Friday, April 10, 2009

Tamils' disruptions didn't win sympathy

Re: Protesting Tamils demand Sri Lanka ceasefire, April 8.

(TVS)When Tamil-Canadians' mass demonstrations in Ottawa hold up the commuter buses so we cannot get home as well as tie up all the traffic, they should not expect any of us to support protests of what is happening thousands of kilometres away in Sri Lanka. Full text

VIDEO - Civilians in No Fire Zone Attack the LTTE terrorists with Clubs and Knives!

VIDEO - M I A in support of terror

Gaddafi appreciative of Sri Lanka’s success in defeating the ruthless terrorist organization

Tripoli, 10 April, ( The strengthening economic and trade ties between Libya and Sri Lanka featured prominently in bilateral talks held on Friday between Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Libyan Head of State Colonel Muammar Gaddafi at the special venue for meetings with distinguished visitors at Sheri, Libya.

President Rajapaksa who is the first Sri Lankan Head of State to visit Libya apprised the Libyan leader of steps being taken to free the people of Sri Lanka from terrorism, and ensure the provision of humanitarian needs of the people of the North of Sri Lanka. Full text

Karunanidhi’s "Save Tamil Race Show" in Chennai, VCK clarifies, Sedition case against Vaiko

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune

New Delhi, 10 April ( Leading a massive rally to ‘Save Tamil Race’ in Chennai, DMK chief Karunanidhi Thursday asked Sri Lanka President to stop the war in Vanni and told Congress president Sonia Gandhi to ‘intervene to end the genocide of Tamils’ in the island nation. He also called for a dignified treatment to Prabhakaran, saying the Tiger’s chief should treated ‘like Alexander treated Porus’ in the battle. Full text

Troops seize LTTE arms cache

(DN)Troops conducting search operations in the general area of Puthukudiyrippu found five LTTE bodies, 11 T-56 weapons, one Light Machine Gun, two Rocket Propeller Grenades, two I-com sets, three pouches, seven T-56 weapons. Meanwhile, troops recovered one T-56 weapon, 25 anti-personnel mines, seven Rocket Propeller Grenades, five hand grenades, two pouches, one-shot gun and one Arul bomb from the general area of Ramanadapuram. Full text

Another 729 civilians rescued

(DN)Over 729 displaced civilians fleeing LTTE captivity had been rescued by Navy and Army on Wednesday.

Military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said that around 118 civilians sought protection with the Army 58 division in Ampalavanpokkerni. They included 51 children, 36 females and 31 males. Full text

Confronting false dichotomies - Part 4: Countering terrorism and freedom of expression

Continued from yesterday

(e) Need to overcome ‘false dichotomies’ in order to serve the ‘public good’

Keynote Address by
Sri Lanka’s Belgium, Luxembourg and the EU Ambassador
Ravinatha P. Aryasinha

(DN)Before I conclude I want to get back from Sri Lanka’s concerns regards LTTE front organization activity in Europe, to the more generic issue of front organizations. In this context, allow me to posit 3 false dichotomies that I often confront in discussions concerning the need for listing front organizations, which could in the final analysis prove costly in serving the ‘Public Good’- both for Europe, as well as for the victims of terrorism. Full text

Lakshadweep on alert for Tiger infiltration

(DN)Police in Lakshadweep islands in India have confirmed about receiving an intelligence alert on possible infiltration attempts by the LTTE through Minicoy island, around two weeks ago.

"We have received an intelligence input about 15 days ago, stating that some LTTE cadres are planning to enter Lakshadweep through Minicoy island under the guise of fishermen, in fishing boats. Full text

Holmes tells Guardian newspaper: LTTE shooting fleeing civilians

(DN)UN Under Secretary General Sir John Holmes said that although the LTTE leadership says that the Tamil civilians accompanied them into the war zone voluntarily and they do not want to leave, there are continuing reports of shooting at fleeing civilians, destroying boats to prevent them leaving and forcing them to fight against their will by the LTTE.

He said it is clear that the LTTE is refusing to let people flee, though many are managing to escape somehow. He added: ?I fear the combatants may be gearing up for a final confrontation. This is a very grave situation.? Full text

LTTE suffers worst defeat

Army to rescue civilians held hostage by Tigers in no-fire zone

(DM)The biggest battle in the undeclared Eelam war IV was reported from east of Puthukuduirrippu in Mullaitivu last weekend, where more than 500 LTTE cadres including many prominent leaders were killed.

The battle was decisive for the LTTE as it is now confined to a land area of 18 square kilometres in the coastal belt and has lost ten 130 mm heavy artillery guns and a large number of other military hardware. Full text

LTTE snubs Karunanidhi

(DM)In an exclusive interview to Headlines Today, LTTE political head B. Nadesan endorsed the position taken by AIADMK-led alliance in Tamil Nadu on the Sri Lankan Tamils' Issue.

AIADMK leader Ms. Jayalalithaa has been one of the staunchest critics of the Tamil Tiger rebels in the state and the LTTE has rarely made any direct comment about her. Breaking convention, Nadesan praised Jayalalithaa's recent statements on the situation in Sri Lanka. Full text

Lankan Tamils in Oslo stage hunger strike

(DM)OSLO, Thursday (AFP) For the second straight day, around 20 Sri Lankan Tamils staged a hunger strike outside government offices in Norway, urging Oslo to act in its role as mediator in the Sri Lankan conflict.

