Sunday, May 31, 2009

''LTTE was biggest stumbling block for everythin''

The 30 year old war has reversed the Tamil community’s clock by 30 years, says Batticaloa District Chamber of Commerce and Industry President N. Suntharesan

(nation)Batticaloa District Chamber of Commerce and Industry President and Chairman National Construction of Sri Lanka – Eastern Province, Batticaloa branch N. Suntharesan says the expectation of the Tamils is to live in dignity and with self respect. He says the Tamils should have powers that are enjoyed by the Sinhalese in the South. “Tamils are expecting equal rights as enjoyed by their brethren in the South. The country has been devastated by the thirty long years of war because of this problem. I think, if the successive governments had given the Tamil community their due share of power and dignity, the present problem that the country faces could have been avoided to a great extent,” he told The Nation in an interview from his Batticaloa office. Full text