Sunday, May 31, 2009

Caution Sri Lanka: New U.S. Ambassador Patricia Butenis – a meddler in internal affairs

Daya Gamage – Asian Tribune US Bureau Investigative Report

Washington, D.C. 30 May ( In her June 12, 2008 farewell speech at the Gulshan Club, Dhaka, the outgoing American ambassador to Bangladesh Patricia Butenis told the distinguished gathering "I know that some Bangladeshis believe that I was sometimes too outspoken," but she rationalized that by suggesting that in a fast and complex world of diplomacy, "Ambassadors must be clear about their country's interests and viewpoints to avoid misunderstanding."

The South Asian nation Sri Lanka which wiped out Tamil Tiger terrorism within her territorial borders this May after 26 years has got a replacement for Robert Blake. According to the investigation Asian Tribune undertook since President Obama designated Patricia Butenis as the United States envoy to Sri Lanka early this week her credentials in a former post, Bangladesh, matches well with that of Blake. Even beyond him because there was an allegation that she was promoting an Islamist fundamentalist movement Jamaat-e-Islami of Bangladesh which has some involvement in radicalism. Full text