Norwegian television showed the hunger strikers camping out under tents raised in front of the office of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who is currently on holiday. Full text

Troops restore LTTE’s main battle tank

(DM)The LTTE’s T-55 Main Battle Tank (MBT) recovered by the Army from the west of Puthumattalan in Mullaitivu a few days ago was restored to working condition by the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps (SLAC), the army said.

The tank had been turned turtle and half sunk under the soil due to Air Force bombing while the LTTE cadres were using it against the troops. Full text

TNA turns down Menon’s invitation

By Kelum Bandara

(DM)The Tamil National Alliance (TNA), yesterday, turned down a request by Indian Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon to meet him on April 15 and 16, saying that the party would not attend talks until India diplomatically brings about a ceasefire here.

The TNA parliamentary group took this decision yesterday, at a meeting chaired by General Secretary Mavai Senathirajah MP. Full text

Military denies hand in hospital shelling

(DM)At least 20 people were killed and nearly 300 injured on Wednesday, when a hospital in Putumattalan was shelled in what one doctor described as the worst day of bloodshed since the start of the military campaign.

The doctor, Thangamutha Sathiyamorthy, blamed the Sri Lankan army for firing shells that landed next to two health facilities in Putumattalan, on the northern end of the tiny strip of the Sri Lankan coastline where tens of thousands of civilians are trapped by the fighting. But the military firmly denied the allegation. Full text

Indian banks on alert after LTTE threat

(DM)THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Reserve Bank of India has alerted all the banks in Kerala to step up security following intelligence reports that LTTE cadres might attempt bank robbery.

According to bank sources, a note has been circulated to the authorities of all major banks including the State Bank of India about the LTTE plans and wanted their branches to be on alert to take "preventive measures". Full text

Rebel police firing at civilians in N Sri Lanka: military

(xinhuanet)COLOMBO, April 9 (Xinhua) -- The Sri Lankan military on Thursday blamed Tamil Tiger rebels' police of firing at civilians in order to deter them from leaving their grasp in the no-fire zone (NFZ) declared by the government in the northern Mullaittivu district.

Officials from the Ministry of Defense said that Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) deputy leader Pottu Amman had ordered the rebels' police to fire at civilians who wanted to leave the NFZ. Full text

Canada pushing for Sri Lanka ceasefire: Cannon

(CH)OTTAWA — Rejecting a call by the Sri Lankan envoy to Canada to end days of disruptive protests in Ottawa, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said Thursday that Canada is pushing the United Nations for a ceasefire in the troubled South Asian country.

"We've asked for an immediate ceasefire. We're very worried, of course, of the hostilities that are taking place but particularly worried for the civilians that are in the combat zone," Cannon said. Full text

No pause to operations - Govt

Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe
Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe
(BBC)The government says that it has no intention to declare a pause in the ongoing military offensive despite calls by the UN.

Minister of Human rights, Mahinda Samarasinha told Sandesaya that the UN once proposed a cease fire and later a pause but the government of Sri Lanka has consistently maintained that the rebels should lay down weapons and end hostilities. Full text

Thursday, April 9, 2009

UN, Sri Lanka discuss plight of trapped civilians

UNITED NATIONS (AFP) – UN chief Ban Ki-moon reviewed the humanitarian crisis in strife-hit northern Sri Lanka with President Mahinda Rajapaksa Thursday and asked that trapped civilians be allowed to leave the area, the world body said.

A UN statement said the two leaders "spoke again today (by telephone) about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the Vanni region and their shared concerns about the civilians still trapped in the area." Full text

VIDEO - Interviews Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha Secretary General SCOPP Sri Lanka

Madurai artist sketched LTTE logo

(EB)COLOMBO: The logo of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the flag of the putative independent state of Tamil Eelam in north-east Sri Lanka were conceived by the movement’s founder-leader Velupillai Prabhakaran. But it was an artist from Madurai in Tamil Nadu who gave concr­ete shape to them for the first time.“In 1976, Prabhakaran had sket­ched the LTTE emblem in his mind. While in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, he got an Indian artist to draw it. He told him his idea: the head of a roaring tiger, paws outstretched, with two rifles and 33 bullets set against a circle ringing the tiger’s head. When the artist showed him the sketch, Prabhakaran was happy and appro­ved it,” Daily Mirror said on Wednesday. Full text

They are all trying to ride the Tiger in TN elections

(TET)CHENNAI | COIMBATORE: Sri Lankan Tamil Rights' issue and the ongoing war between the LTTE and Lankan army have come to the fore in Tamil Nadueven as the Lok Sabha elections scene is hotting up. All the parties have taken it up as their top poll agenda and called for an immediate ceasefire in the Island.

Even as the candidates are busy with the soft launch of their campaigning, the intensifying war in Sri Lanka and the sufferings of innocent Tamils have caught the attention of parties. They have started vying with each other to express their concern over the issue in a bid to exploit it to their maximum advantage in the elections. Full text

Sri Lanka denies using chemical weapons against LTTE

(yahoo)Colombo, April 9 (IANS) The Sri Lankan Army Thursday denied its troops 'extensively used chemical weapons' against the Tamil Tigers.

The army called the allegation by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) another effort by the 'pro-Tiger mouthpieces worldwide ... unable to digest the humiliating defeat at the hands of security forces'. Full text

Pottu Amman orders LTTE 'police chief' to move forces frontline

(TH)Colombo (PTI): Bracing for a fresh offensive around the no-fire zone in Pudukudiyirippu, Black Tigers' head and LTTE intelligence chief Pottu Amman has ordered his police chief Ilango to move all his forces to the frontline.

