Saturday, January 17, 2009

The long journey to Chundikulam


(DN)Flags waved against winds from the Chundikulam seas. National Flag stood as the tallest and the most proud. There is no iota of doubt our soldiers and victories they bring in are what the nation can be highly proud of. Though they are not so high-tech comparatively to the world's strongest warriors, our troops stand unique. They fight to free the land and its people with the world's ruthless terrorist organization.

Against the white sands, the crystal blue sea and the lush green thickets the National flag with the red coloured 55 Division flag along with Brigade flags and battalion flags stood so high honouring the bravery and the will power of the soldier's heart who liberated Chundikulam. Soldiers of the Sri Lanka Army's 55 and 53 Divisions liberated our Northern capital of which the LTTE stole its freedom almost three decades ago. Full Text