Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pallai liberated

( Lanka Army soldiers have liberated the Pallai town this morning (Jan 8). According to the defence sources in the battlefront, troops of Army 53 Division operating in the Jaffna theatre, have liberated the town after beating off the terrorists .

Army infantrymen of 1Vijayaba Infantry Regiment (1 VIR), 5 VIR, 5 Gamunu Watch (5GW), and 1 Gajaba Regiment are the first to enter into the town where the terrorist earlier had their heavy artillery gun positions.

Pallai is located 280 Km from Kandy in the Jaffna peninsula. So far, troops of 53 Division have advanced about 6 Km from their earlier defense line at Muhamalai and now heading towards the Soranpattu, the next LTTE stronghold in the Peninsula.