The order came as the LTTE has been busy with building command bunkers and other fortifications on the NFZ border close to the causeway, knowing the possibility of civilians trying to escape their rule in large numbers from this area, the defence ministry said quoting a report on Thursday. Full text

Sri Lanka military denies attack on safe zone

(yahoo)COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka's military Thursday denied rebel allegations that it had killed 129 people by firing into a designated safe zone where tens of thousands of civilians are trapped.

A pro-rebel Web site accused the military of shelling a narrow "no-fire" zone on the island's northeast coast where the remaining forces of the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam are mixed in with the civilians. Full text

Time for Muslims to rise against the traitors -Part 01

By A.A.M.Nizam

(April 09, Matara, Sri Lanka Guardian) Displaying the deep heartfelt gratitude for the gallantry and firmness of the Commander in Chief President Mahinda Rajapkse for unwaveringly commanding our heroic forces who are on the last leg of totally annihilating the tiger terrorists, people from the East, Sabaragamuwa, North Central, Central and North Western provinces eschewed all their political, ethnic and other petty differences and rallied round the ruling party candidates and voted for the betel leaf absolutely rejecting the treacherous candidates of the opposition parties who directly and indirectly attempt and endeavour to throw a lifeline to the terrorist outfit. Now it is the turn for the people of the Western Province for expressing their deep hearted appreciation and gratitude for almost eradicating a menace that forced them to live in eternal fear for over three decades making it uncertain of their safe return home in the nights or after work, or return of their cherished children after schooling. Full text

Tigers rob Sewalanka vehicles

By: Noor Nizam

(April 09, Toronto, Sri Lanka Guardian) The news item datelined Colombo appearing in on of the daily news papers on April 09, 2009 needs very close scrutiny by the security forces and the government authorities and specially by the Committee headed by Rajiva Wijesinha, Secretary to the Ministry of Disaster Management and Human Rights which has been, appointed on the instructions of Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga to probe INGO/NGO activities in Sri Lanka. The government should probe this breaking news fully and completely with the help of the security forces. Full text

No room for complacency

Huge challenges lie ahead for Sri Lanka

(April 09, New Delhi, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Sri Lankan army may claim that it has broken the back of the LTTE by wresting control of the north-eastern district of Mullaitivu which it says was the Tamil militant outfit’s “last bastion”, but until its leader Prabhakaran is capured dead or alive, there can be no finality about it. True, the Tamil Tigers are battered and on the run but Prabhakaran has the potential to re-build the once-awesome force if he is not tracked down. That despite the loss of thousands of cadres over the last 26 years, the LTTE supremo was able to motivate Tamil youth to fight for “Eelam” or independence is a measure of his rabble-rousing ability, his organising skills and the deeply embedded feeling among a sizable section of Sri Lanka’s Tamil minority that they had been wronged by the majority Sinhalese. It is reprehensible that he has chosen to use innocent Tamils as human shields as reports by independent observers indicate. Full text

Vaiko lost his balance: Cong

(manorama)New Delhi: Denouncing the statement of firebrand MDMK General Secretary Vaiko warning of a ''bloodbath in Tamil Nadu'' in the event of anything happening to LTTE Chief Velupillai Prabhakaran, the Congress Thursday said he had lost his balance and sense of proportion under the heat of elections.

''May be the electoral heat made Vaiko lose his balance and sense of proportion,'' AICC spokesman Anand Sharma said at the party headquarters. Full text

LTTE threat to Sonia Gandhi and children

Home Ministry issues alert

( are mounting in New Delhi about intelligence reports of the strong prospect of at attack on the Congress Party leader Sonia Gandhi, her children, and other top political leaders of India by the LTTE, during the current election time in India.

The Indian Home Ministry has issued an alert urging the tightening of security when Sonia Gandhi and her two children Rahul and Priyanka, already among the most highly most highly protected public figures in India, canvass for support for the Congress party and its allies in the current campaign for elections to the Lo-----K Sabha. Full text

Democratic Tamils condone LTTE 'attention rallies'

( people who have organized the "attention rally" around the world are strongly connected to LTTE, who hold hostage of Tamils for the sake of their safety. Similarly, the people who organize these "attention rallies" are also holding our people connected by the emotional bond.

These organizers are not human rights activist, political activist, or not even the people driven by the emotional connection with the Tamils in Sri Lanka; these are the real criminals dwell upon the suffering of their own people. These people should be treated as international criminals and brought to justice. A proper investigation can reveal their connection to the Interpol's most wanted man Kumaran Patmanathan (K.P) alias Selvaraj Patmanathan. These people are the real threat to the Tamils in the western world," stated the Progressive Tamil Congress of Canada a leading forum of democratic Tamils in a communiqué‚ released yesterday (April 8). Full text

Rebellion crushed in the NFZ?

( disturbances have been observed in the NFZ since last afternoon (Apr 8) with loud explosions and machine gun fire have been heard in the Ampalawanpokkanai area, special correspondent on the field reveal.

Sri Lanka Army units deployed just 500- 400 m short of the LTTE built earth bund on the border of the NFZ in Ampalavanpokkanai West, reported sighting of a large group of people gathering in the NFZ during the afternoon hours before the explosions and shooting began. The sources suspect a serious clash between the LTTE terrorists and their civilian hostages held in the zone. Full text

Mexico reassures Sri Lanka of its support

( talks in Mexico City between Foreign Secretary, Dr Palitha Kohona and senior Mexican government officials, including Vice Minister Gomez-Robledo, Mexico has reassured Sri Lanka of its firm support at international fora, including the UN Security Council. Mexico is holding the presidency of the Security Council in April.

