Sunday, May 24, 2009

Anyone can complete a war spending huge money...

UNP Parliamentarian Lakshman Kiriella speaking to LAKBIMAnEWS said that none of the UNPers undermined the war victories at any point of time. This sounded suprising to us -- and we asked him about it...

By Shyamajith Fonseka

What is the UNP stance regarding the victory against the LTTE?

(LB)We greatly appreciate the phenomenal effort made by the three armed forces that joined hands in order to bring about this victory. I must say that the UNP was always against terrorism and we fully appreciate the fact that the LTTE has been finally decimated. We have no necessity to sympathize with them as they have killed a number of senior UNP politicians. We lost the 2005 presidential election because of the support LTTE gave the government to come to power. The government on the other hand, has resorted to all types of things under the guise of the war: killing opposition politicians, journalists, abducting prominent personalities etc. We urge the government to take steps to once again establish the rule of law and order in the country. I wish to also say that the 17th Amendment is observed in the breach. Full text Share on Facebook