Monday, May 25, 2009

Concerned Tamil citizens and the ‘Karuna paradigm’ Give us what Colombo gets – Karuna

Continued from Monday
A moderates’ dilemma

Karuna Amman

(TI)One does not become a ‘moderate’ because there are or there were ‘extremists’. These labels (definitions) are relative terms. They are contextual and time and space dependent. Israel’s Arial Sharon is a good example. The Jews in the settlements that he helped to create for decades later wanted to kill him for asking them to leave the settlements. But the objective-reasonable definition, then and now, is that the Jews settlements are illegal acts of invading and robbing Palestinian lands. The reasonableness test is not just a dilemma affecting only the Tamil moderates (ref. Prof. Rajan Hoole’s human rights award, The Island, 10/16/2007). It affects all other Colombo-based English-speaking Sinhala folks too. For example, recently another eminent citizens’ group totally ignored the bahubootha nature of the present constitution and pleaded for the implementation of its 17th Amendment to save democracy in Sri Lanka (The Island, 3/7/2009). Full text