Mexico confirmed that they do not have any intention of permitting the Sri Lankan situation to be placed on the Security Council agenda, as it does not pose a threat to international peace and security. Full text

19th batch of patients and civilians trapped in Mullaittivu evacuated with the Naval Assistance

( nineteenth batch of 537 patients and civilians was evacuated on board "MV Green Ocean" on the 8th April 2009. The evacuation of patients and civilians trapped in LTTE Clutches in the un-cleared areas in Mullaittivu is being carried out under the ICRC flag. Sri Lanka Navy is providing safe passage for evacuees on humanitarian grounds. Full text

Opportunities dawn for Puttalam IDPs

(Economic and Social Affairs Unit- SCOPP)

( long displaced persons in the Puttalam settlements are gradually becoming very much a part of the socio-economic structure of the area, and the government is undertaking initiatives to empower them and provide opportunities for income generation.

Over 112,000 people were displaced from Mannar, Mullaittivu and Jaffna, due to the ethnic cleansing practised by the LTTE against Muslims in 1990. Full text

Indian spy satellite to eye terrorists

( will launch a spy satellite from the Sriharikota spaceport on April 20, primarily to keep an eye on its borders, PTI reports.

The satellite is expected to keep a close watch on possible terrorist infiltration into India. Full text

Counter terror operations continued - Puthukkudiyiruppu East

( Lanka Army 53 Division soldiers now advancing beyond the eastern limits of the Puthukkudiyiruppu yesterday (Apr 8) had daylong clashes with the LTTE. The soldiers withstood stiff resistance from the terrorists desperately trying to hold their positions on tactically vital northern bank of the Nanthikadal lagoon and inflicted heavy damages to the enemy. Full text

Countdown to the end begins...

(DW)Loud explosions were heard by the Army from inside the NFZ today. Sources told DefenceWire that the explosions could possibly be weapons and explosives dumps blasted by the LTTE prior to an impending Military Assault on the LTTE.

The exact nature of the assault is still unknown. Since the final warning to surrender was given today, the operation can be expected any moment now. All units of the Army are on standby awaiting the Commander's orders and are on high morale. Full text

VIDEO - ZPU-4 14.5mm Anti-Aircraft Artillery

VIDEO - LTTE officers dance HD

VIDEO - In Memory of the LTTE

VIDEO - Wanni Operation 8 th April 2009

VIDEO - Northern Battle Front 7 th April 2009

VIDEO - 450 LTTE Members Killed in One Day!

VIDEO - Wanni Operation (English Version) 6 th April 2009

VIDEO - Wanni Operation 7 th April 2009

Man, Oh (Vananga) man

By Dayan Jayatilleka

(April 08, Geneva, Sri Lanka Guardian) Let me get this right. Two hundred and thirteen years since the first British colonial ships landed in Sri Lanka, a ship is setting sail from Britain, launched at an event with banners and posters (Vanangaman: “Mercy Mission to Wanni” ) bearing the map of Tamil Eelam, patronized by politicians and personalities of the former colonial occupier; a ship which hopes to enter the territorial waters of Sri Lanka without our permission and in violation of our sovereignty, at a time when our Navy is involved in the closing battles against a separatist terrorist army. Full text

Today Westminister Bridge and tomorrow it will be Sydney Harbour Bridge or Melbourne West Gate Bridge

By Malin Abeyatunge

(April 08, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) The whole world would have noticed thro BBC channel that LTTE apologists have forcibly entered the Westminster bridge and the British Parliamentary square without permission from the London Metropolitan Police to protest against Government of Sri Lanka in order to protect the LTTE the most ruthless outfit in the world facing humiliation defeat in the hands of the armed forces. They disrupted the traffic by compelling Police to close the important bridge for safety reasons and protest is being continued for third day causing great inconvenience to Londoners. Full text

Palestine To Brief Arab League On Sri Lankan Situation

By Yara Abdul Hadi in Ramallah

Ramallah , 08 April, ( Palestinian National Authority will brief Arab League through its Ambassador about the present situation in Sri Lanka.

This assurance was given by Dr. Ahmed Soboh, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs to Dr. T.Jayasinghe,Diplomatic Representative of Sri Lanka in Palestine during a meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Dr. Walid Hassen, Director Middle East also took part in the meeting. Full text

LS elections draw near: TN parties return to SL Tamil issue, ask Colombo to stop war, DMK to hold rally in Chennai today

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune

New Delhi, 09 April ( As Indian parliamentary elections are drawing near, and the situation in Vanni is becoming desperate for the Tigers by the day, the political parties in Tamil Nadu have returned to the ethnic Tamil issue of Sri Lanka. And their refrain is ‘Sri Lanka Government! Stop War’!

While MDMK of Vaiko held some demonstrations in its strongholds and asked for Sonia Gandhi’s intervention for an early ceasefire, Jaya Amma of AIADMK launched a broadside against Sonia Congress and her local betenoire Muthavel Karunanidhi. The DMK supremo has sent cables to Prime Minister and Congress President for securing an immediate cessation of hostilities. He will lead a 'Tamils rally' in Chennai on April 09. Full text

Blood is Thicker than Water

(TI)The editorial of the Ministry of Defence website ( on 7th April 2009 under the title ‘Driven to their death in vain’ is a touching obituary on the deaths of Theepan, Durga, Gadhapi, Nagesh, and Vidusha - middle-rung terrorist leaders - killed in action in Puthukuduyiruppu the day before. It ends with the sentence: ‘We dedicate this editorial to all Sri Lankans who fully realize the diverse forces that by misleading and misguiding the flower of our youth, brought death and destruction to our country, and are now determined to say – Never again’. Full text

Miliband: Congenital Idiot Or Pretending To Be One?

