Monday, June 1, 2009

Jettisoning Tamil aspirations

(ANN)The talk of the town last week was Sri Lanka’s epic victory at the UN Human Rights Council. The resolution brought by Switzerland against Sri Lanka at a special session of the UNHRC convened especially to discuss Sri Lanka, backfired against its Western European sponsors. What this victory showed was that the world community was becoming aware that this tendency to use human rights issues by certain western nations to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries was going to pose a grave danger to the sovereignty of all nations and not just of Sri Lanka. The surprisingly vehement statements made by countries that normally do not seek prominence on the world scene is a clear indication that with this abortive session of the UNHRC, the world has moved an inch closer to becoming multi polar and little Sri Lanka has been able to do its part to fashion the new world order. Western countries accustomed to using human rights issues for political purposes will henceforth have to think twice before using international fora, to wage war by other means. Full text