Sunday, May 31, 2009

Can GoSL defuse the standoff? West versus the Lankan government

Kumar David Writes

(LB)The standoff between the United States and Sri Lanka deteriorated to perhaps its worst since the Rubber-Rice Pact during the Korean War, during the last few months. Indeed I cannot remember any previous period in which relations with both America and the UK as well as tension with the United Nations and Europe have been so tense. The government’s hope is that since it has successfully rushed through to victory in the war, and demands for cessation of hostilities have become irrelevant, and because it can play the relief and rehabilitation card, the West will come round, albeit grudgingly. The Tamil diaspora and some movements in the US, conversely, are plugging the demand for investigation and prosecution of GoSL leaders for war crimes. The strategic relationship with China and the linked corollary relationship with India greatly complicate the picture, but to GoSL’s advantage. Full text