(TI)David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary of what once was "Great" Britian, having accepted the self-evident fact that the LTTE is a terrorist organization which our Government is compelled to root out, has then proceeded to "urge" our Government to declare a "humanitarian ceasefire" to enable the civilians being held captive by the LTTE as "human shields" to flee to sanctuary in Government controlled areas !!! Full text

Govt. won’t use food as a weapon

(TI)President Mahinda Rajapaksa has told the United Nations Organisation General Secretary Ban. Ki. Moon that the security forces in their final military operations are capable of finishing the entangled and remaining LTTE cadres without launching military operations. If the government blocks the food conveys to the remaining LTTE cadres they will die of starvation, but the government will never resort to using food as a weapon to destroy the LTTE. Full text

Bishops make suggestions after visiting IDP camps

(TI)A delegation of Catholic Bishops led by the President of the Sri Lanka Bishops Council Most Rev. Dr.Vianney Fernando, Bishop of Kandy recently visited several camps where internally displaced people (IDPs) were housed in the North and also the Vavuniya Hospital to gain first hand knowledge of the situation prevailing there.

On their return to Colombo, the delegation sought a meeting with Presidential Advisor and MP Basil Rajapaksa and made various suggestions to him to improve the living standards and other needs of the IDPs. Full text

Tigers face last ditch confrontation

(TI)The stage is now set for the army to rescue civilians trapped in the LTTE-controlled ‘no fire zone on the Mullaitivu coast. The army yesterday ordered the LTTE leadership and ordinary cadres to surrender immediately or face the consequences.

Shortly after the army made the announcement using public address systems, there had been several loud explosions. Fearing an imminent assault, the Tamil Diaspora organised a series of protests in several parts of the world to pressure the Sri Lankan government not to take the initiative. Full text

Two Lankan Tamils convicted

(DN)A lower court in Tiruchirapalli yesterday sentenced two Sri Lankan Tails to one year imprisonment each for indulging in unlawful activities.

According to the prosecution, Premaraj (49) and 'Diesel' Kumar alias Sivakumar (43) were arrested by the Q Branch Police in March last year following information they had received a huge amount of money for building a boat for the banned LTTE at Munambam in Kerala. Full text

Demonstrator arrested in UK under Terrorism Act

Walter Jayawardhana

(DN)Metropolitan Police used anti-terrorist laws to arrest a demonstrator opposite the British Parliament for brandishing a Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam flag.

Police took into custody an individual on suspicion of carrying articles in support of the proscribed organization. Full text

Confronting false dichotomies - Part 3: Terrorist front organization phenomenon in Europe

Keynote Address by Ravinatha P. Aryasinha, Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Belgium, Luxembourg and the EU

Continued from yesterday

(DN)Such extortion by the LTTE front organizations operating within the EU is facilitated through a registration process of Tamil families by systematically assigning a unique PIN number for each family and individual, for illegal taxation and monitoring of their movements into Sri Lanka. The mechanism is used to extract funds - through threats and intimidation and other such coercive action - to sustain regular finances of the LTTE. Full text

International community, LTTE and civilians

Statement delivered by Foreign Affairs Minister Rohitha Bogollagama, in Parliament on April 7, 2009

Minister Rohitha Bogollagama,

(DN)When the history of Sri Lanka is recorded, Mahinda Rajapaksa’s name will be written in golden letters as the Great Unifier of our beloved Motherland. He has achieved this commendable and historic feat that no other leader in our post-independence history has been able to do.

At the outset, I join this august assembly in saluting our valiant military personnel in extricating all the areas in the Vanni from the subjugation of the LTTE, known to the world as a ruthless terrorist organization. Full text

Internally displaced persons: Return to Mannar

(DN)The Government is planning to begin the resettlement of civilians displaced by LTTE atrocities from Silavathurai in the Mannar district next month.

According to Resettlement and Relief Services Minister Rishard Badhiudeen, the Ministry is making arrangements to resettle these civilians in par with the international standards. Full text

Mexico assures support for Sri Lanka

(DN)Mexico has reassured Sri Lanka of its firm support at international fora, including the UN Security Council. Mexico is holding the presidency of the Security Council in April.

Mexico confirmed that they do not have any intention of permitting the Sri Lankan situation to be placed on the Security Council agenda, as it does not pose a threat to international peace and security. Full text

Pottu Amman in command?

Orders to shoot civilians escaping NFZ:

(DN)Unconfirmed military sources said that Pottu Amman, the so-called intelligence leader of the LTTE had taken the overall command of the outfit with Prabhakaran’s fast deteriorating mental health condition and Velawan has been appointed as new military chief.

