Thursday, May 28, 2009

Watch out! LTTE is dead and gone, but the other road map of ‘Elam Enterprise’, the ‘Federal Solution’ is very much alive.

herold leelawardena

(lankaweb)A dollar shark named Kusal Perera recently wrote; “Tamil separatism survives on the strength of Sinhala nationalism.” He is not alone in disseminating such views. Conspirators of INGOs and NGOs, evangelists of ecumenical Christian sects, colonialists of the neo liberal West and separatists of the Elam and the federal bandwagons have been spreading similar views for a long time. This lot wants to demonize Sinhalese as if they are the only people on earth that espouse nationalism. Cambridge dictionary describe ‘nationalism’ as ‘a great or too great love of your own country.’ If that is so, Sinhalese should be proud of being nationalists. The aim of the said clique is to accuse Sinhalese as racists. The Sinhalese have no more rights than Tamils in anything though. Full text Share on Facebook