Thursday, May 14, 2009

Security forces open-up escape route for hostages: Over 1500 rescued

*2nd Phase of hostage rescue operation a success

( formations advancing in three fronts determined to rescue civilian hostages held by LTTE at the newly declared civilian safe zone, at Velamullaivaikkal have succeeded in their objective this afternoon (May 14), with an estimated number of over 1500 civilians freed from LTTE hostage.

According to ground military sources, the civilian exodus is continuing with people seeking protection with the 59 Division troops now operating North of the Wadduvakal causeway. The three frontal simultaneous military surge led by the 58, 53 and 59 Divisions have denied LTTE, strategic ground advantage also thining-out the LTTE's lines of defences, providing enough escape route for hostages, security sources said. Full text