“Civilians who sought refuge with the Security Forces have told that Pottu Amman has issued strict orders to LTTE cadres manning the borders of the No Fire Zone (NFZ) to shoot at any civilian who dares to escape from the NFZ. The orders have been given following the LTTE’s recent debacle in Puthukudiyiruppu East”, defence sources said. Full text


By Dianne Silva and Sumaiya Rizvi Pix by Indraratna Balasuriya

(DM)The calls for government’s responsibility towards the civilians trapped in the “Safe Zone” and repeated requests to the LTTE for their release have fallen on deaf years. In London, LTTE sympathizers organised a rally obstructing the British Parliament. The protestors called for an immediate ceasefire in the ongoing war and made allegations that the Sri Lankan government was committing genocide. In the meantime the expatriate community in Australia organised a protest in support of the government’s efforts in safeguarding the civilians trapped in the Safe Zone. The Daily Mirror took to the streets to feel the pulse of the general public on these protest rallies. Full text


(DM)When British Foreign Secretary David Miliband rushed to announce his third ceasefire call for Sri Lanka while a part of Sri Lankan diaspora created havoc in London on Tuesday, one wondered whether it was the same pressure that prompted the young Foreign Secretary to make the first two calls.

It is quite apparent that there’s a concerted effort by a section of Sri Lankan diaspora community - who form a significant population of certain electorates in Europe, North America and Australia - to use maximum pressure on the legislators to demand a truce in Sri Lanka. Full text


(DM)Protestors against Sri Lanka’s renewed offensive against Tamil Tigers were arrested for overstepping the limits stipulated for their demonstration. Police arrested 83 protesters following a Tamil demonstration outside the Foreign Ministry Tuesday evening. Full text

Dehiwela bomber remanded again

By Ananda Weerasuriya

(daily mirror)Additional Magistrate Dharshika Wimalasiri further remanded the suspect apprehended and held in custody by Colombo Crime Division in connection with exploding a bomb in a train in Dehiwala until April 21, 2009 when he was produced after completing the investigations.

The suspect had been identified as Thyagarajah Nishanthan, a resident of Jaffna who was apprehended in Matale in connection with the Dehiwala train bombing that caused 21 deaths and injured 60 on June 4, 2008.


By Sandun A. Jayasekera

(DM)The security forces have two options – to launch an all out military onslaught for 20 minutes to annihilate the LTTE Supreme leadership with the remaining cadres or block the food supplies for 4 days to the No-Fly-Zone (NFZ) but would not resort to either of them as both, if carried out would endanger the lives of trapped civilians, Transport Minister Dulles Alahapperuma said.

“We have seen how Israel resorted to these military strategies on Lebanon. We do not want to adopt such harsh military tactics. This is a humanitarian operation. The government is concerned about the safety of the civilians forcibly kept by the LTTE. Full text


By Dianne Silva

(DM)British Foreign Secretary, David Miliband has no right to accuse our military of harming civilians considering the heinous war crimes the British have committed in the past, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Patali Champika Ranawaka said yesterday.

“In 1982, when the British were fighting for the Falkland Islands they killed 3000 Argentineans claiming that the ship was within the war zone. However, months later it was revealed through satellite pictures that the ship was in fact within the no war zone. The British are yet to apologise for this atrocity,” the Minister said. Full text


(DM)More than 400 former LTTE cadres, who surrendered to the military in the recent past are being rehabilitated at several rehabilitation centres in the country, the Rehabilitation Commissioner’s Office said.

A spokesman for the Commissioner General Office said that these former rebels are currently undergoing a one year training in various subjects in Tellippalai in Jaffna, Welikanda and Ambepussa rehabilitation centres. Full text


By Easwaran Ratnam

(DM)The Government is in talks with Mexico, the new Presidency of the UN Security Council, amidst moves by some countries to formally have the Sri Lankan situation on the agenda of the UN body.

Foreign Secretary Palitha Kohona who is in Mexico has already had talks with Mexican officials including the Vice Foreign Minister, Foreign Ministry sources said. Full text

Cooperate with Govt – UN tells LTTE

(DM)UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, speaking to reporters at the UN on Tuesday, said that both the Government and the LTTE must also do their utmost to protect human rights.The United Nations has called on the LTTE to cooperate with the Sri Lankan Government to ensure civilians trapped in the Safe Zone can move freely.

The UN Chief commended the Government for the efforts it has made to send supplies to the trapped civilians using both sea and land routes. Full text

TNA MP trapped

(DM)TNA MP for the Wanni district S. Kanagaratnam has reportedly been trapped in the safe zone along with the civilians for several months now, and he has had no communication with the party leadership for a long time.Mr. Kangaratnam went to his electorate towards the end of last year, after his colleague MP K. Thurairatnasingham obtained leave for him from Parliament in January for a three-month period.

Asked whether Mr. Kanagaratnam went on leave with the permission of the party leadership, TNA General Secretary MP Mavai Senathirajah said that there was no need to obtain permission for any MP to his constituency. Full text


By Sumaiya Rizvi

(DM)The Army has begun using public address systems directed to the safe zone urging LTTE leader Vellupillai Prabhakaran to release trapped civilians and for him and the remaining fighters to surrender, Military Spokesperson Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara said.

Several loud explosions had been heard in the No-fire Zone soon after the army made the final announcement for the LTTE to release the civilians. The Army suspect that the LTTE had launched some sort of an attack at the civilians who tried to escape. Full text

Sonia Gandhi Recieved Threat from LTTE

( Delhi: Sri Lanka’s banned rebels, the LTTE might target several Indian VVIPs, including Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, in the run up to the Lok Sabha polls.

Sources said on Wednesday that the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued an advisory to state DGPs, especially of the southern states, to be extra cautious about the security cover provided to VVIPs, especially Sonia Gandhi, during their campaigning for the Lok Sabha polls. Full text

Pottu Amman in command: Army

B. Muralidhar Reddy
Prabakaran’s mental health deteriorating, it says

“Pottu Amman has appointed Velawan as military chief”

“Cadre ordered to kill escaping civilians”

(TH)COLOMBO: The head of the intelligence wing of the LTTE, Pottu Amman, has taken overall command of the terror outfit owing to “fast deteriorating mental health condition” of Velupillai Prabakaran, said the Sri Lankan Defence Ministry on Wednesday. Full text

Were LTTE suicide pilots Tamil Canadians?

