Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The last dance of the Tamil National Alliance

(PISL)Predictably enough, the recent successes of the armed forces have led to a plethora of allegations about what are now described as their ‘war crimes’, according to a TamilNet headline. Most prominent, apart from old perennials like the Asian Human Rights Commission, is the Tamil National Alliance, which has now decided to jump on the genocide bandwagon that Bruce Fein has been paid to push.

Interestingly enough, TamilNet has now realized that its earlier claims against the Sri Lankan forces rang extremely hollow, since even their own allegations were few and far between, in the six months since the struggle to free the North began. Claims of indiscriminate slaughter for instance rang totally false when, in the whole of November, though the Air Force had engaged in forty bombing raids, even TamilNet – I use the term generically to cover all websites supportive of the LTTE or opposed to the government – could allege that there was only one incident in which there were civilian casualties. Full Text