Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Message from H. L. de Silva - at the launch of the Website of the Group "Protect Sri Lanka" - February 2008

(TI)Ladies and gentlemen, first of all, may I thank the Members of Sri Lanka Alert for the invitation extended to me to send a brief message on this momentous occasion, when the Website of the Group is being launched on the InterNet. This is an important venture of the Group, comprising as it does of several patriotic citizens of Sri Lanka. It fulfills a long-felt need for a forum, for the study in depth, of the vital issues that affect our Nation and the various ramifications involved in undertaking strategic initiatives in the interests of the Nation. We feel that this is very necessary as the viewpoints and, aspirations of a significant segment of opinion in the country is not being adequately and effectively conveyed to the Nation, amidst the Babel of voices that unceasingly continues to assail and confuse us because of their contradictory nature. Full text