Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bernard Dineen: We should back Sri Lankan fight with terror

Yorkshire PostTHE Palace of Westminster has been under virtual siege for weeks from mobs of Tamils in Parliament Square. They have tried to break through police cordons in protests about the assault on the Tamil Tiger separatists by the Sri Lankan army.

This is just the latest example of foreign conflicts being inflicted on us in Britain. Most of the 250,000 Tamils who have entered Britain have no right to be here. If they were genuinely fleeing persecution, they could cross the straits into southern India when they would be in Tail Nadu, their Tamil-speaking homeland. But the Indian Government is not stupid and has no intention of encouraging them. Once again, Britain is the soft touch. In many ways, we have only ourselves to blame by portraying the Tamil Tigers as gallant freedom-fighters instead of the terrorist thugs they really are. Full text