Tuesday, June 2, 2009

White supremecy has been defeated again

By Malin Abeyatunga

(June 01, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Anglo Saxons or the Gang of White Supremos (GOWS) tried all avenues, used all financial and logistical resources to get the Sri Lankan Government to agree for a ceasefire to give oxygen to LTTE and save megalomaniac Prabhakaran who may be rotting in hell now for the brutal murders he and his gang committed. They went to the extent of sending emissaries British FM David Milliband and French FM Bernard Kouchner to Meet President Rajapaksa and Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa to stop the military operations when we were on the verge of defeating LTTE conclusively. But instead of using more deserving word, President and Defence Secretary were courteous enough and asked them to shut up and go and mind their own business. So the gang of white supremos trying to stigmatize a small nation like Sri Lanka miserably failed and they got back empty handed except some rotten eggs on their faces. Our armed forces carried their military operations regardless against LTTE until it was rooted out completely along with it’s leader Prabhakaran. Full text