Sunday, January 18, 2009

How Obama learned to love Israel Obama will not cut the Palestinian knot nor change US policy on Lanka

(TI)The title should have read ‘Gordian knot in Palestine’ instead of ‘Palestinian knot’ to show how learned I am in Greek mythology, but it’s too convoluted. Conditions in Palestine are utterly intractable and the violence in the Gaza Strip a made in Israel abomination, (irrespective of whether a ceasefire is in place when you read these lines). Only some extraordinary turn in American policy will make a difference and the Obama Administration will do no such thing. Obama’s silence is deafening! He who railed against Bombay terrorism a few weeks ago has unexpectedly discovered that "there is only one president at a time" – somebody must have lent him a copy of the constitution. I was, and am glad of his election, for what it symbolizes, and he is intelligent and intellectual; but perish naïve illusions that he will step ‘out of bounds’. Obama is the prisoner of his own campaign and in hock to American wealth and internal politics; he is custodian of American foreign policy, as inherited, not necessarily as it should be, even to best serve America’s own interests. Full Text