Monday, January 19, 2009

The Last Stand

(SP)January 16, 2009: Troops have now captured five hidden LTTE landing strips, most of them equipped with hangers. But none of the remaining LTTE single engine aircraft have been seen. They may all be in southern India, which is less than a hundred kilometers from the island nation. Troops have captured another LTTE held town (Dharmapuram), 395 kilometers northeast of the national capital. The LTTE is now trapped in an area of about 600 square kilometers, with their backs to the sea (and plenty of navy and air force patrols.) Four years ago, the LTTE controlled over fifteen percent of Sri Lanka, and a year ago they had about six percent (4,000 square kilometers). LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran is believed to have moved to southern India. That could get interesting, as Prabhakaran is wanted in India for ordering the assassination (by suicide bomber) if former Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. The LTTE has a lot of supporters, including many politicians, in southern India. Full Text

Pls read the comment by Ron Harvey at the bottom of this article