Sunday, May 24, 2009

Army sounds end of battle

(SO)The total Liberation of land, sea and air space is the pride of the true liberators. The fragrance of freedom radiates the heralding of a new era. While the debris of a deadly battle in the `No fire zone’ are showing to the world that the path to freedom is not a cake walk but a `long march’ to liberate thousands of civilians and put an end to the ruthless terrorism, those who fought to free the country from terrorism are to celebrate the victory!

Pix by Rukmal Gamage

Starting from Mavil Aru, the gallant soldiers braved all sorts of terror resorted to by the LTTE. The forward march did not stop until the soldiers destroyed the LTTE and its leader and liberated thousands of innocent hostages trapped in the LTTE’s hell-hole. Finally they reached their last destination - one square kilometer of land in Puthumathalan - taking control of the entire Vanni and heralding the message that Sri Lanka is completely free of terrorism. Our valiant soldiers did what the whole world thought to be `impossible’. Full text Share on Facebook