Thursday, January 15, 2009

Eelam war and media freedom: Some questions

By Upali Cooray

(TI)We then come to the question of media freedom. Can any authority on media freedom explain to a layman like me what this freedom means? While it is true that the killing of those who dissent and destroying media property has to be condemned and the perpetrators of the crimes should be brought to book whoever they may be, where does media freedom end? Is it boundless? "The war is being fought against tremendous odds with many parties putting a spoke on the wheel" your editorial of 5th January says.

It was through sheer inquisitiveness I re-read your editorial of 5th of January "paternity of the Kilinochchi Baby and other matters" because some significant developments regarding the national question of Terrorism and the freedom of the media have occurred since this particular editorial. The armed forces have now taken Elephant Pass and it will be a matter of time the entire country will come under government control again. A killing of a well known editor, a brave one at that, and the attack on a T.V. station has also taken place since this editorial. As stated in your editorial this is the first time that the war against terrorism is being fought with single-minded purpose of destroying the LTTE. "The government may be faulted for many things –waste, corruption , abuse of power-it has got one thing right the LTTE must be crushed for any political solution to be evolved"… how true. Full Text