Thursday, May 28, 2009

Terrorism in South Asia in Global Context

By Kazi Anwarul Masud

(DM)In hindsight it is difficult to determine whether Indian option in favor of non-alignment by the Nehru government was a judicious decision. But the explosive situation between then two super powers drove many countries recently decolonized and unwilling to serve another master under the umbrella of non-alignment and India, Egypt and Indonesia being main architects of the movement could hardly be expected to do otherwise. India’s position on non-alignment goaded the Cold War warriors in Washington under John Foster Dulles to put India in the Soviet camp and the Pakistani Generals took full advantage of a sort of McCarthyism in the US foreign policy and strengthened Pakistan’s security alignment with the US through SEATO, CENTO and other arrangements. In the pursuit of George Keenan’s policy of containment of the Soviet expansionism the Americans created NATO in Europe, got involved in Vietnam War and promoted military dictatorships in Latin America, Africa and Asia including several military governments in Pakistan. In the process the West while insisting that democracy be practiced in their own countries willed to accept some of the developing countries as "Antarctica of democratic values" where liberal values were kept frozen for getting short term security benefits from kleptocratic dictators. Full text