Monday, June 1, 2009

Why Mix-up Nationalism with Racism?

“There is no significant movement of Sinhala Nationalism in Sri Lanka or elsewhere. In fact it cannot be “nationalism” as nations of South Asia are multiethnic. If at all anyone talks only about the Sinhalas as a nation, it is not about Sinhala nationalism but about Sinhala racism.”

By Thomas Johnpulle

(June 01, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Never did I think a friend would pick up the phone, dial me and ‘request’ me to stop writing; but it happened. Some are prepared to change my surname because I support Sri Lanka instead of Tamil Elam. In their book, only Sinhalas support Sri Lanka and all Tamils must support Tamil Eelam! This is just one more myth like the myth of Tamil Eelam itself; the nation that never was and never will be. However, this is a vast area worth exploring. Why mix-up nationalism with racism? Who gains? Full text