Monday, January 19, 2009

Sangari Rubbishes Allegation of Genocide Against Tamils

Colombo, 19 January, ( "There is no question of genocide against the Tamils. I have already explained this to the people of Jaffna, when I was last time there. In a meeting in Jaffna, where more than one thousand people attended and in my address, I told them that the charges of genocide is all rubbish," said V. Anandasangari, leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front.

Anandasangari speaking to Asian Tribune said, "What that happened in Germany during the Second World War, we can classify it as genocide, which was an attempt to annihilate a section of humanity as a whole. What happened in the killing of 500 police officers in the East also can be classified as genocide. In fact, there is one or two deaths once in two or three days on a random level and it cannot be classified as genocide. Full Text