Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thank you to all who visited "Defence Column"

Finally Sri Lanka has emerged victorious by defeating the brutal terror outfit the LTTE. Defence Column was started with the intention of providing information regarding Sri Lanka and it's effort to defeat the LTTE, in one portal. Now that the war is over, 90% of the threats on our Mother Land is decimated. Although the threat of Ealamist forces are still there, they will never be allowed to raise their heads against Sri Lanka again, as long as all of us Sri Lankans stick together and focus on one common goal, which should be The development of Sri Lanka. We have lived through hell, but now we see a bright future for our country. Being focused on the common goal and being aware of the threats around us will not leave room for any separatist force to ever set foot in Sri Lanka. And also we should rally around the strong leadership we have in Sri Lanka and strengthen them further to ensure no repetition of the dark past occur again.

My dear friends, time has come to call it a day to "Defence Column". I would have loved to continue providing links to all the new developments happening in Sri Lanka, but demands of life are such that I had to take a decision rather reluctantly.

My sincere thanks to every one who visited "Defence Column" I hope "Defence Column" was help full to you, and I was really encouraged by the very positive feed back I got from all of you out there.

I wish to convey my special thanks to "Defence Wire"( and "Defence Net" ( They really helped in popularizing "Defence Column" through their comments pages. And also let me not forget all the fellow patriots in the blogger community who encouraged me. Sam, Ananda, Tropical storm, Sujeewa, Moshe, Kevin, Ali and all the fellow bloggers, Thank you, I enjoyed your company and encouragements.

I will always be contactable through "" and through my face book profile.

I wish all of you PEACE, long life, and happiness.

May we all be able to witness Mother Lanka growing from strength to strength over the coming years.


Defence Column.