Sunday, May 24, 2009

‘We are the Tigers,’ roars despairing Tamil diaspora

(TOI)You buried me in my land. O’ Enemy! Where will you bury my land?’ The words of Sri Lankan Tamil poet Kasi Anandan could speak for the country's nearly one million strong Tamil diaspora. The LTTE may have given up arms, but the diaspora has not surrendered.

Be it London, Toronto or Washington, the diaspora’s rage is growing with every report on the unfolding humanitarian crisis, the large-scale detentions and disappearances. “There is bitterness about the killing and maiming of civilians. There is a belief among Tamils that they will continue to suffer limits to their freedom of movement, of assembly, in the country,” says Canada-based Lankan Tamil poet Thiru Sambandar (name changed on request). Full text Share on Facebook