Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bad cop Nadesan

Balasingham Mahendran alias Nadesan was killed three weeks ago (May 17) during clashes in the final battle between the LTTE and Sri Lankan security forces. The corpse of Prabhakaran’s eldest son Charles Anthony, S. Pulidevan and Ramesh which were later indentified were found alongside.
From the little of what is known of the final fight, are conflicting reports about pleas for amnesty by the former LTTE police chief and head of the Political wing P. Nadesan.
According to military intelligence, Nadesan and the others were killed in the crossfire between security forces and the remnant LTTE cadres in the shrinking No-Fire Zone. They were reportedly killed a day before their Supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran perished, and whose corpse was found in a marsh.
Karuna who identified the body of the leader commented that Charles Anthony was the first to be killed and confirmed that Nadesan’s wife was also killed in the crossfire. Only suvivors were the families of LTTE Sea Tiger Chief Soosai and head of the political wing S.P. Tamilselvan who surrendered to the security forces. Full text