Sunday, May 24, 2009

Poppies? Nonsense! Let's have a new national heroes day!

Just Thinking, Men By Carl Muller

(LB)I’m wondering why we still keep chasing a so-called “culture” that allows us to say [and not without some pride] that we wear a poppy to mark the heroes of wars we never started and dumbly follow the blah-blah at the Cenotaph every year.
Of course, there was the time when Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Malays - and not forgetting the British plantations community - who also went to war. There was the usual conscription and our people fought in Africa and Singapore, the Pacific, and any and everywhere the British sent them. But it wasn’t OUR war. We were under British rule and had to do what was considered vital for the Britisher.
Long ago, many of our veteran fighters who survived the onslaught of Germany and Japan would “wend their weary way” to the Cenotaph, dressed in their carefully moth-balled khakis and Navy blues, wavering under their medals and stripes. They were the “heroes” of an age that is no more. Full text Share on Facebook