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wanni libertarian operation in progress; 37 terrorists killed, over 30 injured

Security forces personnel engaged in multi-pronged offensive operation to liberate Wanni from LTTE clutches killed 37 terrorists and injured 16 more in yesterday's, July 4, clashes, the finalized military report received from battlefront said. Another 17 terrorists were also reportedly either killed or wounded due to these clashes.

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GOSL denies harassment of Indian fishermen

The Government of Sri Lanka strongly refutes allegations contained in certain foreign media reports that the Sri Lanka Navy had detained and harassed Indian fishermen aboard fishing trawlers which had been detected poaching in Sri Lankan waters.

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Tamil Tiger Mafia, a major threat to French society - French author Jerome Pierrat

Unveiling the underworld activities of the Tamils in France and their close links with the LTTE, French author Jerome Pierrat has said "Tamil mafia works in hand-in-glove with the Tamil Tigers in their campaign to extort money from unwilling Tamil citizens in France and the mafia gangs keep a percentage and pass on the ransom collection to Tamil Tigers".

Army captures LTTE bunker defence; 9 bunkers destroyed

Troops operating under Task Force 1 in the Mannar- Vavuniya combined battlefront attacked an LTTE bunker defence last evening (July 3) causing heavy casualties to the terrorists.

Wanni Liberation in progress: over 30 terrorists killed

Finalized military reports received from the Wanni battlefronts yesterday (July 3) indicate several significant gains to the armed forces engaged in counter terror offensives against the LTTE terrorists. According to the reports, over 30 terrorists were killed and at least 35 injured during these clashes. In addition, 2 soldiers were killed, 2 reported missing and 17 others were injured, the reports revealed.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

SLAF launches successive air strikes at identified LTTE positions

The SLAF launched 3 successive air raids at identified LTTE positions located in Vedithalthivu and Pooneryn areas this afternoon (July 3).

According to defence sources, an LTTE gathering point located North East of Vedithalthivu, Mannar was raided by the SLAF MI-24 helicopter gun-ships providing close in fire support to the advancing military units, at around 12.45p.m.

Separately, a truck transferring LTTE terrorists was also destroyed in a similar attack launched by MI-24 gun-ships, 2km South of Vedithalthivu, at 1.15p.m., sources said adding that LTTE casualty figures were yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, air force fighter jets launched precision air strikes at an LTTE sea tiger base in general area Vallaipadu, located 15km Southwest of Pooneryn in Kilinochchi District, at around 3.30p.m.

14 LTTE terrorists killed, 12 injured in Wanni and Northern clashes

At least 14 terrorists were killed and 12 injured in fighting ensued between troops and LTTE at the Wanni and Northern battle theatres on Wednesday (July 2), according to finalized military reports received.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Surrendered LTTE cadres joins their families after rehabilitation - Jaffna

Sri Lanka's war on terror is a process that goes beyond military operations. Though many LTTE sympathizers and their stooges in media try to give a wrong picture to the world that LTTE is as a representative of the Tamil citizens in Sri Lanka, there is ample evidence barred from the world that Tamils are nothing but the main victim of LTTE terrorism. This was evident when covered the recent release of a group of rehabilitated LTTE cadres by Sri Lanka Army in Jaffna.

24 LTTE terrorists killed, 30 wounded in yesterday's clashes

24 LTTE terrorists were reported killed and 30 others wounded during fighting erupted between troops and LTTE ahead of the Wanni and Northern battlefronts on Tuesday (July 1). In addition, 2 soldiers laid their lives while 30 others received injuries in the confrontations, security sources said.

Woman arrested smuggling explosives inside coconuts - Vavuniya

A woman was arrested in Vavuniya yesterday (June 1) at a Police roadblock, while clandestinely transporting C-4 high explosives concealed in coconut nuts at around 5.15p.m.

According to the Vavuniya Police, the woman had been traveling in a bus plying towards Siddambarapuram, along the Vavuniya - Horowpotana main road when the bus was stopped at a Police roadblock at the Cemetery junction in Vavuniya.

The police searched the woman for her suspicious behavior and found the high explosive weighing 1kg separately stuffed in packets and concealed inside 4 coconut nuts.

Vavuniya Police is conducting further investigations.

SLAF raids LTTE gathering place - Vavuniya

Sri Lanka Air Force supersonic fighter jets raided LTTE's gathering place in Vavuniya this afternoon, July 01.

Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, speaking to said jets raided LTTE's gathering place located 4Km north of Omanthai entry/exit point around 3.35 p.m.

Sri Lanka Air Force raids terror training camp - Mankulam

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets pounded an LTTE training base located at Ampakaman area, 8 Km Northeast Mankulama junction around 6.15 this morning (July 1) .

According to Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, the targeted location was a training base for the LTTE members of specialized bands such as "air tigers" and others. He said the target was engaged with 8 fighter jets and the raid was successful.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

LTTE targets softest targets of all

The widely circulated Observer magazine distributed with the Observer newspaper said, in a four page in-depth article, by targeting innocent civilians the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is fast losing whatever sympathies they had earlier.

