Tuesday, January 20, 2009

LTTE oppression makes Wanni civilians hate LTTE

by Gomin Dayasri

(TC)Those making the crossing from around Mullativu are a different lot, from others who crossed during the last few months. They know it is twilight time for the sun god awaiting a call to be beheaded. Escape, he must, if he is to survive but before he could, those who lived in his domain have decided to move. They are certain that the LTTE is destined to lose, so why wait?

Suresh, an LTTE fighter had ridden his bicycle to an not knowing the Army had already moved in so deep into the LTTE heartland. "Cadres know they cannot fight the army with 15 days training. All males between 18-40 are conscripted. So they run when the army fires as they cannot stand and fight. The will to fight is no longer there even among our senior cadres. More will desert. Previously, their mother or father were taken into custody as a form of insurance - now the LTTE is ineffective. If they knew how well we are treated more will cross. We were told repeatedly that the Army will kill or maim us." He had surrendered, but many come in groups, with a front liner often carrying a white flag. Full Text