Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mixed signals of horror from Wanni

- LTTE may engineer an ultimate bloodbath of civilians and will the Rev Father Pathinathar dare confront the LTTE and lead a march of the 491,000 people, the number he claims, out of this highly endangered zone where the final battle will be fought, to the freedom that awaits them?

By Ranjit Surendran and Roshanti Arasakularatne

(January 23, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) It is a fact that the LTTE-held area has shrunk to a part of the Mullaitivu District and continuing to shrivel at a rapid rate. Fears are now emerging that the Tigers may resort to a last desperate attempt and cause a bloodbath of 300,000 people of Wanni they are currently holding hostage. They are the only hope they have to bring about a halt of the army from mopping up what is left of the LTTE-held area. Full Text