Monday, May 25, 2009

Shattered dreams of Ms. Anita Pratap

By Leel Pathirana

(AT)"I still hope I will return some day to do a biography of Pirabhakaran. That’s one of the few remaining unfulfilled dreams I have left in my life. I have no doubts that he is the most important guerilla leader of our times."

Says former Indian South Asia Bureau Chief of CNN Ms. Anita Pratap when she was interviewed by a pro-LTTE website 10 months back (July, 15th 2008). She asserted that LTTE is still strong despite the current retreat and LTTE is a resilient group. They are recouping, reorganizing, preparing for a comeback. She exaggerated then the attack on President Rajapakse’s convoy of aircraft as serious. It shows the LTTE’s lethal capability to come close to the heart of the government apparatus. Full text Share on Facebook