Sunday, May 31, 2009

A fair assessment of SL situation

(LNP)Visiting Democratic Congressman Heath Shuler has proved that the US is not devoid of reasonable decision makers capable of reaching out to the rest of the world and understanding others` problems. Having seen for himself the IDP centres in the North, he has appreciated the government`s effort to shelter those unfortunate war displaced posthaste and stressed the need to do a lot more and resettle them as soon as possible. One could not agree with him more!

What many foreign dignitaries and media personnel who visited those welfare centres before Shuler did was nothing but demolition work to discredit this country. They let their prejudices and hidden agendas get the better of judgment, turning a Nelsonian eye to all the good work being done there. The conditions at the IDP centres are far from satisfactory. But, are the critics of Sri Lanka aware that more than one half of people in Colombo live in slums and shanties? Full text