Saturday, May 16, 2009

58 Div seize 152 artillery gun: LTTE to face humiliating defeat - Vellaimullivaikkal

58 Division troops while consolidating defences after linking-up with the 59 Div at the coast of Vellaimullivaikkal have sized a 152mm LTTE artillery gun along with a few other military hardware today (May 16).

The LTTE artillery piece was found damaged alongside a 140mm heavy mortar gun (mon-gun) by the 9th Gemunu Watch(9 GW) infantrymen, ground military sources said. Troops have also uncovered 73 x T-56 assault riffles, 05 x sub-machine guns, 11 x rocket propeller guns (RPGs), 03 x 60mm mortar guns, 02x 40mm grenade launchers, 02x 14.5mm gun barrels, 01x 81mm mortar barrel, 09 x PRC 1077 communication equipment and 03x I-com sets, according to military. (