Sunday, May 31, 2009

Walking Tall

(TI)Just what level of hypocrisy can Western nations reach when they deal with the situation that prevails in Sri Lanka today. This small Asian nation had been ripped apart for over thirty years by a gang of terrorists who were measured and rated by Occidental, and indeed many other countries in the world, as the most dangerous on the planet. The LTTE smashed their suicide bombers into the lives of thousands of innocent people of all ethnic flavours killing and maiming indiscriminately. They took out some of the best political and administrative minds, both in the country and outside Sri Lanka, with fiendish intelligence and cunning, and tore into the economy of a nation struggling to make ends meet, after a hit by one of the greatest natural disasters to befall the world when the tsunami struck the island. Despite all this, and abandoned by the world with the exception of China, these resilient and brave people took on an enemy that hit them in silent and resolute abandon. But they slowly gained the upper hand when a determined and politically erudite President and a military cartel headed by a genius took the helm. Sri Lanka at last would see the light at the end of the tunnel at great cost, in lives mostly, to her majority people. Full text