Sunday, May 31, 2009

‘LTTE deprived us of everything in life’

(SO)Tears rolled down Ishwari’s cheeks as she went on recalling the horrible incidents that still haunt her memories. Being displaced from her native place in Mannar, Ishwari was left with very few fortunes in life. Undergoing severe malnourishment during this entire period, this twenty year old looked extremely fragile and forced conscription by the LTTE would be the last thing she can ever dream of. A life in which she lost more than what she could gain. “I fell severely sick and was under medication for several months. When the LTTE gang came my mother covered me with a large cloth and hid me inside our tent. Yet the LTTE forcibly entered the ‘house’ and tried to drag me away,” she said in her weak frail voice. Full text