Thursday, January 8, 2009

Time to Act : The LTTE, it's Front Organizations, and the challenge to Europe - 3:

(DN)The LTTE propaganda machinery in Europe can be defined as the live wire between the LTTE and the Tamil Diaspora and also its link to the International community. To this end, the LTTE uses every possible means to propagate its interests throughout Europe, both through electronic and print media, the former being the most effective.

In April 2007 'INTELSAT ', the largest US based satellite provider in the world ceased transmissions when it became clear that the LTTE had for 8 years been illegally using an INTELSAT transponder to broadcast the LTTE's so-called state television channel, National Television of Tamil Eelam (NTT). Following a French court order, the transmissions of the Tamil Television Network (TTN), the LTTE owned satellite television station that had been functioning for over a decade from Paris was also shut down in May 2007. Full Text