Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Saluting our valiant soldiers with honour and dignity

(BL)The nation salutes it war heroes today – those who gave for the air of independence and freedom from terrorism that we breathe today. We are indebted to these valiant men and women for delivering the nation and the futures of its people from the clutches of terror. The sacrifices they made with life and limb are insuperable, and our appreciation must know no bounds.
That our armed forces are the most experienced and only successful military force in the world today is fact. The Sri Lankan military has been engaged in fighting what was undisputedly the most organised and ruthless terrorist group for three decades. With its international network for weapons smuggling and a formidable force on land, sea and air – the LTTE was seen by some as indestructible. The Sri Lankan conflict was expectedly a prolonged affair that would drag for generations to come. That expectation was effectively laid to rest with the annihilation of the LTTE’s leadership in the military and humanitarian offensive. Today the Sri Lankan army is the only force that has conquered in the global fight against terrorism; an example and an inspiration to its every counterpart. Full text