Sunday, May 31, 2009

Top Tiger leaders in security forces net

By Chris Kamalendran

(ST)Some top Tiger guerrillas are now in the military net after they were located in camps housing internally displaced people.

Among those are Karikalan (former eastern province political wing leader and subsequently in charge of the economic disivion), Yogaratnam Yogi (former spokesman of the LTTE), V. Balakumar (former EROS MP turned advisor to the LTTE), Lawrence Tilagar (a former spokesman of the LTTE, a one time head of LTTE office in Paris and later in charge of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation), Thangan (former Deputy political section leader), Ilamparithi (former head of the political section for Jaffna district), Elilan (former Trincomalee political wing leader), Papa (former head of the LTTE sports division), Puvannan (former head of the administrative division of the LTTE), Gannam (deputy international head). Full text