Saturday, June 28, 2008

Troops make another breakthrough; Parappakkadantan falls to troops - Mannar front

Security forces personnel operating in Mannar front made another major breakthrough capturing LTTE's stronghold in Parappakkadantan, 4Km north of Giant Tank, in Mannar front this noon, June 28.

According to the military sources, a firing rang used by the LTTE terrorists, probably for training requirements, also found in a search operation conducted in the 2 square Km area captured by the troops. Meanwhile, several tombs erected for terror cadres killed in past gun battles were also found in general area Alkaddiveli, between Andankulam and Parappakkadantan.

These areas were under LTTE clutches for more than two decades and it clearly shows the inability of LTTE terrorists to face security forces who are continuously marching towards LTTE strongholds in multi-pronged offensive launched to liberate the Wanni.

Troops are now consolidating their positions in the area.

12 LTTE killed, over 30 wounded in Vavuniya and Welioya

At least 12 LTTE terrorists were killed and over 30 wounded as fighting continued between troops and LTTE in the Vavuniya and Welioya battle fronts on Friday (June 27), security sources said.

According to MCNS, 12 terrorists were reported killed and 23 others injured during confrontations erupted ahead of LTTE defences North of Kiriibbanwewa and Welioya. 3 soldiers have laid their lives and 8 wounded during yesterday's fighting in Vavuniya and Welioya, MCNS further reported.

In the Vavuniya battle front, 7 LTTE terrorists have received injuries MCNS added citing ground troops. According to reports received, a total of 44 LTTE terrorists were killed and over 48 injured on Friday in Mannar, Vavuniya and Welioya at the Wanni theatre of battle.

Earlier, on Thursday (26) military reports confirmed that 22 LTTE terrorists were killed and 14 wounded, in addition to 10 others who were believed either killed or seriously injured in the Wanni battles. 2 soldiers have laid their lives and 9 wounded in the clashes, according to military reports.

'Tigers have lost world sympathy by slaughtering Sinhalese' says top ranked publication (By: Dayan Jayatilleka from Geneva)

"The LTTE have lost the sympathy of the world by their slaughter of innocent Sinhalese" says a leading US scholar writing in what is widely regarded as the world's most influential publication on foreign policy and international affairs. Prof Richard Rosecrance makes this observation about the Tamil Tigers in a contribution co-authored with Arthur Stein entitled 'Separatism's Final Country', which appears in the latest issue of Foreign Affairs (July-August 2008).
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32 LTTE terrorists killed, 6 soldiers wounded in Mannar clashes

The LTTE suffered heavy defeats with soaring casualties as the outfit lost almost all the bases within the Mannar 'Rice bowl' area with the fall of Andankulama in Mannar to security forces yesterday (June 27), military sources report. According to Military Spokesperson Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara, 11 terrorists were killed in addition to 3 soldiers who were said wounded during the confrontations at Andankulama.

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SLAF raids a LTTE logistics base(VIDEO)

SLAF raids LTTE training facility - Oddusuddan

Sri Lanka Air Force supersonic fighter jets raided an LTTE training facility and special unit headquarters located in general area Oddusuddan this morning, June 27.

Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, speaking to said that the target which is located at Pirapavettuwan, 10km north of Oddusudan junction was engaged around 6.10 a.m.

'Salvage our lady of Madhu from LTTE' says Bethlehem Catholics

The Catholic community in Bethlehem, Palestine issuing a statement has urged the leaders of the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka to persuade the LTTE to return the statue to its original shrine so that it would be accessible to the devotees who belong to all religions in the island, foreign websites reported.

For the full text of the statement issued by the Catholic Community in Bethlehem

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25 corpses of LTTE uncovered as troops consolidate defences in Vavauniya

Scores of LTTE terrorists were reported killed and 25 bodies recovered after fighting brokeout between troops and LTTE in general area Chiraddikulama ahead of the Vavuniya defences yesterday (June 26), since 6p.m.

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LTTE casualties on the rise: Troops force into terrorist defences in Mannar

Security source said that, LTTE terrorists were beaten off from Andankulama general area with heavy casualties as troops intensified attacks at the remaining LTTE flanks positioned at the Mannar defences today (June 27).

According to latest reports received, troops are making tactical advances in the areas, while consolidating defences as LTTE terrorists were forced to abandon its trench and bunker lines during the military launched multi-pronged offensive.

Earlier, on Thursday (26) Sri Lankan Army infantry supported by armour and artillery stepped-up fresh attacks with combined SLAF air support on the remaining terrorist strong-points in Mannar.

Meanwhile, Army sources said that they have recovered the bodies of 25 LTTE terrorists killed in the fighting yesterday (June 26). Arrangements are being made to hand over those bodies recovered, through the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC), the sources further said.

SLAF raids LTTE training facility - Oddusuddan

Sri Lanka Air Force supersonic fighter jets raided an LTTE training facility and special unit headquarters located in general area Oddusuddan this morning, June 27.

Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, speaking to said that the target which is located at Pirapavettuwan, 10km north of Oddusudan junction was engaged around 6.10 a.m.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Sri Lanka, a beautiful country in the Indian Ocean has been suffering from a nearly three decade long terrorism menace. It had spread like a cancer in both the northern and the eastern parts of the country. Thousands of lives were lost over the years and all this is due to a crazy ideology of one brutal terrorist leader, who's name is Velupillai Prabakaran. He wants a kingdom for himself from a united and harmonious nation.

LTTE(Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Ealam), that is what this terrorist outfit name themselves. They call themselves the "Liberators of the Tamil people", or rather use that theme to justify all their barbaric acts. Tamils are an ethnic minority living in Sri Lanka, who enjoy absolute equal rights in any part of Sri Lanka. Tamils live, learn, work, play, dine, party and do enjoy every right any citizen would enjoy in a Democratic country. Tamils live all over the island without any discrimination. Sri Lanka even had a Governor of it's Central Bank who is a Tamil, just to mention one among a countless number of leading Tamil citizens. There are Tamil sportsman who are loved by the whole country and many Tamil political parties and politicians.

How would this be possible if the Tamils are suppressed? Then what is this so called "Liberation of Tamil people"?, from whom? The so called liberators of the Tamil people have only become a curse for all the peace loving Tamil people.

The LTTE is well known for brainwashing innocent and poor Tamils and turning them in to human bombs. This has resulted in so many blood baths and also immense hardships for the innocent peace loving Tamil people, because naturally people tend to suspect innocent Tamils.

Prabakaran and the LTTE had many chances to come in to a negotiated settlement and put an end to this violence. But as they call them selves "Tigers" they have always proved that they are tigers. Each time a ceasefire was in operation they used it to the maximum to arm themselves and fortify their bunkers. They never had any intention to come in to a negotiated settlement. Prabakaran wanted blood, and they always found a way to continue Terrorism rather than put an end to it.

A tiger cannot be taught to eat grass! There is only one option to tame a man eating tiger, if that is not opted for, the tiger will go on it's rampage and carnage! For the benefit of the whole Nation the Tiger leader and his band of man eating tigers has to be eliminated!

Now the Tiger hunt is on, Valiant soldiers of the Sri Lanka armed forces are forging ahead in to the Tiger territory to liberate the people in the Tiger held areas. They have already liberated the island's eastern province from the tigers and now taking on the tigers in their strongest dens in the nothern wanni region.
This blog is solely for the purpose of providing a center point for readers from all over the world to follow the progress of the tiger hunt and related information gathered around the globe, for them to be aware of the true situation in Sri Lanka.

Long live our brothers in the armed forces.!!!!
HAIL SRI LANKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!