Sunday, May 31, 2009

Colombo traders send food convoy for IDPs

(nation)A convoy of essential goods collected by traders is being delivered to IDPs in the North, President of Moor Street Traders’ Association Sundaram Palaniyandi said yesterday.

The special delivery was organised by Old Moor Street Traders’ Association, Vauxhal Street Traders’ Association and also has input from the Essential Services Committee. “The convoy, consisting of about 15 lorries, carries goods worth Rs. 50 million,” added Palaniyandi, while saying that it was being done at the request of President Mahinda Rajapkasa. The items include dry rations such as dhal, rice, gram and other food items, textile, clothing among other essential goods. The convoy is expected to visit all camps and a committee of 20 from the two associations is at hand to deliver the items. Full text