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Sri Lankan Expatriates in Italy rally against LTTE terrorism

Sri Lankan expatriates in Italy held a huge public demonstration against LTTE terrorism at Piazza Castello, Milan on Sunday (July 29). More than 5000 people including Sinhalese, Tamils, and Muslims , had participated for this protest that was held for more than 4 hours. "We are" the Sri Lankans live in Italy was the theme of this demonstration. The aim of this demonstration was to invite the whole world to join hands with Sri Lankans to defeat terrorism .

That demonstration was organized by number of civil organizations representing the Sri Lankan expatriates in Italy. The protesters were seen waving hundreds of Sri Lankan flags and displaying placards and banners with slogans against terrorism on them . Also, the protesters were seen carrying banners that thanked the Italian government for arresting 33 LTTE terror agents in Italy recently.

Wanni liberation enters decisive phase ; Two warfronts linked up

The Security Forces engaged in the Wanni liberation operation, entered a decisive phase yesterday (June 30) as troops linked up the Mannar battle front with the Vavuniya battle front , making the biggest ever military front against LTTE in the western flank of Wanni. Army 58 division that operated from the Mannar front and 57 division that engaged Vavuniya linked up with each other from the southeast of Periyamadhu last afternoon.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Troops consolidating their hold in Wanni; 22 terrorists killed in yesterday's clashes

Finalized military reports received yesterday (June 30) from the battlefronts indicate that 22 terrorists were killed and over 23 injured as troops further consolidated their new positions in the Wanni theater. Also, 2 soldiers were killed, one reported missing and 13 suffered injuries during these clashes.

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The Sri Lankan Conflict- A Multi-Polar Approach

Air Force fighter jets raid LTTE's special weapon maintenance facility- Kilinochchi

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets raided an LTTE special weapon maintenance and training facility located in the Cheddikulam jungle area this afternoon.

According to the Air Force sources, the air raid was carried out around 2.45 pm at the weapon maintenance workshop and the training facility situated in the Kariyalivayal area, 3km Southwest of Chundikulam. The target was taken effectively though the exact damage caused is yet to be known, the sources added.

Security Forces handover 26 LTTE corpses to ICRC- Vavuniya

Security Forces handed over 25 LTTE bodies recovered in general area Chiraddikulama, Mullaittivu on 26th June, to officials of the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC), today(29) at 2.30 p.m.

43 LTTE terrorists killed, over 30 wounded in yesterday's clashes

At least 43 LTTE terrorists were killed and over 30 reported wounded during ensued battles between troops and LTTE in the Wanni and Northern battle theatres, on Saturday (June 28).

According to military reports received, 2 terrorists were killed and a soldier wounded in separate incidents at Nagarkovil and Kilaly, Jaffna.

Meanwhile, at the Vavuniya battlefront heavy fighting was reported as troops claimed 20 terrorists were killed and 8 others severely wounded. 2 soldiers also have laid their lives during the confrontations, while 2 others were reported wounded, security sources said. According to reports, the clashes were reported from Ambaddankulam, Naddankulam, Navatkulam, Panichchanmadu, Naouarampu and Palamoddai areas.

At the Mannar battlefront, 7 LTTE terrorists were killed and 3 others wounded on Saturday, according to security sources. Also, at the Welioya front troops claimed that 14 terrorists were killed and over a dozen injured in clashes erupted in general areas North of Janakapura, Kokkuthudduwai and Kiriibanwewa. 4 soldiers were also injured during the fighting, security sources added.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

LTTE receives heavy beating: Troops takeover Mannar 'Rice Bowl'

The advancing Security Forces took total control over the entire Mannar 'Rice Bowl' area this afternoon(June 29), denying terrorists its main and heavily fortified defences at the Mannar front after days of heavy fighting ensued between troops and LTTE. The capture of this area stands to be a significant breakthrough made by the security forces following the liberation of Periyamadhu area from LTTE on 26th June. According to military Spokesperson Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara, the total area brought under control is approximately 120sq.kms, which mainly consists of the Island's most fertile paddy fields. In 1991, farmers have made a record-breaking paddy harvest from this area; the Spokesperson said adding that the famous 'Giants Tank' itself provides water to 153 small irrigation lakes.

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13 Tamil civilians flee LTTE areas seeking security forces protection - Mannar

A group of Tamil civilians who left their native places in LTTE head areas reached to the Naval detachment at Pallemunai in Mannar seeking the protection for their lives last night, 28th June.

According to the available information, 13 civilians including 6 females and 7 males reached to the Pallemunali around 10.00 p.m. yesterday. The escapees are from Kilinochchi and Paranthan areas, sources further said.

Security forces have provided all the necessities of these hapless civilians and necessary steps have already been taken to provide safe shelter for them.

It is observed that Tamil civilians fleeing LTTE-held areas continuously reaching towards security forces seeing protection for their lives as they area living under severe life risk in LTTE areas. As the troops captured almost all the terror strongholds in Mannar front, an escalation of civilian movement towards government-controlled areas can be observed.