Tuesday, January 20, 2009


(s-n)MEDIA freedom is under attack, or so it seems. In a series of events which included intimidation and attacks on the self-appointed defence analyst Iqbal Athas, to a severe beating on Keith Noyr, shutting down of a number of media and internet forums, the last week saw two more blatant attacks on MTV and the editor of the Sunday Leader.

Intimidation and attacks on the media are nothing new in Sri Lanka. In any case, they are a historical factor in any nation facing existentialist threats, going a long way back. In Britain, during WWII, Sir Winston Churchill even threatened to consider any media reports on anything that can be advantageous to the Nazis to be an act of espionage and to have the responsible reporters executed as spies. The world looks back on such events with a mixture of feelings, predominant of them being admiration. Full Text