By Panduka Senanayake

(AT)Intelligence services and other agencies are probing whether Canadian pilots flying for the Tamil Tigers carried out the recent abortive suicide attacks on Colombo during which their aircrafts were destroyed by the Sri Lanka Air Force.

The probe follows strong indications that the two pilots could very well be Canadian nationals of Sri Lankan origin who gained entry to Canada as refugees and obtained citizenship. Suspicions of the authorities were aroused following photographs published in the Tiger media of an elaborate ceremony in Canada to mark the deaths of the two men. Full text

Assistant Secretary Boucher and Ambassador Blake Discuss Humanitarian Situation in Sri Lanka with Tamil Diaspora Groups

Washington, DC
April 8, 2009

( Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Richard Boucher and U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert Blake met with several U.S.-based organizations representing members of the Tamil diaspora to discuss the humanitarian situation in Sri Lanka.
Assistant Secretary Boucher and Ambassador Blake welcomed the opportunity to listen to the concerns and perspectives of the American Tamil diaspora community and to share the steps the United States is taking to address the humanitarian crisis. Assistant Secretary Boucher and Ambassador Blake emphasized U.S. concern about the plight of the civilians trapped in the “no fire zone” in northern Sri Lanka. They called on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to release the civilians. They reiterated that both the Tamil Tigers and the Government of Sri Lanka should stop firing into and from the no fire zone. They outlined the steps the U.S. has taken to support the civilians in the no fire zone. Full text

At last, Sri Lanka can breathe easy

By: Shobori Ganguli

(April 09, New Delhi, Sri Lanka Guardian) The moment one lands at Sri Lanka’s Bandaranaike International Airport, one is struck by the battle-readiness of this tiny island nation that has been waging a bloody war with Tamil separatists for three decades now. The airport clearly wears the look of a military base, complete with a standing fleet of fighter aircraft heavily manned by security forces and sand bunkers and Army vehicles lining the runway. While Indians are no strangers to terror, the sheer number of security personnel all around is a grim reminder of how dangerously close Sri Lanka’s civilian population actually lives with violence. After all, two years ago, on March 25, 2007, a day after we arrived on our maiden visit to Colombo, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam had bombed the Lankan Air Force base adjoining the international airport. Although no aircraft was damaged and passengers on the tarmac were immediately rushed to safety, the bomb attack was by far the most brazen act of violence by the Tigers targeting Sri Lanka’s nerve centre — its only airport that connects it with the rest of the world. While flights were immediately resumed, the attack was indeed the last straw for the authorities. In a way, the incident cemented the Sri Lankan Government’s determination to go for the final offensive which the armed forces are now in the process of concluding. Full text

Tamils' self-determination was never LTTE's goal

By Ian

(April 09, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Many Tamils (and non Tamils) staunchly believe that the intention of VP and LTTE was to secure a Tamil nation in the northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka. Many were dreaming of a developed and democratic Tamil nation and were on the belief that VP will deliver that dream to them. It is my belief that the VP’s war since 1980’s in Sri Lanka has been fought only to fulfill dubious political and financial aspirations of narcissist namely Velupillai Prabakaran (VP) and has never been a war to fulfill any so-called aspirations of Tamil people or to seek self determination by Tamils due to ‘discriminations’ by the majority Sinhalese. Full text

MIA v the Sri Lankan army

(guardian)The British rap star has been singled out on the Sri Lankan army's website for supporting an aid campaign for Tamil civilians
MIA has found herself in the sights of the Sri Lankan army after backing a campaign to send food and medical supplies to the island nation.

The British singer, who grew up in Sri Lanka, has given her support to the Vanni Mission, which aims to send a boat of civilian aid from Britain to Sri Lanka. The cargo is destined for Tamil civilians within a government "safe zone". Full text

Top Indian military expert rejects Tigers' chemical attack claims

By: Nlantha Ilangamuwa

(April 09, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) Top Indian military analyst Col R Hariharan has scoffed at the LTTE's claims that Sri Lankan troops had used chemical weapons in the ongoing conflict.

The former head of intelligence to IPKF in Sri Lanka also described the latest LTTE allegations against the military as false propaganda.

His remarks came as the LTTE, facing a major and historic debacle, accused the government of using chemical weapons against their cadres who were killed in action. Full text

Top Indian military expert rejects Tigers' chemical attack claims

By: Nlantha Ilangamuwa

(April 09, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) Top Indian military analyst Col R Hariharan has scoffed at the LTTE's claims that Sri Lankan troops had used chemical weapons in the ongoing conflict.

The former head of intelligence to IPKF in Sri Lanka also described the latest LTTE allegations against the military as false propaganda.

His remarks came as the LTTE, facing a major and historic debacle, accused the government of using chemical weapons against their cadres who were killed in action. Full text

US urges political settlement in Sri Lanka

WASHINGTON (AFP) — The United States on Wednesday urged Sri Lanka's government to reach a political settlement with the Tamil minority and urged Tamil rebels to free civilians trapped in the bloody conflict.

