Saturday, January 10, 2009

Eagle's Eye: The two dangerous trouble spots

(CC)The cause or rather genesis of this very problem is abject discrimination of one community against the other and as long as such mindset remains, the problem can never be solved permanently, opines RK Kutty.

The Sri Lankan Army operation to flush out LTTE from the Northern Jaffna peninsula is in high pitch and speculations are rife that the LTTE chief Prabhakaran is likely to be caught soon. In anticipation of that possibility, the Indian Government have put forth a demand to hand over Prabhakaran, in case caught alive, to India to proceed against him for masterminding the assassination of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. It is not yet known how far the Lankan army would succeed in catching hold of the LTTE chief. Definitely, at the moment, the Lankan army is in an advantageous position, having achieved the goal of capturing most of the LTTE strategic points like Vavunia, Killinochi, marching forward towards Elephant Pass and thereafter pushing further ahead towards that land mass covered with thick jungles where hardcore LTTE fighters and their leadership might be holed up. Though the Lankan Army is pushing forward, the LTTE too might not be easily giving up its fight. Full Text