Richard Boucher, the assistant secretary of state for South Asia, met at the State Department with representatives of the Tamil diaspora, which has been holding worldwide rallies urging intervention in the bloody conflict. Full text

Volunteers seek steps to lift ban on LTTE

Staff Reporter

(TH)TIRUNELVELI: A group of campaigners affiliated to various organisations left for Chennai on Monday to mobilise support for the release of film director Seeman and to demand revoking of ban on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

Pressing their demands, the volunteers had planned to conduct a campaign in the train and also in railway stations en route. Full text

"Bloodbath in TN if something happens to Prabhakaran": Vaiko

(indopia)Chennai , Apr 8 MDMK leader Vaiko today warned of a"bloodbath"in Tamil Nadu if"something"happened to LTTE leader V Prabhakaran in the ongoing offensive by the Sri Lankan army in the island nation&aposs Tamil areas. Addressing a protest demonstration here, Vaiko, a staunch supporter of the LTTE, said there was nothing wrong in youth taking to arms and joining the LTTE in its fight against the Sri Lankan army. Full text

'LTTE chief may not surrender fearing extradition to India'

(ST)COLOMBO: Elusive Tiger supremo V Prabhakaran, who has lost almost all the rebel territory and his key aides in the war with Sri Lankan troops, is unlikely to surrender as it may pave the way for his extradition to India to face charges in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, a media report said today.

"Surely he will not commit suicide" as he is a billionaire and would want to live longer, nor will he surrender "as it would open the way for India to seek his extradition for the killing of (former Prime Minister) Rajiv Gandhi," military sources were quoted as saying by a newspaper. Full text

RCMP targets Tamil funding

(NP)A non-profit organization shut down last year for financing terrorism paid three fundraisers in Montreal to collect money for the Tamil Tigers guerrillas, according to newly released RCMP documents.

The alleged role played by the "paid activists" is revealed in thousands of pages of documents, photos and video filed in Federal Court this week as part of an effort by counter-terrorism officials to dismantle the World Tamil Movement. Full text

Sri Lanka military sounds last warning to Tigers

By C. Bryson Hull

COLOMBO, (Reuters) - Sri Lanka's military on Wednesday broadcast a final surrender offer to Tamil Tiger rebels surrounded in a tiny strip of coast, urging them drop their guns and free tens of thousands of civilians or be destroyed.

After a punishing three-day battle in which the military said it killed more than 500 Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels, the army sealed the remnants of the separatist group off in a no-fire zone where they are mixed among civilians. Full text

Tamils begin third day of protest

Tamil protesters
Police say the number of protesters has dwindled overnight

(BBC)A Tamil protest in central London has entered a third day, although police say only about 25 demonstrators remain at Parliament Square.

More than 3,000 people have taken part in the rally since Monday afternoon, calling for the UK government to act to help end war in Sri Lanka. Full text

Will "rehabilitate" LTTE as citizens, if surrendered: Rajapaksa

(TH)Colombo (PTI): Exuding confidence that LTTE will never "raise its head again" after it suffered a string of military defeats at the hands of the Army, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has asked the rebels to surrender, promising to "rehabilitate" them as "good citizens".

"Ninety nine per cent of the LTTE, its leaders, cadres and infrastructure have been destroyed. There is no way the LTTE can raise its head again," Mr. Rajapaksa said. Full text

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Suicidal Stormtroopers Surrounded

(SP)April 8, 2009: Up north, five infantry divisions (and four smaller task forces) have killed, captured or driven away all LTTE gunmen, forcing them into the 20 square kilometer No Fire zone. In the last week, over 500 LTTE fighters have been killed as they sought to stop the army advance. Several hundred LTTE fighters have surrendered. Five senior LTTE leaders (including the head of artillery and intelligence) were killed, and LTTE supreme leader Vellupillai Prabhakaran is believed to have fled to the No Fire zone. The army monitors the LTTE radio frequencies, and even though the rebels use code words, other forms of radio message analysis reveal much about the LTTE situation. Full text

Opportunities dawn for Puttalam IDPs

(PISL)The long displaced persons in the Puttalam settlements are gradually becoming very much a part of the socio-economic structure of the area, and the government is undertaking initiatives to empower them and provide opportunities for income generation.

Over 112,000 people were displaced from Mannar, Mullativu and Jaffna, due to the ethnic cleansing practised by the LTTE against Muslims in 1990. Full text

An Amnesty for the Tigers

(PISL)Amnesty International, with a pertinacity worthy of the LTTE, has once more returned to the charge against the Sri Lankan government. As usual it begins its diatribe with affirming its principled balance between an elected government and terrorists, between legitimate armed forces who do not attack civilians and terrorists who do this as a matter of principle, between those who are seeking to free the trapped people Amnesty purports to care about and those who are entrapping them.

Its first sentence then talks of people at increased risk from the ‘escalation in attacks’ by the LTTE and the Armed forces. It does not mention here that those people have been deliberately attacked by the LTTE whereas there has been no evidence of this on the part of the armed forces. Full text

'Pottu Amman takes charge of LTTE, Prabhakaran unwell'

(TH)Colombo (PTI): LTTE's dreaded intelligence chief Pottu Amman has taken the overall command of the outfit amid the "fast deteriorating mental health condition" of its supremo V Prabhakaran who is hiding in the No Fire Zone in Sri Lanka's north, the Defence Ministry said on Wednesday.

The No Fire Zone in Pudukudiyirippu area of Mullaittivu, though demarcated by the government as a safety zone for civilians held by the Tamil Tigers, has now also become the sanctuary for the top rebels leaders, including LTTE supremo Prabhakaran, it said. Full text